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Elisha woke up in her hotel bed thirsty.

‘Again… … .’

She had no idea what time it was. Originally they had planned to have dinner reservations at this hotel but had been long forgotten.

When she had exhaustive sexual intercourse completely satidating one type of hunger she wasn’t aware of her real hunger. Dazed, sometimes she wouldn’t have an appetite for days, it would only be the day after she would get famished.

“I’m hungry.”

Lucerne nodded.

Soon the hotel’s room service was delivered. From warm steak to hearty potato dishes, two kinds of salads and five kinds of bread. There was even the sweet honey wine that she liked.

The food was plentiful, but Elisha was strangely disappointed.

“I wanted to go out, it’s too frustrating … … .”

She was still in this room after all.

“We can sleep here and have lunch tomorrow,”

Lucerne said soothingly, trying to appease her. After sex, he was quite generous, completely accepting of Elisha’s temper and caring for her with affection.

No, it wasn’t like that. At worst, he would carry her and take her to the bathroom without letting her go to the bathroom alone. [t1v: *shrieks in horror*]

‘Maybe this is how genuine loving couples act.’

From Lucerne’s point of view, Elisha would be a woman of lower status who did not need to be treated with esteem and naturally there would be a lack of respect towards her in their private life as well. But she thought that perhaps if he married a woman of noble rank like a princess, he might be devoted day and night.

He was a little rough at night, but there was also a caring side.


Elisha nodded her head reluctantly.

He suggested casually, but kindly:

“Eat and sleep more.”


As night fell, Lucerne lay down next to Elisha. After taking a nap, Elisha sat on the bed and rested.

“You must have been frustrated these past few days.”

“I have been just staying at home. You don’t want me to go out anywhere but cafes.”

“Bear with it for a little longer. Marco’s behavior and movements are unusual. Now he’s insanely angry, so it won’t be surprising if he’s planning to do something.”

Elisha understood that, too. She obediently nodded.

In all honesty, she didn’t really need to go out yet. Additionally, Lucerne was able to stay by her side and take her from place to place since he had a lot of free time these days.

“Can I keep going to the cafe? Lucerne I want to help you too.”

“What was the name of the cafe you went to?”

“It’s ‘Breath of the Spring Breeze’.”

“There is fine.”

Elisha barely made her debut recently. Since she had no real position in high society, she naturally had no obligation to perform social duties. But she was the High General’s wife.

She had to organize the wives of military officers, and host meetings and get togethers intermittently. It was only natural for her to set up a cafe as a base. When Elisha explained that, he nodded in understanding.

“Just do the bare minimum. The commotion around you is a source of trouble.”

“I know. I’ll be careful,”

Elisha answered calmly.

“However, Marco’s behavior is strange, seeing that he came out to pick up his wife earlier, and acting as if everything was the same as usual.”

Lucerne accepted her words indifferently.

“Oh, was there a mouse in the jeweler earlier?”

“Yes. And the rat husband was there to pick up his rat wife.”

The two knew from the beginning that Arien was at the jeweler’s. She wasn’t worth paying any mind to… … . so they just ignored her.

“It seems the couple has a better relationship than expected,”

Lucerne remarked languidly.

“Indeed, it seems Marco and Arien have not divorced.”

People of the Cartier household considered their wives little more than a precious commodity. Arien made the significant error of revealing Gunner’s case. But still, Marco had not abandoned her.

‘Actually, Arien is a tenured wife, not a contract worker.’

Elisha had heard such information while going in and out the cafe, mainly from Princess Illione’s side.

“I heard that the Marco couple were getting along even better than before.”

“It wasn’t too long ago he was flirting with you, he’s a simple man,”

he ridiculed with a jeer. But at the same there scowl in his eyes, suddenly alit with murderous intentions.

“There are many different types of people in the world. There are types that cling to those around him when in difficult situations. Marco is like that. He lived his whole life doing what his father told him to do. Since he has lost his father, he will hold on to the rest of his family.”

Elisha figured out what kind of person Marco was from her past life experiences. He grew up obedient under his domineering and violent father.

In her previous life, she remembered Merha had been bedridden when his health had deteriorated in a few years time from now. At that time, Marco followed Arien wherever she went, and seemed to  have deep respect for her.

Everyone said that the couple became belately fond of each other, but Elisha knew better. Marco depended on Arien.

“That makes sense. It’s good to see that my cousin is living well.”

“… … Are you serious?”

“It’s more fun that way. Life alternates between good and bad. Now that the couple is getting along better, the opposite won’t occur.”

Elisha’s lips negligibly curled up. As expected, Lucerne understood her well.


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