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Lucerne expressionlessly struck the palm of his hand with a horsewhip.

“If you keep insulting my wife, I have no choice but to punish you, but are you not afraid, Marco? There is no one by your side now. How long can you hold out against me without a shield?”


Elisha whispered.

“Stop it, he’s a pitiful person. Incomparable to you… … .”

“… … .”

“Because he is a weak man.”

“… … .”

“But since you are constantly swearing at me, let me tell you something. It’s a fact that everyone is aware of but you. It’s not because someone is good or bad,”

Elisha said kindly. Coincidentally, the tone was quite similar to the one Lucerne often used.

“It’s just that my husband is better than you, Marco.”

“… … .”

“If Arien acknowledged that too, she wouldn’t have taken poison. It’s pitiful. She is guilty of the crime of meeting the wrong spouse. I wish she had known her place from the beginning.”

“I know. It’s troublesome when people step out of their bounds,”

Lucerne looked at Elisha, who said that, and felt he would die from how overwhelmingly cute she was. Then the wind blew, and her blonde hair became disheveled in the breeze.

Looking serious, Nora noted to Lucerne.

“General, the night breeze is chilly. The madam may catch a cold.”

“Yes, let’s go.”

He nodded, and Ian opened the carriage door, and Nora escorted them. And they departed.

No one even glanced back at Marco’s figure. Instead, he sat down and looked at the setting sun utterly stunned. And did not move at all until the dark night descended.


“Ha ha ha ha ha… … . Arien… … .”

‘You idiot!’

Those were the last words Arien left to Marco. The other day, they had entered the wedding hall holding each other’s hands. Promising a lifetime together.

But now, there was no such promise.

Lucerne whispered one last time.

‘This time it was your wife, but what will happen next time? Life is precious, so think about it deeply when you get home.’

Marco wondered, What did he mean when you return home? Who should he meet?

The next morning. Marco was arrested on suspicion for murdering his wife by the Yurif Magistrates’ Knighthood. Up until the moment he was arrested, he kept repeating, ‘I don’t know anything. No, if you left at least one of the three eggs… … . No, but it’s like I killed her… …’ he was muttering.

He didn’t even reveal that he was of the Cartier family, so he had a hard time with the security forces.

The guards treated him very harshly, as a murderer of his wife. Finally, when the men sent by the Head escorted him, Marco looked like a corpse and was half-conscious.


Elisha slowly got out of the water. Water dripped from her heated naked body after taking a bath. After she finished bathing, she felt drowsy.

She put on her gown and wiped her hair with a clean towel. In her bedroom, Lucerne was waiting for her.

“Come here, Elisha,”

he said. Elisha quietly entered his arms. Caressing her round shoulders, he whispered,

“How do you feel?”

“Not bad.”

But Elisha’s expression as she answered was colder than usual. Lucerne suddenly wanted to laugh.

“Are you still mad?”

She immediately noticed what he was asking,

“Do I have the right to be angry?”

“Why, of course. If you’re angry, whine,”

Lucerne asserted languidly.

“What do you want to say after filling the cafe, the only place I go out to, with your agents?”

“It’s for your safety.”

“Since when?”

“From the day you said you needed a place to go out to breathe.”

“… … You bought the cafe, didn’t you?”

Lucerne meekly nodded. Elisha was shocked.

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