TPCP – 111

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“What are you doing?”

Elisha inquired once she saw the manager disappear past the door in order to serve them some refreshments. Lucerne glanced towards the entrance and summoned a shadow to slam it shut. The private room they entered was very luxuriously decorated, but narrow.

“Cancel it. I don’t need that much jewelry.”

Elisha tried to dissuade him to no avail.

“Give me your ankle.”


“To try it on. I’ll buy it if I think it’s pretty.”

“… … Let’s not buy it.”


Lucerne scolded as if she was being childish.

‘Where the hell does this guy get all this money from?’

No matter how much she thought about it, this level of luxury was not possible only with the rank of a general. With that thought in mind, Elisha reluctantly raised her leg. She knew she couldn’t beat Lucerne’s stubbornness at this point anyway.

He swept her little foot, placing it on the armrest, and slowly put the anklet around her ankle wrapped in silk stockings.

Unhurriedly, He kissed the instep of her foot.

“Pretty, as anticipated.”


“Okay, I won’t do it anymore,”

saying so, he was gently stroking Elisha’s calf. She looked at him in discontentment.

“Are you going to leave this on?”

“That’d be great, but this is too easy to take off. Like the bracelet, it should be impossible to unfasten it without a dedicated screw.”

“… … .”

“Should I make a custom order?”

Elisha got goosebumps in a different sense than before.

“I think the anklet would be uncomfortable. I would do it if you wanted to… … .”

As Elisha spoke softly, Lucerne’s eyes softened. He looked straight at her.

If Elisha had been a little more naive, she would have thought he loved her. His eyes were so sweet.

“You don’t have to force yourself to do something you don’t like. Instead show me what you look like in bed.”

She wondered if she would be attacked by the shadow as she pinched him. He raised his eyebrows and turned towards her.


But the shadows were busy. Lucerne bit her ankle while the shadow blocked the door.

“Why do you keep sucking there… … . again and again.”

“Because you’re so pretty.”

“Oh, no, stop—Lucerne—oh…Ugh, ah… … . … .”

Elisha felt like she was going crazy. Lucerne pushed his head into her skirt. He slipped his fingers between the straps of her garter belt and stroked the flesh of her thighs and began to caress her gently as if licking her pussy over her underwear.

“Huh… … . ohh… … .”

There were people outside that one thin door. They would be interested to see what they were doing.

Elisha bit her finger to hold back her moan.

“Lucerne, we can’t—here… … . ah!”

In an instant, her underwear was pushed aside. Lucerne traced her lovely folds with his tongue, slowly skimming her well-worn secret.

“Is everything alright?”

Knock, knock. Then there was a knock on the door. It was the manager’s voice.

As Lucerne glanced in that direction, a shadow blocked the door with a bang. There was silence beyond the door.

‘They will notice what we’re doing.’

From the tip of Elisha’s toes to the tip of her head, she turned a flustered red. She was embarrassed.

“I’d rather do it in the wagon, Lucerne.”

She had said this to calm him down, but instead she made him more excited. He pulled his head out of her skirt. His eyes didn’t even blink as he stared at her, to the point of looking even eerie.

“What will you do for me?”

“Ah, yes!”

Lucerne’s fingers moved, pressing her clitoris over her underwear. Elisha’s thighs trembled from his skillful hand.

“The way you want… … . So… … . Just like you do it with your tongue… … .”

Elisha’s ears grew more and more pink. She was both resentful and excited.

‘Indeed, buying jewelry isn’t free either.’

When the thought occurred to her, she became a little sad. It was all an act of desire to him. Buying his wife jewelry was innate carnivore behavior, and in the end, according to a predator’s logic, to eat her when he wants to… … .

There were no emotions involved here. The only reason was hunger.

“Why do you look like that?”

Lucerne studied her face. He whispered soothingly:

“Did I surprise you?”

Elisha hesitated and nodded her head slightly.

“Don’t cry.”

“… … I’m leagues away from crying.”

The corners of his lips held the slightest smile in response to her prideful proclamation, unwilling to lose.

“I’m in trouble because the desire to see your aroused face keeps growing. It seems like you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.”

He said in a light, playful, self-disparaging manner and pointed to his shoulder. He seemed to be hinting that she was climbing up on top of his own head*. Elisha bit her lip. [*t1v: Korean saying that infers she is ruling him. It also hints at his anxiety about her becoming so important to him and his fears of being manipulated by her.]


Lucerne kissed Elisha on the cheek. That kiss made her feel a little better.

“Come to think of it, we agreed to have dinner at the hotel.”

Elisha nodded slightly.

“… … Then there… … . Let’s go to a hotel room.”

The hotel the two frequented had a room that Lucerne always reserved.

The shadow retreated from the door. He placed his arm on her shoulder and the two hurried to the carriage.

He tossed a checkbook at Ian, who had just entered the door. Ian, who quickly grasped the situation, said with a gentle smile,

“I’ll handle the bill.”

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  2. Part of her seems to dream for a sweet pure love. One with no conditions or strings or alterior motives, but I honestly don’t think that she would actually accept it even if it was spoon fed to her. She wants it but is convinced that she is undeserving of it. Lucerne is not the one to give her that pure love anyways, he simply does not know how.

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