SV – 83

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Dahlia carefully held her kissed hand.

Possession of a red diamond signified close relations with the Edelred family.

Amelie, too, had made a fuss about getting a proposal with a red diamond ring.

She had been unfazed back then… .

Dahlia took a step away from him, a little embarrassed and shy. Then she hurried to her desk and opened the book she had been looking at earlier.

She wanted to escape this strange excitement.

“Thank you for saying that. I’m also looking into it. Will all of the knights be staying in a dormitory?”

Knock, –the door opened after another knock. Hansen came up with a tea tray and smiled awkwardly, sensing the strange atmosphere between the two.

“Let’s have a little tea break for a moment.”

Hansen put down a plate of ripe whiteberries beside a cup of cold vanilla milk while Jurgen was served hot black tea.

And above Hansen’s head was Phone. As if he had suffered a great injustice, both cheeks had inflated with a pout. He flew up and burrowed into Dahlia’s arms.


“Phone? What happened— how have you been, huh?”

– Beep!

Hansen watched the brightly beaming Dahlia with a smile and whispered cautiously in Jurgen’s ear.

“Isn’t the lady really lovely?”

Hansen’s observant words furrowed Jurgen’s brow. But then he smirked and nodded in agreement.

“That lady only smiles like that around Phone.”

“Our lady has always had a fondness for small and cute things.”

“Because she herself is small and cute.”

“Isn’t it? She resembles a very small and pretty bird, our young lady.”

Hansen left the study after messing around with his pointless nonsense. Then Dahlia walked over, picked up a whiteberry, split it in half with her teeth, and held it to Phone’s beak.

“It’s very sweet. Have some. It’s my favorite, Phone.”

The sweet taste of the berry spread in her mouth.

Phone tilted his small head side to side and then plunged his beak into the flesh of the whiteberry.

Jurgen rubbed his temples with his arm resting on the back of the sofa, looking at the similar Phone and Dahlia. As if he liked the sweetness of the whiteberries, Phone frantically dipped into the flesh Dahlia cut and ate it. Juice flowed down her palm and down her elbow. In contrast to her white skin, traces of fruit with red flesh colored her mouth, and a sweet smell filled the study.

It was a scent that tested his patience.

“But don’t the knights need a huge mansion if we’re to live together?”

Dahlia asked, still preoccupied with Phone. He nodded and answered while touching his lips.

“There is a place on the outskirts of the capital that Her Majesty used as a detached palace. The Sentinel Knights use it as their home base to train, live together, and prepare for Plum-related battles.”

“So, does Lord Edelred stay there?”

“It’s the same as now. I’ll stay there when I’m not doing anything special, and sometimes I’ll stay at Bluebell House. Because people cannot live with only work.”

Dahlia licked the nectar that flowed down her elbow with her tongue. Phone pecked at the berries so voraciously that her palms were red, and now she was beginning to feel pain.

“Then… . Living together means living in a dormitory like an academy—”

Dahlia’s wrist was caught abruptly in the middle of her speech. His lips had traveled halfway across the table and grazed her wrist. Then, Jurgen’s red tongue licked up the sticky juice that flowed down her wrist. She stared blankly at Jurgen’s angled face, leaning over as if in prayer for a moment.

His long eyelashes cast shadows over his deepening eyes, and the man’s soft, beautiful lips move erotically. The moment his red eyes met hers and held her gaze, her face turned red.

The two stared at each other without speaking. Maybe because it had been so long since they had touched each other, her heart instinctively raced, and a fever rose.

It was an embarrassingly honest response. Dahlia, her ears now reddening, swallowed a moan and tried to free her hand.

“It’s dirty. Don’t lick… .”

But the lips touching her wrist were now on top of hers as if attracted by her breath. With her wrist held, they were now kissing. The kiss deepened, his body leaning entirely over her. His tongue, which had dug deep into her mouth, scooped up her sweet saliva. After going through her mouth, his lips barely parted.

“The whiteberries are still hot.”

Dahlia slowly opened her eyes and steadied her disturbed breathing.

Just now, she had been guiding without realizing it. She didn’t mean to, they had only touched skin, but her power passed naturally.

She was sure Jurgen felt it too. She didn’t want to admit it, but the author of the book she was reading asserted that guiding just by touching was a phenomenon that only happened when the matching rate was close to perfect.

“Next time, kissing… . permission first.”

At her grumpy murmuring, hinting at it, he laughed in front of her face, their lips almost touching. Embarrassed, Dahlia pushed Jurgen’s chest and got up. You can read more here.

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