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“The Heretical Inquisition Center is investigating allegations that High Priest Merha manipulated the catalog and stole relics. High Priest Merha is a scary person. Lest he deal with the person involved, I’m trying to find and protect him at the Heretic Inquisition center. This is a very serious matter. The Cartiers do not shy against cruelty.”

“… … .”

Rosaria thought Elisha’s behavior was bizarre, but she chimed in support of her statements.

“I am the Pope, Rosaria. No matter the crime, the temple does not impose the death penalty. So, I’m desperate to save people. Could you tell me if any people who work here have been suspicious?”

Anton’s body stiffened, and his face turned blue.

“Don’t worry. First of all, everyone will be investigated, but not everyone will be punished. But, they’d be better off turning themselves in. If they don’t, the temple will find the person involved and sue for compensation and damages. Then they will be let go without severance pay and their family might owe a lot of money. But if that person turns themselves in, we can take their injustices into account and we might be able to preserve their position.”

Elisha immediately saw through Anton’s psychology. A few pennies were a matter of life and death for those who came from the slums and had poor families clinging to them. For Anton, the small salary he received from the temple was also a way for his sister to live.

He would rather die than owe a large debt through damages. Elisha knew him well because she had been in a similar situation.

“If you know anything, can you tell me? I will put my name on line to help those involved in any way.”

Rosaria’s kind words had a considerable effect. Anton, who was shaking, started crying.

“The truth is… … .”

Anton confided all the facts.

“Sorry, High Priest Merha knows my earthly family… … . he said he would retaliate if I told anyone.”

Anton explained. When Merha was strong, and in power, he had no choice but to follow. However, he confessed that he could not sleep at night because he feared his neck would be blown off if he continued to cooperate with Merha’s crimes now that he fell.

“Besides, stealing sacred objects. Isn’t that something deserving to be punished for? Such beautiful holy objects… … .”

Anton sobbed, divulging some surprising words.

“Marco came this morning on the pretext of returning relics, and he searched inside for a while?”

Rosaria asked. Anton nodded in affirmation.

“What did he steal?”

“That is… … . I don’t even know how to explain because he stole some worthless things,”

Anton stuttered.

“He took an old box containing one of the treasures of a fallen god, the evil god. The inside was empty. There are rumors that ‘evil gods’ items are bad luck, so they’re in the worst state of preservation, and they’re just old paper boxes, so I wondered why he took it. … .”

Elisha had a thoughtful expression on her face, and she asked:

“Rosaria-nim, may I go to the temple’s secret library?”


Mutter, murmur—

Under her breath, Arien repeated the words she had memorized several times.

‘Point the ring towards the wine glass and press the blemish on the ring… … . Then the ring does it’s work and the poison falls into the wine glass… … .’

In Merha’s mansion, there was a bottle of the finest white wine. The wine was made to commemorate the country’s founding 20 years ago, made from the finest grapes, and even the luxurious bottle was gilded with gold.

The vineyards harvest that year was exceptional, and there were only a few bottles of this made; therefore, it was extraordinarily expensive.

Arien thought to herself once more.

‘I can do it too.’

Carola was a woman who never left her enemies alone. She skillfully destroyed her enemies, both in the Imperial Palace and amongst the Cartiers. She was always successful.

Arien was a relatively ordinary lady, constantly suffering from crushing defeat. But now that she was abandoned and tossed into the world without any support, she had to be more than a follower.

First, Arien thought back to a noblewoman’s comments. Then, she recalled her brief remark that her favorite maid was a former employee of ‘Breath of the Spring Wind,’ a cafe that Elisha frequented.

‘Since I’ve been to that cafe a few times, I noticed her good work, so I offered her to be my maid.’

Yes. She obviously said as much. She had mentioned that her maid had worked there so long that she handed over money and asked them to find someone else to work in the cafe.

‘I think I can bribe the clerk. She had said that if you gave her money, she would be willing to do anything.’

Afterward, the information she obtained was not extraordinary. Elisha came to the breath of the spring breeze at a specific time.

According to her, Lucerne was almost obsessed with her wife, so it seemed that the only place Elisha could go was the cafe. In addition, on days when she stopped by in the evening, the Forest of Spring Breeze emptied the entire 3rd floor and only entertained Elisha.

Elisha, on such days, always drank white wine. She was also picky about it, she said, and she doesn’t even have a sip unless it’s top-notch white wine.

‘I’m going to put this in that bitch’s wine glass.’

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