SV – 8

The southern night sky was not completely dark. At first glance, Jurgen’s eyes widened as he looked up at the blue night sky.

After dinner, he left the banquet hall and walked along the promenade the Countess had mentioned before, and burst into laughter that had been suppressed.

This is—this is absurd!

“The future… changed?”

Talking to himself, he halted in the middle of the path.

The Count Von Klose… he remembered was a family of misfortune that ended with Count Howell.

About 17 years ago, Count Howell was seriously wounded at the gate that was created in the northwest of the Oden Mountains. In the accident, he lost one of his arms and a leg, and the Countess suffered a traumatic miscarriage of his child.

The two tried to carry on the family line somehow, but the gods did not grant them heirs. In the end, the Countess first died in an accident, and after less than a year, the Count took his own life.

That was the past that Jurgen remembered. However, during the five regressions, the fate of the Von Klose family, which had never changed—for some reason changed!

Seventeen years ago, it was not enough that Count Howell returned from the ancient gate intact, there was also a heir to carry on the family for future generations.

Jurgen raised his head, wiping his dry face.

What the hell was changing the future, he didn’t know. 

If so, has my future and my predestined fate changed?

From Jurgen’s head to his toes, creepy goosebumps swelled over his body.

‘The Fifth Returner.’

It had been rumors that he had spread himself. Always repeating life and death. During his five iterations of life regression, he managed to change his future little by little. But they were only very minor changes. A certain set of events occurred, someone died, and he himself also lost his life without being able to climb over the wall.

This is the first time that fate had changed so noticeably.

‘How about that subjugation… .’

The day his father, Archduke Leicester, went berserk during a subjugation. His father didn’t receive timely guiding became a maniac and is imprisoned in the basement of the temple.

However, today, I was surprised to learn that the portal with Tezeba was connected. I doubted my ears when I heard that the County of Von Klose, who I thought was to be extinct, had become a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Maybe this time, he can stop his father’s runaway.


Jurgen, leaning obliquely against the thick tree, raised his head to a shout from the second floor of the diagonal building.

“Right now— get Rodrigo!”

The voice belonged to Gerald Von Klose. It was the first time he materialized. He was the heir to the county.

Jurgen’s eyes narrowed as he remembered Gerald, who had been distracted by something throughout the meal. Stroking his red lips, he found a group of wizards running from the northern outbuilding.

‘A sister… .’

Intrigued, he entered the building at a casual pace and climbed the stairs. Usually if there was a patient, and the hands had wet towels and silver basins and were busily coming and going.

Then, Jurgen reached the second floor and stood in front of the noisy door. A bluish energy emanating from the inside of the tightly closed entrance wrapped around his feet. It was quickly sucked into his body.

‘A guide… ?’

Are you a high level guide?

But for the power of an ordinary guide, the energy was too clean and clear.


Laughing, he clenched and extended his fists, glaring at the cream-colored elegant door.

Perhaps… It occurred to him the reason why, 17 years ago, Count Howell was able to return from fighting at the gate intact was because of this.

Jurgen opened the door without hesitation. Manufacturing a look of surprise, as if he had come in worried about the commotion, he found a woman in Gerald’s arms.

Her cheeks were red with a rosy-honey-colored hair stretched out. Her fever was rising, she struggled and buried her face in Gerald’s neck.

The gentle scent of the woman was carried by the wind blowing through the wide open window. Jurgen clenched his fists, holding back his laughter that was about to come out.

A second human being, who could not—should not— exist in the world, was in front of him.

Appearing in front of him in a very interesting form, she also exuded the sweet scent of the most powerful of guides, Liberty.

“Sir Edelred, what are you doing here?”

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