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The cabin, Marco’s hiding place, was a well-known spot for an affair. So, they would have no guests over for a holiday. And it happened to be a holiday on this very day.

Besides, the owner was uninvolved in any commotion as this inn had a definite purpose. Therefore, it was easy for the employees to pretend not to know the fights that sometimes took place.


So Marco’s mournful cry shattered in the air without anyone paying attention or listening.

“You bastard, Lucerne… … . killing my wife— The Lord will never forgive you. Putting my father in jail and even my wife. You bastard… … . you’re a demon not human… … .”

Lucerne stood leisurely near the wall surrounding the hotel. He was observing Marco’s reaction, pleased.

Next to Lucerne stood a wagon with sweaty horses. The carriage, which seemed to have just arrived, was new. It was silver-leafed with an elaborately decorated exterior.

Click. The carriage door opened. A beautiful woman got out of it. She was Elisha in a long silver dress, and her hair was adorned with new jewelry.

When Marco saw Elisha, it was an instant reaction.

“Demonic bitch! It was you who poisoned Arien!”

Elisha didn’t even respond. Instead, Lucerne beckoned.



Nora stepped forward. And she kicked Marco with a blank expression.


Lucerne leaned over the fallen man.

“What are you going to say?”

Lucerne asked softly.


“What are you going to say to Gaju? Let’s hear it.”

He looked at Marco like a beast.

“What will I say? I will tell him all about your crimes!”

Lucerne chuckled and spoke coldly,

“Yes, your wife came on her own feet and poisoned her own glass herself. And she drank from her cup with her own hand.”

“That—well, so—This is all your trap… … !”

“Your father manipulated the ledgers and stole artifacts. You mean the poison you kept in your quarters for a long time?”

Marco was speechless. If it was Lucerne, it was even possible that he had secured a record of their book manipulations. Moreover, the poison was obviously an ancient relic that would have been difficult to obtain without Merha.

‘Then why did Arien eat that poison!’

Marco felt like he was going to explode. He could vaguely guess what happened; they probably tricked Arien so she would poison herself.

“I gave you a chance and brought you here to give Arien the antidote, but you stupidly ate the antidote and wasted it.”

“No—no I didn’t!”

Marco wanted to deny reality. But everything was their choice.

‘I have to tell the Lord of my injustice.’

As soon as he thought about it, his mind went blank.

But… … what?

With what should he appeal to?

Whose fault should he blame it on?

Marco couldn’t honestly disclose the whole story.

“You want to blame me? But it was you who killed your wife. Your wife wouldn’t have died so terribly if you had at least one pill of the antidote left. She must have resented you until the moment she died,”

Lucerne whispered languidly.

Marco’s eyes shook.

“You ruined everything.”

Lucerne gently summed it up.

“You’ve always been a failure, and you committed the biggest mistake of your life today.”

“No, that… … .”

Marco was faced with a terrible reality. It was his fault that his wife died. He repeated the same thing over and over like an idiot. Elisha intervened in a soft tone.

“Lucerne, you should be a little more kind. How terrifying it is to lose her wife by mistake. It’s not like it was on purpose. Besides, the exact reason for Arien’s death was… … .”

“Oh yeah. It could be defined as suicide. Does that make you feel better?”

asked Lucerne. At those words, the fair-faced knight standing next to him, Ian remarked:

“I’ve seen all kinds of deaths, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a strange voluntary method. Ah, maybe Arien-nim was trying to appeal to the Lord through her death?”

“Really? Prehaps. Marco. Go ahead and appeal to Gaju. Maybe he will listen,”

Lucerne said with a grin. Marco was terrified. Everything was frightening. Lucerne had neither blood nor tears and was terribly cruel.

‘I’m set against this bastard… … . Can I win?’

He had already lost his father. He had already lost his wife. He… … He suffered a wound that could not be washed away.

He had never defeated the monster named Lucerne, and he would never win. Marco felt an overwhelming sense of defeat. It was closer to despondency.

“You… … . Who the hell is this cunt… … . driving us to ruin like this? It’s all because of this bitch. A demonic bastard met this witch and is now running wild without knowing her limits.”

Marco pointed at Elisha with a trembling finger; she didn’t even blink.

“You still don’t know how to reflect. There were so many opportunities. It’s incredible,”

Elisha remarked quietly.

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  1. They’re really self righteous, huh. As if they didn’t plan to poison Elisha and use the antidote to control Lucerne in the first place

  2. Is this the chapter that comes right after 127? Because there is no 128 in the list. Not sure if this is actually 128 or you if forgot to update the 128th..

    1. The chapter is missing on novel reader, but if you go to the TPCP folder link, all the chapters are there 🙂

  3. I don’t know why he’s blaming Lucerne. It’s all Jacob’s fault. If he wasn’t greedy and hadn’t enslaved Elisha in the first place none of this would’ve happened.

    Elisha and Lucerne wouldn’t have even met.

  4. Lucerne: *warned marco not to touch Elisha*
    Marco: Arien! Let’s put poison in Elisha’s drink so we can control Lucerne!
    Arien: *got poisoned instead and died*
    Marco: 👁👄👁

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