SV – 78

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Reynon’s expression lightened at the bold request.

“I will approve the marriage between the two of you.”


Reynon glanced at Jurgen, who was glaring at him, his hostility unfiltered, and said back,

“… You must make a deal.”

In an instant, Jurgen stood by her side. Then he took Phone sitting on top of her head, held the bird in his arms, and stroked his feathers.

Seeing a big man holding a bird the size of a fist was awkward, but she didn’t think it wasn’t peculiar.

Dahlia took a pen and paper from her desk and set them in front of Reynon.

“What is this?”

“I don’t trust Your Highness the Crown Prince. So you have to give me insurance.”

She tried to pretend to be calm, but the opponent was a man called the Second Sun of the Empire. One word of this man’s had the power to end someone’s life or give them wealth and glory.

Although he acted calmly now, she never knew when he would reveal his true nature as ‘The Mad Dog.’ Dahlia stiffened, trying not to recall the rumors of Reynon floating around.

“Trust … . Alright, let’s hear it.”


Dahlia opened her mouth as Reynon drew the paper in front of her.

“When guiding, contact is minimal. Also, it is not compulsory. If you need guiding, please politely ask me.”

“Is that a condition?”

“There are still many.”

“Go on.”

“If you want something from me, don’t bother with Phone. Not even through Delmon. Also, please allow me to enter the Imperial Palace’s library, so I can come in and out at any time.”

Jurgen’s eyes narrowed as he gazed down at the blank paper. He hadn’t said anything so far, but he was expressing displeasure with every one of his facial muscles.

“I also have a condition, too. Whatever the reason is for the marriage, Dahlia is my wife.”

Feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed by the word wife, Dahlia reached out to Phone, who was trapped in Jurgen’s arms. Then, as if he had waited, the bird flew into her arms again.

Jurgen’s hand touched her shoulder as she caressed the soft, warm little fluff ball.

“Guiding can only take place in front of me.”

The wind blew through the wide open as the window curtains puffed up. As if it were going to rain, the thick smell of grass spread throughout the room.

“That is the condition of guiding.”


Reynon’s lips pressed on the back of her hand. Then, his hard expression resembling thin ice, released with relief. Starting from the back of her hand and kissing her knuckles, Reynon pressed his lips to the palm of her hand and raised his gaze.

Damn it.

Jurgen watched Reynon beaming with a winner’s smile and clenched his fists.

‘You’re marrying me because you need guidance, too. Like His Highness the Crown Prince.’

There was nothing wrong with Dahlia’s words.

But why do I feel like a beggar? Why are you so annoyed… .

If it was because of the fragrance of Liberty that filled the room, it wasn’t like this normally. Wasn’t he always half mad due to how much he liked this scent?

With quiet eyes, he stared at her profile with blushing cheeks. Reynon really calmly kissed her hand only and even sighed as if suppressing his feelings of laughter.

He must have already noticed. That the Liberty that Reynon was searching for all this time was Dahlia. So what would happen now? He must have learned that she is the Liberty he has been looking for, but would he really step back and resign like this?

Power entered his fingertips as he rubbed his temples and forehead. It felt like the skin was being cut off.

Swallowing with a dry mouth, she brought her rigid legs together slightly, her long hair falling and covering the profile of her face.

What kind of gaze are you looking at Reynon right now? Is she showing her hazy face that only I know?

He was worried.

He slowly rubbed along the grain of his eyebrows, then got up and walked behind her. It was impulsive.

He hated that she focused on guiding him without even being aware he was there.

Jurgen hand ran through her flowing hair. Only then did her gaze, fixed on Reynon, move.

“It’s taking too long,”

he said, pressing his lips to her blushing back.

Surprised, her eyes gleamed with water. The sudden interruption must have taken her aback, for her eyes trembled as she looked back.

“That’s it.”

Jurgen squeezed her wrists, which were held by Reynon, and pulled. Then Reynon, who had been gently closing his eyes, smiled helplessly and tilted his head back.

“This is your limit.”

“I’ve come to realize lately that I’m pretty impatient.”

Rising his body, Reynon rubbed his wet lips, and called out to Delmon. Then the hawk, who kept a certain distance from Phone, flew over and landed on his arm.

Delighted to see his master again, he rubbed his beak against him as he caressed Delmon’s collar and then looked out the darkened window.

“Now then, it’s time for the abducted daughter of the Count to go home. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of play you’ll show me this time, Edelred.”

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