TPCP – 112

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At that time, there was a woman in the private room near the exit where Lucerne and Elisha had escaped.

‘Such bad luck—I can’t run into those two.’

While swearing inside her, Arien bowed her head and waited for both of them to leave.

“Madam, shall we proceed with the order you mentioned before?”

As was common in a first-class store, the employees studied social gossip and celebrities. Therefore, the clerk knew well that Arien was a daughter-in-law of the Cartiers and were on bad terms with the Lucerne couple.

The clerk who was finished dealing with the couple came back to attend to the haughty Arien.

“Yes, please proceed.”

“Are you sure you want to cancel all orders? You’ll probably only get half of your down payment back … … .”

“I have already made up my mind. So take care of it.”

Ashamed, Arien canceled her jewelry orders.

She wasn’t as obsessed with her luxuries as Carola, but she was fond of jewelry. Not long ago, she had ordered a bunch of jewelry with the money her father-in-law had given her, anticipating his rise to the papal seat.

But now, with no Merha there was no money and no one to pay for her extravagance. Arien brought up her parent’s involvement with Gunner’s case again, which drew the wrath of the Head.

‘I’m moving on for your sake, but there is no next time. Even if the both of you are starving to death on the street, don’t come and beg me,’

Gaju conveyed with a cold face that she had never seen before. Besides, her parental household was just as angry with Arien.

‘Arien, you almost destroyed our family! Damn bitch!’

Because she needed information on Gunner’s case, her father gave it to her without any doubt. In fact, Arien didn’t think it would negatively affect her and arbitrarily publicized the material.

The Head’s wrath was directed at Arien’s house. Her family was originally a wealthy clan with a long prestigious lineage for many generations, but now they relied on the Cartiers with their  numerous businesses.

‘Be grateful that I haven’t touched the lives of your parents and family.’

One morning, Gaju cut off all the finances supporting them, and now her family was in a mess.

Arien was the third daughter. She wasn’t the pampered, only child like Carola. Arien, who had the ire of her family, could not even go to her parent’s house.

It was the first time in her life where all her supports had disappeared. All she had left was her husband, Marco, who had not abandoned her.

‘Why is that lowly woman loved by her husband and given so many jewels, while I, the real noble, have to retrieve a refund? Hogwash. Something is clearly wrong here. Has this world gone mad?’

At that moment, Arien bore heartfelt envy and wrath towards Elisha. Seeing her expression, the clerk tried to avert her eyes.

Noticing this, she struggled mightily to mask her feelings.

“I’m fine. The General and his wife are very lucky. How many items did they buy?”

“Well… … .”

Arien saw that most of the display windows were empty. She smiled rigidly, trying to quell her jealousy.

‘I won’t let you go. Damn you. That lowly shit… … . daughter of a lowborn woman… … .’

She gnawed on the facts that she knew about Elisha and gritted her teeth.


“Hugh… … . heh… Hmm… .”

Rumble rumble. The wagon rattled. As soon as they got into the carriage, Elisha’s head was light-headed from how intense his kisses were.

Their tongues mixed, sucking and biting their lower lips. Even when the carriage stopped or shook, their lips were firmly stuck together.


Lucerne put her on his lap quickly. Elisha’s slender and soft legs were pressed against his firm thighs. There was a sound of clothes rustling as she moaned.


The wagon came to a sudden stop as if it had entered an intersection. Now, between Elisha’s asscheeks, Lucerne’s inflated front fit in perfectly.

‘Ah… … .’

Thrillingly, she could feel his penis twiching ready to explode. Instinctively she curled her toes, and saliva pooled under her tongue. Like a dog in front of food.

‘I don’t even know shame anymore,’

Elisha thought to herself self-disparagingly. But she was also surprised that he had such an erection for her in broad daylight. They had done it last night, and embraced the night before yesterday as well but he could not stop and radiated a hot desire.

“Do what you promised.”

Lucerne whispered softly. Elisha felt his large hand wrapped around her own. His hand squeezed hers.

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