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When the carriage stopped, Hansen came out and greeted Jurgen.

“Welcome to Berryrood House, Sir Edelred.”

After the count came to the capital, the county’s house transformed with a conspicuously bright atmosphere.

The garden was tidy, and the flower trees bore more flowers than usual. As did the fruit trees. Birds flocked to the greenhouse where the Whiteberry tree, which only grew in Tezeba, grew enormous.

The Whiteberry’s distinctive scent and splendid flower blooms on its branches were conspicuous even outside the greenhouse. Upon notice, every passerby stopped at least once and exclaimed in admiration in front of Berryrood House.

Jurgen also felt renewed as he looked around the count’s landscape, which was changing daily. Countess Yvon was an ordinary person in terms of mana, but she was also a special person with vitality and life force. She cared for flowers and trees better than anyone else and deeply understood their ecology. Among ordinary people, there were plenty of people everywhere who had exceptional talent in some field.

This had been a place that was abandoned in the past. [t1v: I’m assuming he’s reflecting on his past lives]

Just before it fell into ruin, someone who had made a fortune in the tobacco leaf business in the West bought everything belonging to the Count Von Klose family. Of course, the nobles did not recognize him as a nobleman but gave him equivalent treatment. Money and gold. Because that was the real power of the times.

“She is in the study. I will guide you.”

At Hansen’s words, Jurgen let out a heavy breath like someone pulled out of the water and nodded to him.

All the servants of the count’s family came out to greet him. Unlike the polite and restrained attendants of the Bluebell House, the count’s employees looked bright and rather chatty. Without hiding their curiosity, they stared at him, and if he spotted their gaze and gave them a shallow smile, their faces turned red.

Jurgen now seemed to understand why Dahlia liked Phone. The servants here resembled birds, chirping non-stop.

Jurgen arrived in front of the study with dry and cool eyes and stopped Hansen from knocking. He lightly raised his hand, nodded to Hansen that he was fine, and lightly opened the door without knocking.

“Hansen, aren’t the whiteberries ripe?”

Mistaking the person who opened the door for Hansen, Dahlia smiled and turned around. However, she blankly blinked when she found Jurgen standing in front of the door.

“Long time no see.”

Instead of wearing a dress, she wore menswear with loose trousers, a shirt, and suspenders, making her look like an immature boy.

Jurgen laughed at her blatant surprise, utterly caught off guard by him, and approached.

“Where’s Phone? I definitely told him to tell you I was coming.”

“Sir Edelred. There are no windows here, so Phone wouldn’t have been able to come in.”

“Have you been here all day?”

“Yes, well… .”

Jurgen sat down on the most comfortable sofa in the study.

Dahlia put down the book she held and nodded to Hansen, standing outside the door. Subsequently, the door closed, and an awkward silence came to the space where only the two of them were left.

“I guess you’ve been to the imperial palace.”

Dahlia, who spoke first, approached Jurgen and slumped on the sofa across from him. It was an attitude that left not the slightest hint of a lady’s courtesy or modesty, but Jurgen was used to it.

“To get this.”

He pulled out a list of Sentinels who had joined the Knighthood from the inside of his jacket.

When Dahlia found her name under the list titled <Florence>, she pursed her lips with a happy expression.

Seeing that, Jurgen’s temper grew even more displeased.

Florence, not the order he led, The Honored Guardians.

Florence was an order of knights led by Julia von Leonardo, composed of spirit sentinels and guides. Dahlia, his fiancée, would become Julia’s subordinate.

Dahlia was a sentinel but also a guide. And when he thought that a guide with the powers of Liberty was living with the Sentinels out of sight without his protection, the inside of his throat felt hot as if he had swallowed fire.


Dahlia was preoccupied with the list, smiling brightly, and raised her head. Peach-colored cheeks, slightly parted lips with exposed white teeth. Things like dimples on one cheek only unsettled his vision.

“Even now it is not too late. But if you won’t come under my wing, immediately cease enlisting for the Knighthood.”

Dahlia’s eyes sharpened at Jurgen’s tone, which was close to combative.

“Why? I deliberately asked to join the guide’s order.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you are different from them. You want to stay with them? Not only are you not an ordinary guide but they are protected by the temple, unlike you.”

“Sir Edelred can protect me. Because you have power.”

“Don’t be obstinate. I can protect you only when you are in front of me. Remember last time! If it weren’t for Phone, Reynon would have reverse-guided you— then, you were not in front of me. It was an unavoidable situation, but I regret being careless—… !”

Jurgen froze when he realized he was making excuses and giving explanations.

Now—what? Extreme confusion rushed in–why was he continuing with such stupid explanations? 

Dahlia Von Klose was dangerous.

It seemed that just because he mixed his body once, the catalyst made him cross the line.

“Anyway… .”

“Reynon said otherwise.”

“… Reynon?”

Dahlia called the Crown Prince’s name. Was it because she was immature? Because she hadn’t learned yet?

No. The Dahlia Von Klose he knew was never that kind of woman.

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