SV – 82

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She put down the list in front of Jurgen, folded both of her hands on her lap, and inquired seriously:

“I have something to ask you. The Crown Prince in my experience wasn’t eccentric as you said. Of course, his personality is a little strange, but he tries to keep his promises, and he doesn’t touch my body recklessly. Sir, did you say Reynon was reverse guiding?”

“You can’t address him like that so carelessly.”

“I was allowed. In fact he said ‘Please, call me by name’?”


He jumped up from his seat.

“You’re rude, Von Klose.”

“Now that I have made a marriage vow with you, I am Edelred.”

“Yes, did my wife have a tryst with a well-built man, who is keen to lust after you and anxious to covet you? I’m sure I told you to guide only in front of me? Did you break your promise? When did you two meet?”

“What do you see me as… ! -What do you mean having a tryst? Apologize immediately!”

Furious, Dahlia also jumped up without losing an inch. Her bluish eyes glowed coldly with anger. But he had no intention of backing down.

He should have been suspicious of what Reynon said at the imperial court. He should have acknowledged his sense of incongruity when he heard that Dahlia had conveyed her thoughts directly to the prince.

That day, she was guiding.

My guide.


Anxiety that mine might become someone else’s.

Anxiety was a weakness that an Edelred should never reveal. But this is a matter of pride and honor.

Dahlia Von Klose was a woman known throughout the capital as his fiancee. If she had a scandal with the Crown Prince, it would insult both families, so he rationalized that it was okay to be angry and anxious.

“Then tell me. When did you become so close to the crown prince?”

Whispering coldly, he leaned over to Dahlia, closing the distance between them.

“I want to know when my wife had an undisclosed, secret conversation with a man behind my back.”

“What are you talking about! The secret conversation wasn’t behind closed doors with Reynon. No… . I partook, but it was through Delmon. His Highness sent a letter tied to Delmon’s leg, and I just replied. I just shared necessary information. Of course, there were some discreet jokes, but we never exchanged love letters.”


“Then what about you? You are my husband. Of course, people don’t know we’re married. But I don’t know, if you know—Still! After you sent me home, did you visit me once? No, sir, you didn’t even make eye contact with me until today.”

Her cheeks slowly turned red, and her breath was sharper and shorter, tingling her chest.

Delmon, Delmon.

Jurgen had a miraculous understanding, slowly unraveling his twisted mind. He relied too much on his memories, so he never thought Reynon could change.

The present was very different from the past. He could even say it was completely different. But Jurgen still couldn’t trust Reynon, who was being kind to Dahlia. The reason was simple; he had a feeling.

“I thought you were the one who avoided me.”

“Me? I’ve never avoided you. I was always in the same place. Because all I could do was wait for the lord.”

“… You waited?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you.”

He straightened his upper body and tilted his head back.

I’m going crazy… .

There was an annoying, irritating, and intrusive feeling. Whatever it was, he wanted to get rid of this sensation off his body.

The shadows of the two swayed on the light-colored ceiling. Since there were no windows, the room was lit using crystal balls and candles.

Putting both hands in his pockets, he took out a small box and placed it on his palm. A thin ring with a red diamond appeared when he opened his hand.


At Jurgen’s words, Dahlia puzzledly held out her left hand. Then he took out the ring from her index finger and put on the newly prepared ring on Dahlia’s ring finger.

It was a custom ring that fit perfectly and was crafted just for her. Dahlia’s lips tightened as she stared at the ring. She was quite surprised; he found her gulping exceedingly cute.

He sighed and kissed her ring.

“I apologize for doubting you. But… . Regarding the Knighthood, let me tinker with the list a little. Putting you among the Sentinels is unsettling. And… . Bluebell House is your home now. You can come and go anytime.”

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