SV – 80

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“Have you heard? Lady Dahlia is back!”

The news widened the aristocratic women’s eyes at the tea party.

The invited gentlemen gathered in the corner of the garden lighting their cigars, playing chess, and chatting about what had transpired in the capital.

“Didn’t they flee with their tail between their legs as soon as Count Von Klose came to Everdio?”

“I know. The Edelred and Von Klose families must have toiled, their faces have become so weary from their tribulations.”

“So what happened to the culprits?”

“Well… . they all must have been arrested? Rumor has it that the culprit was Plum. These days Plum kidnaps not only children, but adults too.”

“Oh my, how dreadful.”

“Regardless, it’s a relief. It was heartbreaking to watch Sir Edelred having a hard time.”

While the ladies laughed sweetly in the distance, the gentlemen set down banknotes and cigar knives on the table between them.

“Edelred will marry Imperial Princess Julia. Obviously, the two of them have imprinted on each other.”

On top of the exceptionally large pile of bills, more bills were placed.

“Do you really think so? I don’t think the temple will ever sway Lord Jurgen. He’s not an Edelred for nothing. He probably doesn’t even need a guide.”

“Ahem, um… . It seems to be a matter for the imperial family to decide. And the imperial family must have made a deal with the Archduke Edelred. The Crown Prince certainly isn’t one to get the short end of the stick.”

With a musing mutter, the aristocrat cut off the end of his cigar and lighted it. The cigar smoked and swept around him. He briefly mulled that there seemed to be many more birds in the capital these days.

No matter where or when he had a confidential conversation like this, little birds seemingly materialized out of nowhere, perching on the branches and eerily making eye contact with people.

It was the same now.

Little red-eyed birds stared at the lords’ gameboard, then took off.

With a whiff of wind, the foliage shook.

And bird poop fell.


When a nobleman shouted at the bird dropping that fell on his banknote, the other lord, who burst into laughter, picked up the bird poop-stained bills and said:

“Even the birds have casted their wager. I’m confident I’m right. What Sir Edelred will choose is love.”


Laying down the documents, Reynon massaged his eyes with a wary expression. Jurgen approached and picked up the record, and read what was written.

“You dealt with the temple well.”

At Jurgen’s unusually cold and stiff tone, Reynon’s gaze turned to the white hawk perched on his shoulder.

“The high priest almost wrangled me by the collar. After losing Liberty he warned that Edelred’s only heir could grow bitter and endanger my empire… . He declared the wrath of the gods would fall on us.”

“I’m sure that wasn’t the High Priest Eugenio.”

“Well, we decided to enlist a couple of guides he selected to the Sentinel Knights. They were probably Eugenio’s closest aides. But was that hawk yours?”

Jurgen stopped looking at the papers and turned his head slightly to Phone sitting on his shoulder. Then, Phone shook his butt with a light sound.

Today, he must have been hanging out with pigeons, for his actions perfectly imitated them.

“Right, but why is Dahlia’s mentioned here?”

Jurgen set the paper down in front of him without showing the slightest disturbance. Then Reynon, who glanced at him, leaned back on his elbow and tapped the top of his table with his fingertips.

“It was her will. I offered her the position of a knight commander at the order, but she said she wanted to start from the bottom like an ordinary knight and learn from scratch. Although being recruited into the Sentinel Knights is already exceptional.”

“I see… . But her name is at the very bottom. Don’t you think I know what that means?”

“That was also the young lady’s wish. She asked for her to be placed as far away from you as possible. Saying it was for the best.”

Clearly, Reynon was enjoying this situation while the cease between Jurgen’s brows deepened.

Dahlia had already returned to her family’s side. After the day she guided Reynon, he had been consciously avoiding her.

He was not sure why. Just…. he didn’t feel well. Just seeing her face made him feverish as if regrettable words were threatening to burst out of his mouth.

And most importantly, Reynon’s face overlapped whenever he saw Dahlia, causing him terrible irritation.

Jurgen glared at Reynon, who was nothing short of the provocateur, took out his pen, and circled Dahlia’s name. Then he crossed off her name and rewrote it, moving her name just below his own.

Reynon froze for a brief moment before he shook his head as if it was an impossibility.

“There is already someone in that position.”


“Viscount Gerald Von Klose. And Julia.”

“Her Highness is joining too?”

“You sinful man. The imperial princess has her own authority. I can’t stop her.”

He was confused. But as if he had no time to think deeply about something, he nodded and turned around.

Noticing Jurgen’s changed attitude, Reynon took out his cigarette and spoke,

“The founding ceremony will be held quite splendidly. So let’s postpone the rites until next year. Who knows? Someone’s mind may change.”

We may reconsider.

Well, prehaps…..

Jurgen’s stride ceased once he left the prince’s office with a sneer on his lips. Hand-written posters announcing their affiliation were posted everywhere, and passers-by gathered as if trying to find a name they knew.

{Glidden of Victory}

{Saturn of Harmony}

{Florence of Creation}

And Jurgen was the commander of {Guardians of Honour} [t1v: these seem to be Knighthood Orders of the Sentinel Knights]. After leaving the prince’s palace, he ordered Phone, who was sitting on his shoulder:

“Go to Dahlia. And tell her I’m coming to see her now.”


The hawk flew up happily when informed he’d see Dahlia, instantly turning into a small bird. Jurgen rubbed the corners of his mouth, about to let out a sigh, and strode towards the place where his carriage awaited him.

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