SV – 86

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The meal was perfect. At least Gerald Von Klose was quietly absorbed in the act of eating throughout dinner, and Count Howell nodded his head with a meaningful expression upon recognizing the Phone’s power.

Howell recognized the hawk that flew into the house the other day and alerted them of Dahlia’s danger. Phone’s manner of acting like a kind of escort won his trust.

Plus, Dahlia.

Darling Dahlia… .

Upon returning to the townhouse, Jurgen smiled and burst into a good laugh as he recalled Dahlia, who had come to see him off.

‘Phone… Can you give him to me?’


‘You said you would give him to me.’

‘That was allowed when you were Edelred.’

‘… Then, starting today, you can call me Dahlia Axel Edelred.’


‘I heard your wedding vows in front of me. The witness was Bluebell House.’

‘So then?’

‘Take responsibility, Jurgen.’

I should have kissed you.

The voice that whispered in his ear tickled. As expected, his mood had been so bad for the past few days because he hadn’t been able to see her.

“Is it because you’re Liberty?”

It was evident, seeing how she had such an influence even on his day-to-day mood.

He sent a letter to the Archduke of Leicester, who returned to his estate. Since the approval of the imperial family had finally been obtained, they should prepare to welcome the little mistress of Altera.

Jurgen opened the wine cabinet in the study and poured out his favorite alcohol. It was a strong distilled liquor enjoyed in the West.

“Let’s renovate Bluebell House. Decorate the entire outbuilding to suit my wife, and open everything except the study. As of tomorrow, I will give the annex of Bluebell House to Dahlia.”

At Jurgen’s instructions, the faces of Amelie, Chief Chamberlain Allen, and Lannister brightened. In other words, the marriage was approved by the imperial family.

It also meant that he would no longer have to run into the temple priests who had been visiting daily.

“Then should I set up a seperate couple’s room?”

“Yes, for now.”

“Then, I’ll make the small master’s bedroom in the annex and main building.”


Excited, Amelie left the study first, followed by Chief Chamberlain Allen. Lannister remained in the study and waited for Jurgen’s instructions.

Jurgen took a sip of his drink with a pleased expression and then unfurled the overlapping bookshelf. Among the scrolls piled up in it, his eyes sharpened instantly as he took out the topmost scroll.

The direction of the knot was twisted.

“Has anyone entered this room?”

“No one except when ordered to clean. Ah, Lady Von Klose often used the library.”

“Not Dahlia. No… . Well, she might have opened it out of curiosity. She wouldn’t be able to read it.”

After untying the scroll’s knot, he checked the Shadows’ report written in Ibelin. Afterwards, Jurgen took out the newly arrived scroll, pulled out a chair, sat down, and summoned Phone.


Soon after, a red magic circle shimmered on the floor, and Phone in the shape of a hawk stuck out its head. As if asking why he called, his sounds made it clear that he was annoyed.

Jurgen propped his legs up on his table, his fingers pointing at Phone.

「Come here.」


「 Don’t pretend to be a pigeon.」


「I have something for you.」

Jurgen opened the newly added scroll. The content inside was about the ‘Sculpture of God’ that he had ordered a while ago.

A ring that was the key to the secret library that was shared with the emperor. One side of the ring was in the possession of the Archduke of Leicester, but the other was nowhere to be found.

So, he instructed the shadows to find the ring’s whereabouts. The report’s findings came back with a name: ‘Julia von Leonardo.’

Jurgen held out his hand to Phone, who had completely escaped from the magic circle. Then, the flying bird sat on Jurgen’s arm and began to emit white light.

The red-eyed bird’s body gradually became transparent. Jurgen’s eyes grew even redder, and the power that flowed from his fingertips permeated into Phone’s body.


At the end of Jurgen’s instructions, Phone tilted his head back, cried -Kuruk, and flew up. It was invisible to the eyes of others but visible to Jurgen’s.

He took another sip of his drink and leaned back to close his eyes. Then, like a video in a dream, the world from Phone’s viewpoint unfolded before his eyes.

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