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Elisha and Lucerne had lunch with Rosaria that Friday. Although exhausted from taking over the work of the former pope and at the same time preparing for the coronation ceremony, her eyes were full of enthusiasm.

“I really don’t know where to start. I got everything from the Pope and Merha. Besides, there are a lot of businesses related to the Cartier family, so I don’t know what to do first… … .”

“Leave Cartier alone for now. We can’t touch it for a couple of years regardless. Then, I promise at a later date, you will have a chance to clean it up.”

Both Lucerne and Elisha were accustomed to a modest temple meal with little meat. Lucerne spoke while drinking a glass of the temple’s wine. Rosaria smiled at his words.

“Isn’t winning right now more important than good and evil? The path to victory will be the way to purify the temple,”

said Elisha, who had been silent until then.

‘It is not too late to take care of good and evil after winning. Determining good and evil are the rights of survivors and victors.’

This was guidance drawn from the tactician classes Rosaria had taught her. She looked at Elisha, discerning an aura of dignity that emanated from her as she spoke. Rosaria recalled when she first met her. Young Elisha had been a tiny, helpless, naive orphan.

Rosaria was deeply moved to see the child she had raised possessing the profound qualities of a lady. But on the other hand, she also found it a little peculiar.

‘That child, Elisha— What the hell has she been through to make her such a different person? She’s grown up beautifully, she’s smart, she’s got an uncommon sense of knowledge and refinement that comes with years of experience. It’s rather amazing.’

Additionally, Elisha, who recently took etiquette lessons, was even cuter.

“Then, there are ten temple-related projects that Merha was in charge of. I’d appreciate it if you could help me with some of them. It’s hard to find an agency, so I need help right away.”

Lucerne looked at the list of her business handed over by Rosaria and took charge of the temple souvenir business, which was the most important. After that, he said he would take on the publishing business, which had networks and reach across the country.

“Leave all the rest to open bidding. The other’s are businesses that are less urgent, so we don’t have to take it on. It is better not to leave it to one company, but to change the company from time to time and operate it transparently. Of course, we will also disclose all the business ledgers on our side.”

Rosaria was in a position to acquiesce even Lucerne wanted to take over all ten businesses. So she admired and thanked him because it was a direction that would benefit Rosaria and take minimal profits.

“Lucerne, you have changed a lot. Is it because of Elisha?”

At that, Lucerne and Elisha both paused.

“After all, when a man finds a woman he likes, doesn’t he change?”

Elisha’s face turned red. But Rosaria was perplexed at her reaction because she seemed to be embarrassed.


“Ah… … . They say there’s nothing a man loses when he gains a wife. Marriage stabilizes the lives of both spouses. I guess that’s what you see.”

Elisha could not tell Rosaria that she and Lucerne were not like that. Besides, she didn’t know why on earth an intelligent person like Rosaria would think Lucerne liked Elisha, which made it even more awkward.

“By the way, did you suddenly call us today to discuss temple-related business?”

Elisha changed the subject. Lucerne was staring at her and hid his fist. Because his hand briefly trembled against his will.

“I called because I wanted to see you. My students got married, but I was never able to treat you two to a meal so I felt uncomfortable.”

Only then did Elisha’s stiff face soften, and she smiled.

“By the way, Lucerne. I understand the meaning of leaving Merha to you. But if you allow me, how many times can I break into the prison and slap Merha across the face?”


Elisha almost choked on the wine she was drinking. But, this time, she didn’t show it on her face.

“I’m going crazy because of him. How much did he steal? Besides, this madman made a living by stealing the relics from his private residence and setting up a museum. If you go to his private residence— it’s no place for the holy to stay! Besides, it is said that even Marco and Arien lived in that house and treated the priests like slaves.”

In other words, it was like this. The priests, frustrated by Merha’s abuse, complained to Rosaria, and the content was beyond imagination.

“Besides, he meets the beautiful retainers of the goddess that fall in love with him, treats them concubines—They walk in and out of the house… … . Elisha. You know too, how much I value the temple treasures. But how many relics were taken by Marco and Merha and came back empty? Those crazy people secretly stole the holy relics and sold them! Or maybe it’s hidden somewhere and I don’t know. Besides, some of the sacred objects that were finally returned were broken… … .”

“The temple has its own list of relics, there must be someone who manages it, right? How is that possible?”

At that time, Elisha, who was listening quietly, raised a question. Rosaria had a tired expression on her face.

“It looks like he even manipulated the books.”

Rosaria rubbed her forehead.

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