TPCP – 101

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Among the capital’s aristocrats, the Cartier family became a hot topic again and again.

Although formally Merha broke ties with the Cartiers and became a member of the temple, everyone knew that he was the only surviving son of the Duke.

“Oh my! That Cartier is locked up!?”

“Because he’s a Cartier, he wasn’t taken to the imperial prison! But he deserves the death penalty! How can he be left alone?”

“He will be punished by the Heavens! How dare he murder the Prophet!”

“We must bring him out and stone him to death! He must be killed very miserably.”

From the salons of the nobility to the bars of the commoners, and even through the corridors of the temple. There was not one who did not curse Merha. Risralpho had previously saved whole populations through his prophecies, and was widely respected in the Empire.

In addition, the temple was also under fire.

“The honor of the temple has fallen to the floor.”

“I’m happy though. I’m so glad that Rosaria-nim became the Pope. Now, at least there will be some change.”

Merha became the first Cartier to be imprisoned and charged with murder. There was so much evidence that even the Lord could not act hastily.

Besides, it wasn’t the only tiring thing the Cartier household was embroiled in. A few years ago, Gunner, who came from a minor collateral branch of the family, was acquitted after committing a major duplicity.

At that time, the Inquisitor was the father-in-law of Duke Cartier’s grandson. The arrangement was obvious to the public.

One controversy could have been easily blocked. However, there were three corruption scandals that mired the temple. Merha, Gunner, and the reproachable buzz that they had something to do with forgiving Gunner’s crimes.

Thanks to that, Gaju couldn’t get them out easily.


A week after the election of the Pope. Elisha was tidying up her bag in her spare time. Then, someone came in with her hasty steps.

“What is it?”

Elisha raised her head. The butler looked troubled and stood there.

“That is… … . The Lord has sent a telegram. He is due to arrive at the gate this afternoon, so he asks the madam to pick him up.”

Her eyes widened. Today, Lucerne was busy all day in the Imperial Palace. He was scheduled to return to the mansion late at night.

“Yes, I see. I need to get ready to go out.”

Composed, Elisha rang the bell.

“My lady, I advise that you should not go. You could just use the excuse that you are sick. I think it would be better to see the Lord when the general comes back.”

“Do you think that explanation will work? The Duke is not an idiot. He probably called today because he knew my husband would be busy in the Imperial Palace.”

“Madam… … .”

“I’m alright, butler. Even if I am to die, I must go there.”

Elisha hurriedly prepared to go out and took Nora with her to the gate.


Elisha arrived at the gate at the exact time the Head had notified her in advance.

The Cartiers had always used the gates exclusive for the imperial family. Those gates were different from the general gate on the other side.

Unlike the crowded public gates, it was very quiet and isolated, blocked off by a tall wall. It was like a different world.

“The Duke of Cartier has arrived!”

The guards guarding the gate prostrated all at once. An old man strode past the gate. It was an unbelievably clean gait for his age.


Elisha held back a frown that almost dyed her face. Carola was walking by Gaju’s side with a charming smile.

‘It’s obvious even if I hadn’t seen it.’

This was the worst possible outcome. Carola must have rushed to the Duke’s mansion to prove her innocence, staying by his side to win his favor. She was only slightly involved in this debaucal because she had attended the Yurif land auction with Arien and Elisha.

With a glimpse, Elisha understood the whole situation.

She tried to take a step forward. But someone jumped out faster.

“Grandpa! Save me!”

Elisha was startled. The man clinging to the Head was Marco. In just a few days he had been reduced to skin and bones.

“Father is innocent, Grandfather must rescue him. Isn’t father the only son of the Lord?”

“Stupid fool!”

As soon as Gaju saw Marco, he burst into anger. The Lord just kicked him and he fell to the floor.

“Do you know what your wife has done? Your stupid wife’s sin is nothing short of yours! Get out of my sight right now.”

“Grandfather, please!”

The Duke spoke coldly to the begging Marco.

“Call me Gaju. And don’t expect anything from me. From today onwards, you are to stay out of all the family’s affairs. And don’t you dare to visit the Cartier Castle until I call you. People like Merha, you and your wife don’t deserve to be members of the family.”

Marco’s face looked as if he had been sentenced to death. He was trembling, but did not dare to cling to the Lord again.

“Carola is scared.”

Even Carola, who always smiled, had a pale face.

“You, take that useless thing back home.”

The Head ordered the knights behind him, referring to Marco. He shouted something, but soon his mouth was blocked and he was dragged away.

Then Gaju found Elisha. He strode towards her.

“I greet you, my Lord.”

Elisha bowed her knees in a graceful curtsy to greet him. Unable to hide his burning anger, and he scanned her.

“You, come with me.”

Without another word, Elisha was surrounded by the knights in his entourage.

Nora was nervous. ‘Stay still, Nora,’ with that meaning in mind, Elisha blinked at her.

‘If the Head tries to drag me anyway, resistance will be futile. What can I do?’

It’s as if the Head is a deity, Elisha thought mutely.

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