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Lucerne whispered. Since he came in the carriage he had not left her bottom alone. From his arousing caresses, her lower half was already soaked up to her perineum, secreting sweet love juice.


Because of the significant difference in height between them, it was more convenient for Lucerne to lift her while standing. Holding up one of Elisha’s legs he slammed into her in one swift movement. She barely supported her body with her other leg. To balance herself she reflexively wrapped her arms around his hard shoulders.

“Oh, huh! Oh, it’s too. Sudden… … .”

But she could not say that she didn’t like it. His erection that abruptly came in pushed her red flesh upwards. Hot as a pillar of fire, a sudden feeling of fullness came over her as he filled up her soft inside.

From Elisha’s soft inner walls to outer lips, her arousal liquid dribbled on his balls. Breathless, her insides instinctively gripped his member, as if twisting his, as she contracted under the pressure.

“Ugh, ah!”

Now. both of her legs were floating in the air. Each time Lucerne propelled her body up and let go, her whole body plunged straight into him.

Puck, puck!

Each time, there was a loud, wet sound of flesh colliding.

“Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Even though it was only a few times, she was already gasping and tightening her belly. The flesh around her belly button was sucked in as she reflexively wrapped her dangling legs around his waist.

Lucerne pushed Elisha’s body against the wall, put his hands on her knees and lifted her up.


“Uh, uh! It’s too… … . Too… … . Ah—I feel, strange, crazy… … .”

Lucerne did not tease her this time. Instead, he bit the side of her neck, it was the first time she felt like he had lost his reason.

Woosh, woosh.

Elisha’s hair fluttered and swayed every time he swung her and wildly drove into her with a passionate momentum.

At the same time, her pale breasts bounced and jiggled in the air. Between Elisha’s ass, her entrance loudly splashed with water as she repeatedly swallowed, wrapping around and then releasing his pillar.

‘Strange… … .’

It felt like her lower body was becoming more and more feverish. Hot with fervor, her body was clamoring for him—she wanted more. She wanted to devour him. She wanted his seeds to fill her up.

That feeling was so unfamiliar. Afraid of becoming an animal, Elisha sobbed in pleasure, tears dripping down her cheeks.

“Ah, Lucerne… … . Ugh… …! ”

Elisha was afraid of what she couldn’t control. How could she repay him for the pleasure he gave her? Everything he had done so far had come with a price. What ominous thing would come to bite her? She was genuinely frightened. Terrified to be tamed like this.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh… … .”

“You’re driving me insane, really,”

growled Lucerne with terrible excitement. A small console was next to the wall. He put her on top of it and with his free hand stroked her cheek.

“Heh heh, heh… … .”

he swung his hips slowly. Elisha reflexively spread her legs wider to embrace him more deeply. Lucerne kissed behind her ears, then kissed her cheeks. Then, tenderly he kissed her lips.

“Don’t cry.”

“… … .”

“If you cry, I don’t know what to do.”

“What… … . what… … . … … .”

“If you cry. I can’t let you go,”

Lucerne whispered while breathing heavily. His lower body was entangled lustfully; hot, shiny, hard while dripping with semen and pre-cum at the same time.

His gentle mouth and ruthless lower half did not match. At that moment, Elisha desperately wanted him to spit out obscene words as usual without giving her any hope.

“Ugh, uh… … . Ah… … !”

His thrusts grew intenser. Tak,  tak— The clashing of his enlarged testicles against her perineum reverberated and became louder. Lucerne put Elisha’s knees against the wall and spreading her legs even wider.

Creak, squeak. Bang.

Elisha’s ass slammed against the wall covered in silk wallpaper. As the beating of his waist grew even more vigorous her entrance was no longer tense and grew slack.

“Oh, oh— Lucerne! Oh Lucerne… … .”

She could only spread her legs apart and helplessly accept the heavy pleasure he hammered into her.

“I’m going to cum inside, Elisha.”

“Yes, ah. Lucerne… … .”

It was his second ejaculation, so it was thinner, more watery, but there was still a lot of semen. Elisha trembled, feeling her mind going blank. He licked her lips.

Tears flowed slowly from the corners of her eyes. Her body kept trembling strangely and she could not stop her tears.

Still adjoined and connected to Elisha, he slowly hugged her and brought her to the bed as Lucerne kept kissing her face.

“Um… … . Un… … .”

Under Lucerne’s footsteps, a blurry mix of semen and lustful liquid dribbled to the floor.

The bed wobbled slightly.

Elisha’s naked body spread out on the bed. Lucerne was barely undressed.

Only then did he fully pull out his penis. His member was glistening with Elisha’s natural lube and his semen.

Her pussy hole where his large penis left still remained open. His white seeds filling up Elisha’s small body was blatantly showing itself off. His expression grew dark and he clenched his jaw.

Lucerne’s gaze flared with lust. He began to slowly graze his finger against her thigh and pussy.

‘Right away?… … . I’m dying… … .’

She thought she might faint if they did it like last time. Elisha clenched her toes in fright. Seeing her reaction, Lucerne let out a groan in dismay. He suppressed his lust. She looked a little in pain.

Instead, he laid next to her. The bed shook violently.

Elisha and Lucerne laid face to face and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Why did you cry?”

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