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“I will not hand him over to the imperial family, but let him live a quiet and secluded life in the basement prison of the Great Hall of the High Temple. He will have a life without lacking anything. Shouldn’t we do at least that much so uncle will reflect? Killed the Prophet. I was worried about the future of our family. Imagine the dying Prophet curses. The downfall of a family is a combination of such misfortunes,”

Lucerne added quietly.

“Risralpho was truly a prophet with divine powers. Was he not, Elisha?”

“That’s right. If you thought about your family, you wouldn’t do such a terrible thing even if you weren’t afraid of curses. Wouldn’t the Heavens take revenge?”

Elisha concluded evenly.

Even the Duke could not ignore those words. Although he did not have deep faith nor was religious, he knew that the divine power was a real power, and that it was a miracle when a prophet or saint actually manifested.

Gaju asked quietly,

“Will Merha understand?”


Lucerne smiled faintly.

“At the moment when Uncle Merha was accused of killing Risralpho, Marco was also at the place where the murder took place in Yurif.”

“… … .”

“When I asked about that, he immediately admitted to the charges. Like someone trying to hide something.”

She got goosebumps on the back of her hand at Lucerne’s calculation. Merha was also human and a father. If Marco was also implicated in the murder of Risralpho… … . he would admit to murder in order to cover for his son and help his future.

Gaju was quick-witted. He noticed everything from that little clue and let out a bitter groan.

“Really… … . amazing. Stupid, stupid bastards. If I were to follow my desires, I would strike that shameless Merha right now.”

“The Lord raised him with great care, but you can’t help it if he did not learn your teachings. However, they are so talented, so they should take this opportunity to change their mind.”

Elisha summarized. Her words had another meaning:

Lucerne had been abandoned, neglected by the Head. On the other hand, Merha grew up with all the education and privileges and still was deficited. Compare them with Lucerne, and the Merha clan was completely short. Take note.

At her words, Gaju stared at the two of them. He was constantly tapping the marble table.

“Can you manage the temple well, Lucerne?”

“I’ll do it if I need to.”

“What do you need?”

“What do I need? The Cartiers are already strong and wealthy enough. Is there any reason why we have to make excessive profits from the temple businesses and perpetrate corruption within the family? Besides, the profits from the temple business so far have only lined the pockets of Uncle Merha.”

“… … .”

Gaju let out a low sigh and nodded his head.

“How many years do you think it will take Merha to come out?”

“We will figure it out in four years.”

“I get it, Lucerne.”

Suddenly, Gaju’s tone of voice had changed.

“Elisha, you. Tell me more about that story. What is your external impression?”

Elisha responded calmly.

“Of course, this is better than losing influence over the temple due to High Priests Merha and Gunner business. Even if it’s a show, it’s important that someone outside the Cartier family takes over as the Pope for a few years. Long-term domination sometimes requires selection.”

The corners of Gaju’s lips trembled slightly. He seemed to trying to hold back his smile.


said the Head.

“There’s no need to curse because a bad bastard brought in a woman like you. At least, Lucerne, I suppose it’s because of your wife that we’ve come to understand each other a little bit.”

“Doesn’t a man change when he gets married?”

“… … If that’s the truth, I’ll try to live with her once in a while. You can’t help but wonder how a woman with a tongue like that will stir you.” [t1v: the korean saying is ‘cook’ but it means to manipulate—hence ‘stir’]

“If you wish.”

Lucerne’s eyes lit up for a moment.

“Don’t take her when I’m away. What if I want to smash it in my hand? I will never let her touch another man’s hand again.” [t1v: he’s inferring he’ll murder her if she cheats on him but the Korean word can also infer he’ll burn her]

Elisha’s body flinched.

‘You’re saying this because you’re in front of the Lord.’

She knew Lucerne’s intentions, but… … . She was frankly afraid. Lucerne’s words sounded like they were meant to be heard by Elisha. If Gaju tried to persuade her, she had no choice but to imagine his inner intentions that he would not leave her alone.

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