SV – 79

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Jurgen lit a cigarette and went into the bathtub. As he soaked his body, lukewarm water poured out and wetted the tiled floor.

He put his cigarette in his mouth and tilted his head back. As he let the smoke flow from the cigarette held between his long fingers, his eyes blurred.

The elaborate ceiling painting in the bathroom, which took over two years to complete, looked very distant. A deep wrinkle etched between his eyebrows as he stretched his long legs out of the bathtub.

When he rubbed his forehead, there were faint remnants of blood. It was a wound made while watching Dahlia guiding Reynon a while ago.

He let out a wild laugh at his own absurdity and moved his gaze out the large window.

Even after an hour had passed, Dahlia was still on a swing, deep in thought. As was now the norm, a fat bird was perched on the top of her head, and on her lap was a dessert platter sent by Countess Von Klose.

Every time the swing stirred, her lengthy hair ascended lightly into the air and then settled down. She looked like a little critter with her cheeks stuffed with cookies.

He watched her, looking down at her, now fully draped over the tub’s edge. Unaware of the pile of cigarette ash falling to the floor.

“Shit… .”

Lately, he had been swearing more than ever. He knew the reason better than anyone else. It was all because of that strange woman who was greedy for dessert like a ravenous hamster.

When the image of that woman’s cheeks growing hot while guiding Reynon flashed through his head involuntarily, indescribable emotions made him suspect something was wrong with his head.

He rubbed his twitching eyes and tore his gaze away from Dahlia.

‘It’s a piece of balance and harmony… .’

The Archduke of Leicester said that Dahlia might be a child with a piece/sculpture of god. Because she might have the piece of balance and harmony, it may be how the two forces could coexist within her.

Jurgen was quite shocked.

Clearly, god existed. He never denied the existence of god. But a piece of god?

He had never heard of a ‘sculpture of God’ in his five lifetimes.

‘The Emperor and I share the same ring. Two rings are needed to open the door to the Emperor’s Library. There, everything we found 30 years ago is stored there. That’s why the Edelred family has maintained a close relationship with the imperial family for such a long time.’

Looking at the ring Archduke Leicester had put down, Jurgen couldn’t help but feel wretched.

In his past lives, the ring had been buried with his father in his grave. Overcome with remorse and guilt for his father, who died while locked up in the temple’s basement, he buried all of his father’s belongings with him. Like an ancient royal funeral.

So what about the emperor?

The emperor was also killed. After Reynon safely ascended the throne, he married. Was she an imperial of an empire, the princess of Balkan Terra?

Was she of the Ducal House of Tamon in the great western empire? Interestingly, in every regression and every life, Reynon made a woman he met from another country as his empress. He had never seriously considered why.

Because every time Reynon imprisoned his empress in his castle, isolating her and monopolizing her very existence for himself. In fact, the event of Reynon reverse guiding Princess Julia happened when she tried to approach the empress.

So maybe Reynon knew about the ring?

After he found out that pieces of god existed, he couldn’t escape an unpleasant texture of incongruity.

Dahlia Von Klose.

Are you really an existence that didn’t exist before in my past lives?

What exactly is a piece of god and their capabilities? Is it just a being with a different power than others?

A throbbing headache came from the endless thoughts. Jurgen stood up. Streams of water ran down his legs as he got out of the bathtub.

He sewed on the gown hanging from the partition, tied up the open front, and threw his eyes out the window again.

After cleaning out the dessert plate, Dahlia got up, dusting off her crumbles. Then, suddenly, she raised her head and met his stare. Jurgen did not avoid her regard nor shy away.

Her motionless expression with tightly pursed lips like a dam barely able to hold back her words, seemed especially irritated today.

She was very, very upset.


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