TPCP – 124

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The sound of explosions covered everything. The pill fell into the glass. There was no sound.

‘I did it. I did it. Now this wench needs to drink this!’

Elisha couldn’t take her eyes off the window. She even jerked at the loud sounds.

“The flames are huge. It was forbidden in the monastery where I grew up.”

“There are so many things to see in the capital. I can guide you.”

In a cold sweat, she held out a glass to Elisha. Her mouth and heart were quite different.

‘I came today thinking that I might fail. Pretending to be an ally so I may gain the chance to poison her. This bitch is so stupid that she made it this easy. Now all she needs to do is drink the wine!’

Arien was going to faint with excitement, but she acted calmly.

The fireworks were getting quieter. Arien thought:

‘This must be the first time you’ve seen fireworks like this, or had wine that’s so precious that money can’t buy it.’

So this stupid bitch would never be able to refuse.

“Madam, let’s make a toast,”

She called Elisha’s attention. She nodded in agreement.




There was the sound of something breaking.

“What’s going on?”

Elisha jumped up from her seat.

“I’m sorry, madam. I know that the lady rented the cafe at this time, but… … . An outsider broke into the cafe. It could be a troublemaker trying to target the ladies, so the staff rushing to apprehend them,”

explained an employee that ran up to the two of them to explain the situation. At those words, Arien was blown away.

‘Maybe…. could it be Marco?’

Did he come all the way here because he didn’t believe her? Arien tried to get up from her seat. Elisha was already heading down the hallway.


Elisha frowned and returned to her seat.

“How unpleasant. I heard that this store had a good reputation but it seems there’s nothing exceptional about it except the price. I told you I like to spend my time quietly, but now you don’t know if outsiders are running about.”

The words of Elisha, who returned soon after, sounded like an idiot by Arien’s standards. Nevertheless, she chuckled at her expense.

Elisha spat out to the staff, who had been hesitating until then.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, excuse me.”

Phew, Elisha sighed.

“I’m parched.”


Arien nodded her head. Then they raised their glasses. Then, before Elisha put the cup to her mouth, she looked at Arien and asked,

“Are you being honest about earlier? Do you really want to be on the same side? If I can convince Lucerne.”

“Of course!”

Arien answered happily on the outside, but on the inside, she was swearing at her.

‘How amusing. Who are you calling a fake? We’ll see. I can’t wait until you kneel and apologize for being so overbearing in front of me. I’m dying of joy at the thought of kicking her arrogant face!’

She smiled slyly and hid her feelings. Elisha asked again,

“There’s no lie or a trap?”

“Elisha, what do you see me as? At the very least, I have been a dignified noblewoman. My word is never light. I can swear.”

“Alright, then, please swear,”

Elisha declared, gently stroking the glass with her fingertips.

“You won’t regret it,”

Arien said without a second thought. In response, Elisha smiled slowly, looking pleased. It was her first time seeing her smile … … . As if she was champagne, she had a tangy yet radiant smile.


They clinked their glasses.

They both emptied their glasses at the same time. Clank— Elisha put her glass down. Arien’s hands were trembling with joy.

Elisha left not a single drop of white wine.


Marco waited for Arien to call. Instead, Arien stormed into Elisha’s regular cafe with only one coachman.

She took the opportunity to put the drug in her drink, and if she succeeded, she would threaten her and bring her here. It was their agreed-upon plan. If she failed, she would come back alone or not at all.

‘I wonder how are things going?’

Marco looked around the room nervously. He was in a cheap lodging in Yurif.

This inn did not write down the names of guests in detail, rented out log cabins surrounded by high fences so that guests did not easily encounter each other, and was a famous place for conducting affairs.

It was Marco’s old hiding place. Not for affairs, but for when Merha severely scolded him; it was because it was a place to hide while waiting for his anger to subside.


Step, thud, thud.

There was the sound of someone walking in haste from outside the fence. Then, it was the sound of heavy footsteps.

‘Are you a horseman?’

And then I could hear the footsteps of women. Marco’s mouth opened, and his eyes filled with anticipation.

‘Here she is—My wife, Arien, did it!’

Marco’s mouth opened.

Slam—The cabin door opened.

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