SV – 84

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She washed and wiped her hands at the basin in the study. Then, after meticulously washing Phone’s beak, she wrapped the bird in a soft towel.

While at Bluebell House, it was clear that she had become too comfortable with touching Jurgen. Just now, she almost wrapped her arms around the neck of that guy who was kissing her.

“Answer me. Does everyone live in a dormitory?”

“Yes. If you become a knight, most will have to live in the dorms. We’re not going on a picnic, we’re an order of knights created to fight and wage war.”

“Do you mean, then, you’re going to Sentinel’s powers for war?”

“Plum is a group of sentinels, guides, and wizards. Sentinels must be dealt with with Sentinels. But why did you change your mind all of a sudden? Didn’t you say you had no intention of joining the Knighthood?”

Dahlia shook her head and answered after sitting as far away from him as possible.

“I just didn’t accept the offer to be a subordinate under the lord. And the first time I entered a gate was the gate that appeared in the plaza.”

Jurgen nodded curtly. Then he licked the sweetness on his lips and popped a whiteberry into his mouth.

It was the same taste he had experienced in Tezeba. It was so terribly sweet he had sworn he would never touch it again.

However, strangely, the whiteberries on Dahlia’s lips gave off a fragrant craving that made him want to taste it again.

“At that time, I felt… . I was scared and very surprised, but I was proud. It was impressive to see the Sentinels fighting together, and above all… . I felt alive. I also gained the confidence that I could accomplish something. So I decided to join the Knighthood.”

You’re lying.

Jurgen stared into Dahlia’s eyes, licking the sweetness left in his mouth with his tongue.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to throw away your guiding powers? That you wanted to be an ordinary Sentinel?”

“I did. Nothing changed. But… . I have more questions now.”


“I’m curious about my identity. I wonder where I’m from. If I can, I’d like to search for some clues. Why was I abandoned in front of a gate? Reynon said Plum has been experimenting on children, trying to put the two powers into their bodies. Perhaps… . Was I also one of their test subjects?”

Jurgen calmly replied as he watched her dismal gaze, blankly lost in thought.

“No, Liberty’s power is an area that can never be awakened. So you must have been a Liberty since birth. Luster’s power is bewildering, but you are by no means a test subject. Never.”

At Jurgen’s resolute words, Dahlia felt a strange sense of relief. Of course, it couldn’t be a definite answer, but it made her feel at ease.

“Come here.”

Jurgen lightly tapped the seat next to him. She frowned and tilted her head.

Like Phone.

“Why should I?”

“Does the Count and Countess stay this far apart like when they have a conversation?”

“My parents?”

Dahlia’s cheeks inadvertently turned red when she recalled the Countess and her husband’s usual demeanor. Jurgen felt quite satisfied whenever she carefully examined him with blushing cheeks.


He called her as if his heart was hurt. Then, after looking around for no reason, she approached slowly and sat down beside him.

Jurgen leaned towards her, his arm resting on the back of the sofa. Her soft shoulder rested in his arms. He didn’t hug her, but she sat there, and it looked no different from being trapped in his arms. She spoke up after a moment:

“The young lord is strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sometimes— how should I say it?…. You don’t look like a person of this world? Detached… sometimes you seem like a very old person, or someone who has transcended their age.”

Did it show?

Jurgen took one of her whiteberries and put it to her lips. Both of Dahlia’s cheeks bulged out as she ate it without refusing.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Dahlia shrugged her shoulders. Despite his brazen attitude, she was not affronted.

“So, is there anything else you want to say? I’m going to enter Florence. Everyone in the capital knows that I am the Sir’s fiancée, so who would dare treat me carelessly?”

“There is someone, Princess Julia.”

“Ah… . Yes, Her Highness, the princess, must not like me a lot, right?”

“A lot? You are that 1 villainess who stole her fiancé.”

At the word ‘villainess,’ Phone started to chirp in protest as if he were arguing that she was not some villain.

In response to his defense, Dahlia tickled Phone’s chin and stroked his yellow fluff. She kissed him lovingly.

Jurgen inadvertently covered Dahlia’s mouth with his hand. Then he grabbed her chin and turned it towards him.

“Anyway, don’t call the Crown Prince Reynon again. If you can call him Reynon, then you have to address me as Jurgen from now on, not Edelred.”

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