TPCP – 113

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The carriage started moving again with a gentle sway. Lucerne’s grip was so firm that they held her up even if she felt like she was going to lose her balance. Elisha leaned on his hand and carefully knelt in front of him. Her body was between the carriage benches.

“Uh… … .”

She unfastened the front of Lucerne’s pants. A thick, bulky erect penis that looked like it was about to burst bulged out.

Her cheeks and ears were burning. Seeing his genitals in front of her face in broad daylight felt different.

‘… … How am I going to put this in my mouth?’

In the months after their marriage, they had slept together countless times. Now, finally, her lower body was used to his large cock that prodded her body until it felt like it was about to break.

But with her mouth, her skills hadn’t improved at all. Being clumsy didn’t suit his temper, and Lucerne had stopped her everytime she tried to please him with oral sex.

For her outing today, her handmaiden had carefully painted her lips, her pink lips open up and went down on him. Elisha bit the tip of his thick glans with her mouth first.


Lucerne moved her head off.

‘Am I that bad?’

He was looking at Elisha with her cool eyes. She was strangely and terribly disappointed.

“If you want to do it, do it with your hands.”


“Your mouth is torn again,”

Lucerne said indifferently. Come to think of it, two months ago, she had made him cum through oral and her lips got very chapped while moving her mouth. It was so big it couldn’t be helped.

‘Since when did you care about that?’

The 1% of tenderness he showed her, broke her heart more than his 99% desire towards her.

‘You can do whatever you want in bed as usual. Like we’re in a relationship.’

Without any warning, he grabbed her heart and tightened it. From that moment on, his consideration was a microscopic wound.

Elisha halted her thoughts. She had already grabbed his glans with the end of his pillar already leaking pre cum. As she clenched and released her slowly rhythmically while going up and on, her other hand fondled his wrinkled scrotum.

‘How intriguing.’

Before she met Lucerne, she had never been this close to a man. The hefty genitals twitching with bulging veins were still amazing and strange to her. Lucerne let out a heavy groan at that her explicit gaze.

“What are you looking at me like that?”

His eyes were smiling. Elisha’s heart was racing.

Twitch. The thick rod moved in her hand. Elisha felt the goosebumps running down her back. From her taking off her gloves and stroking him briefly with her little hands, his erection swelled.

Her soft palms rubbed against his shaft. There was the sound of a club pounding against skin, her hands rigid with a hot wetness.

“Put your hands together,”

Lucerne whispered. Elisha put her hands together as if she was clapping her hands. In the meantime, his member began to move slowly.

Every time Lucerne moved in and out, Elisha felt like he was thrusting inside her own body, and not her hands.

“Ugh… … .”

Was this what he looked like when he penetrated her body? Like such a ferocious beast. Did he usually see her as if devouring her?

“I told you not to look away.”

Lucerne whispered and ruffled her hair. His thrusting hips grew stronger. Elisha’s hands moved up and down with him.

There was a wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh. She didn’t know how time passed.


Suddenly, a cloud of thick, copious amounts of semen erupted, hot and overflowing between her hands. Lucerne’s shoulders jerked constantly, and he let out a hot groan.

His body trembled gently on Elisha’s shoulder.

‘My underwear is wet.’

There was a thick wetness spilling between her legs. The liquid leaked on her thighs and she realized belatedly that she had been clenching her navel. Her legs rubbed hotly against each other as if they were stuck together.

Click, clank. The carriage had arrived.


“Hmm, huh. Uh… … .”

Lucerne’s arousal didn’t end there. As if he had been only tasting an appetizer, his appetite for the main meal grew.

Bang. The door to the hotel room slammed. Even after one orgasm, Lucerne passion did not subside.

“Ugh… … . ah… … .”

He pressed her body against the wall next to the door, kissing her neck roughly and gradually descending. At the same time, his hands went down frantically and untied her dress.

He was now adept at taking off women’s clothes. Soon, Elisha was nude except for her bustier.

“Oh, no!”

In such a hurry he tore the girdle apart.

Elisha’s body was pushed further against the wall.

“Now, even if there is no audience, I want to ravish you even before we get to bed,”

Lucerne whispered. Suddenly, Elisha recalled the day she met him at Cartier Castle for the first time in this lifetime. Then, in order to deceive the Cartiers, they leaned against the door and pretended to have sex.

‘At that time… … . there was… … .’

Although similar it was different; now the two stood equally with different desires at different times. Now, Elisha was without even a girdle to protect her. She was utterly defenseless and naked in front of him.

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