TPCP – 102

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As if she had been kidnapped, the place where Elisha was brought was unexpected: It was Jacob’s mansion.

“Gaju, is staying at our house, right? Carola is so happy. We’ve been decorating your guest room for three days. Carola hopes you stay here for a long time.” [t1v: Carola speaks of herself in 3rd person to be ‘cute’ *gag*]

For a moment, Elisha was perplexed as to whether it was more painful to have to hear Carola’s babbling, or whether it was more unbearable for her to be dragged into Jacob’s hellish mansion. Because both were downright terrifying.

“There has been contact with the general. If he hears about the situation now, he will do something about it,”

Nora whispered.

“Probably Lucerne won’t come,”

Elisha whispered. Nora’s eyes widened.


Lucerne had said as he went out in the morning:

‘Soon, the Head will come or call us. And I’m going to find out who it will be between you and me.’

‘Why between us?’

‘Gaju also hears rumors.’

‘Ah, you mean the rumor that after you married me, you became blind to women and started a reckless fight with Cartier enemies?’

To be precise, it was rumored that Elisha was corrupting him. Lucerne was popular among the people of the Empire, and his wife, was rapidly becoming that1villainess.

At the same time, she had a reputation for being a rare beauty who possessed Lucerne. Either way, she was neither interested nor pleased.

‘Yes. After all, I have let him know that I am not blind when it comes to you and you can’t control me.’

‘I know. I won’t mind it if you’re cold to me in front of the Duke. We shouldn’t be misunderstood just because we covet each other.’

‘Why do you understand me so quickly? It’s disappointing.’

Having said that, Lucerne looked at her and grazed her lips a few times. Having received his unfamiliar gaze, she sought to distract herself and helped him button up his military uniform.

That was the end of this morning’s conversation.

‘The Head is worried that Lucerne will act up if I’m missing. He won’t come to help me out of my troubles, since staying still will be the best thing he can do to alleviate this impractical misunderstanding.’

Come to think of it, Lucerne had no particular reason to pick her up, even if Gaju hadn’t been involved. If he had to come, it would be out of apprehension that she would make a mistake in front of the Lord.

Jacob was not in the house.

“Carola’s husband is also very happy to do the work the Lord has assigned him! Are you entrusting us with inspections of local businesses? Carola is very grateful and happy. Her husband will come back when he has grown.”

As Carola fluttered, Elisha learned of Jacob’s whereabouts with a slight headache.

‘Carola, how can I get you to keep your mouth shut?’

Jacob’s house was decorated to the point of being overly lavish. Jacob and Carola had different tastes, and they both liked different kinds of glamour. So, the two of them, who did not know the proper line, competed to decorate the inside of the house until the inside was stuffed with overly colorful, disorderly, gorgeous items.

‘This staircase….’

As she climbed the white marble stairs with golden handles in the center of the mansion, she paused for a moment.

Elisha from her previous life could never climb these stairs. If she had misstepped here and got caught, it would be a day she would be brutally beaten by Carola’s maids.

She recalled her room under the creaky old wooden stairs that the servants used.

“What are you doing without coming up?”

Gaju looked at her and asked. Elisha hid her feelings and followed him up.


Elisha was led to the large drawing room with the maid. When Carola tried to follow Gaju in, the Head stopped her.

“Carola, you go out.”

“But Carola… … .”

“Leave us.”

As she walked out reluctantly, Gaju looked coldly at Elisha. The murderous aura emanating from his body was not lacking even if he had been a butcher rather than a head of a prestigious family. Elisha’s hands were wet with cold sweat.

“Did you whisper into Lucerne’s ear and manipulate him?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know!”

Gaju roared.

“I know you grew up in one of Rosaria’s monasteries and I know that Lucerne recently took you to see her. Do you think I’d be so stupid that I wouldn’t be able to see through it? You have dared to be hostile to the Cartiers and take the temple out of our hands, so I must punish you severly.”

“… … .”

Elisha was quietly listening to Gaju. The corners of her eyes trembled slightly, but she still donned a detached expression and looked aloof.

“Lucerne knows that even I can’t touch my family easily. But you are different. I will decide whether or not to send you back today based on your answer. Why the hell did you do such a thing?”

“I don’t know what my husband does. My work is to give him the Count’s title, not to dictate his will.”

“Are you treating me like a fool? Know that the more you use your mouth to try and fool me, the more of your tongue you will lose.”

Elisha looked into his eyes calmly. The Head internally flinched: Why the hell wasn’t she scared?— he thought it was strange.

“I am a nominal wife that entered into a marriage to make my husband an aristocrat. I am fully aware that thinking is above my station.”

“… … .”

“Since you ask, may I think about it, this time?”

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