TPCP – 1.1

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Year 995 in the Imperial Calendar.

*Wham, wham.*

A penis, swollen like a weapon, hit between her legs hard. It was as if a club was slapping against a small hole. 

“I’m going to break through this. Right?” 

The man whispered. 

“Haa, ahh….” 

Elisha’s girdles, which were made extremely short, were now wet with her sweet bodily liquid and clung to the crevice between her legs.

If the man pulled the girdle to the side as he wished and stuffed it in at once, it seemed like it would swiftly slide all the way inside. 

Every time she thought of such a fervent situation, Elisha’s lower abdomen started to tighten and buckle.

The good news was that they were in a tight spot. The man’s thrusting was nothing more than rough, dry humping. 

Until now.


The man’s finger penetrated between Elisha’s girdle and pelvis. He pulled her underwear string with his finger rubbing it against her bud.

“Even if I broke this, it would still stick to your pussy because you are too wet… It smells sweet.” 

Elisha who was held in one of the man’s arms was suddenly lifted into the air.

‘What the hell—How did I get into this situat— what do I do now—’

Elisha barely managed to hold her wits about her 


The man recalled Elisha’s name. At the same time, Elisha also thought of the man’s name. 

“You should have never crossed this line.”


He put his lips on Elisha’s ear and whispered. 

The inside of her thigh, lifted to the limit, was stiff. Thanks to the posture, there was nothing else she could do but hang on to him with her arms. 

“If you didn’t want it to be like this.” 

Feeling her trembling shoulder, Lucerne laughed. 

“Are you scared now? I’m just going to stick it in, just like this.” 

“Hic, uhh—”

“You have to do it properly. Are you not moaning because you’re not excited?”

Elisha clenched her teeth and squeezed out a groan as the man wanted. 

“Did you know? I have the serpent’s blood in my veins, and snakes swallow and eat things whole …very slowly. You have weak skin, so by the time I am done, you’ll be swollen here.” 

The man stilled and didn’t speak for a long moment. Then, every time he touched her soft flesh protruding through her wet, thin underwear, he grabbed his ferocious cock and rubbed his glans.


Elisha’s toes curled.

Unintentionally, she had clenched and released the muscles of her vulva so hard that she made an embarrassing whistling sound. (a queef—omg i would diiieee)


 “You’re so bad. Makes me want to see it in person.”

He murmured low in a voice drowsy and heavy with desire.

Elisha put her fingernails slightly on the man’s neck. 

“Rebelling? How cute.”

“Stop saying useless things…. Keep going.” 

Elisha whispered as if she was going to break. 

Soon, Elisha was moaning hotly, shaking her head from side to side.

“Haaa, ahhh, huhhh…….” 

She thought at the same time, 

‘This has never happened before.’ 

The future of becoming a fake concubine of a demonic man, being eaten to death—consumed down to her bone marrow. 

A future where the Ducal Family of Cartier would be torn apart by a power dispute.

She only wanted to get out of that future.


He ordered. 

So, this man was her only option.

She knew.

She didn’t regret throwing herself into Lucerne’s arms. 

“Huu, ohhh……… please…..”

“Yes. That’s how it should be. So those outside can hear everything. So there will be a ton of men masturbating to your moans. Then the stench of semen will fill the air outside this room, because of you.”



Lucerne whispered intensely in her ear as if he was just about to release a dark appetite. 

“You’ve tempted this deranged man enough to make him do this crazy thing.” 

His red eyes gleamed dangerously. 

Yeah. There was no issue. 

Because she already knew a lot about him.

Including the fact that this man, before and after her regression.

Was the most notorious maniac in the Empire.


The symbol of the Dukedom of Cartier was a giant snake. 

A mythical beast who, according to legends, was four meters long in length. It was said that the first child of the Cartier family was between that serpent and a human woman. 

People blamed the ducal house’s obsession with money and power on the greedy serpent lineage they carried. 

But this drive to swallow everything in the world wasn’t only restricted to money and power. There was also the coveting of the flesh. 

A huge snake-like desire to mate for more than a week, burning up a female to death from exhaustion in the midst of an unrelenting lust, eager to swallow her whole.


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