SV – 88

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Jurgen called back Phone then. He didn’t want to see Julia naked. Phone spread his wings and soared into the sky through the wide-open window.

As he moved away from the stuffy atmosphere of the imperial palace, his vision opened up.

「Now, you can go back to Dahlia.」

-Kaw kaw!

When Jurgen blinked, the color of his eyes, which had been shining red, relaxed and dimmed, returning to normal.

He slowly relaxed his body. As expected, the Shadow was not wrong this time either. The question was, why did Julia have the Emperor’s Hyperion?

Did Julia have the Hippelion in the past?

The Emperor was not dead yet. Until Reynon was appropriately qualified, the Emperor would preserve his life with the aid of the Temple.

But he never once questioned that ‘timing.’

He tapped his armrest, recalling the scenes he had just seen through Phone.

‘God’s power, destruction and wrath, life and creation, time and luck. And… Balance and harmony.’

Among them, if Dahlia had the pieces of balance and harmony, so the rest of the elements must also be in someone else’s body.

However, the method of recognizing the pieces had been unknown until he looked at the documents that the Archduke of Leicester and the Emperor had transcribed.

Jurgen took a cigarette from the silver case and stood at the window. He opened the window and saw a swing. As he watched the motionless, empty swing, he thought of Dahlia.

The face of a woman who acted brazen and brave even if she was shy and insisted that she did not cry even though she cried profusely. A woman who could put something sweet in her mouth and knew how to put on a dry expression. Not knowing everything about her made him even more curious. The house, which felt quite noisy when Dahlia was around, was exceptionally quiet today.

The smoke he exhaled permeated through the cracks in the silence.

“After all, I have to meet Julia.”


Early in the morning, the postman stopped at Berryrood House, the Count’s townhouse, and rang the bell with an enormous stack of cards.

“Everything has arrived for Lady Dahlia Von Klose.”

Freesia and Hansen accepted the cards with determined expressions as if they were at war. The two of them entered the drawing room with the cards and began sharing a few rules.

All of them were invitations from noblewomen for Dahlia to join them at a tea party. Officially, she hadn’t even made her debut yet. Nevertheless, the ladies decorated their invitations with all sorts of finery to request for her presence, the next Archduchess.

So, Freesia and Hansen divided the cards according to titles, prioritizing others, and subtracted invitations with overlapping dates.

Just as their eyes lit up while sorting out the cards, Dahlia came down the stairs with Phone on her head.

“Miss! You are wearing pants again today?”

“I’m at home. I have to be in the study all day, but a skirt is too uncomfortable. But… . What is this all about?”

Dahlia asked while glancing at the cards with her name written on them with brilliance. Smiling with warmth, Hansen stood up and stroked Phone’s chin.

“All of these are invitations from noble ladies to invite you to their tea parties.”

“Tea parties? But I haven’t even had my debutant yet?”

“Because the circumstances are unusual. You haven’t even entered high society yet, but you’ve already become Sir Edelred’s fiancee.”

“So… . Are they doing this to look good to me?”

She didn’t quite understand, but she wasn’t displeased. Dahlia picked up the top card on a pile. It was an invitation from the Marquis of Grihartman. It wasn’t enough that she decorated her card cutely, and her handwriting was so spirited that no one could ever copy it.

But wasn’t there a saying that the Tea Party was a women’s elegant battlefield? Dahlia was not yet ready to step into that battleground.

Putting down the card, she scratched her head and said with a puzzled, shy look,

“Reject them all. The reason is… . I’m going to join the knighthood, so I can’t afford to attend tea parties.”

“Yes? What—what do you mean knighthood?”

Dahlia picked up a whiteberry that Phone had been obsessed with lately. Then Phone came down from her head and picked the sweet berry into his mouth.

Seeing the juice dripping down her hand, she recalled a man, let out a sigh, and took a step.

“Literally. Me— I am joining the Sentinel Knights.”

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