SV – 77

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The fainted Delmon slumped over the table.

The leather straps binding his wings were removed, but Delmon was still unconscious.

“Ah… . Delmon.”

Reynon sat with his legs crossed and touched his forehead. 

The nervous Lannister grew stiff at the sight of the crown prince sighing.

Uneasy, Lannister searched for Phone with his eyes, for the bird had clawed Delmon’s throat. If Delmon’s breath stopped like this, he would become the unscrupulous guy who killed the prince’s pet bird. No matter how much it was an order from his lord, he couldn’t use it as an excuse.

“Did he eat Phone?”

In an instant, terrible words came out of Dahlia’s mouth. Jurgen was standing at an angle by the window; his eyebrows twitched and went up. Reynon retorted, laughing like someone who had heard something unimaginable.

“Delmon never eats anything except the food I give him.”

“Then where is the Phone?”

“That’s what I want to ask—Where did that fat bird with Edelred’s power go?”

“Wha-what do you mean fat!”

Outraged, Dahlia jumped up and picked up the flute on the bedside table. Jurgen knocked on the window has was leaning against and announced,

“He’s here.”

When he unlocked and opened the window, the round Phone flew in with loud crying and burrowed into Dahlia’s arms.



“Are you hurt? Huh?”

– Chirp!

“Were you scared?”

– Chirp.

That’s not a bird. It’s a monster. Just moments ago, the bird had turned into a huge hawk and cut down Delmon’s neck in one fell swoop.

Lannister laughed again as he looked at Phone, now a tiny bird.

Jurgen then met eyes with Lannister and slightly shook his head.

It meant not to tell Dahlia about Phone’s transformation.

“Explain why my Delmon is so badly injured while he’s fine.”

Reynon’s question was directed at Lannister, but Dahlia answered with a retort:

“He was punished. Because he harassed my little bird.”

“Who punished him?”

“That… .”

Dahlia, who was stroking Phone’s dainty head, was momentarily speechless. It was Lannister who actually hurt Delmon, to save Phone.

The fact that he injured the Crown Prince’s bird remained unchanged.

“Can I, uh, heal Delmon? Then, could you please pretend it didn’t happen?”

At Dahlia’s suggestion, Reynon asked back with a smirk that said what he heard didn’t make sense.

“Are you saying you’ll guide this guy when you won’t even do it for me?”


“That’s too much.”

He sighed, gently stroked Delmon’s feathers, and nodded to her.

It meant permission.

As if displeased with Delmon’s treatment, Phone flew up and landed on Dahlia’s head, flapping his wings.

She stroked Phone several more times before placing her hand on Delmon’s wing. What a strange bird. Its body was so small, but its size was surprising when it spread its wings.

Was this bird called Delmon created by Reynon, just like Phone? By injecting his power into it?

She raised her powers subtly, just as she did when guiding Gerald. She touched the bird’s black body as mana flowed out from her fingertips. His drooping eyelids twitched and started to lift where moments ago he looked like he was on the verge of death.

Blinking his bright yellow eyes, shaking his little head, and spreading and closing his claws and wings, he slowly regained his energy.

Dahlia was taken aback and watched in amazement as relief bloomed on Reynon’s face as he saw Delmon awaken.

A little while ago. Jurgen’s anger had exploded at Reynon’s request to kiss her. The conflict between the Sentinels shook the building and sent out strong winds that caused destruction. So the Dahlia had to stop them.

The two men were two of the few Luster Sentinels in the Empire. However, if these two people fought, only the powerless would suffer and bear the brunt of the damage.

So, Dahlia used her words of power:

「” Both of you sit!!” 」

She knew. That her command was improper.

At the same time, the two men collapsed to the floor and looked up at Dahlia as if in shock.

At the same time, they both shouted her name, ‘Dahlia!’ Conceivably because of their high level of mana, her command was quickly lifted, but the shock of forcibly sitting on the floor still lingered on the two of them.


She stroked Delmon’s warmed body and called his name. Then, the bird got up, shook his body, and stared at Dahlia’s face. She laughed awkwardly and drew back.

“Since I saved your life, can you stop attacking me?”

But Delmon, unlike Phone, was not a childish bird. So he just stared at Dahlia, then flew up and used the back of the chair Reynon was sitting on to tidy up the feathers of his wings.

Inside, she was worried about what would happen if Delmon didn’t recover. But now she confirmed that Liberty’s power could heal.

Reynon confirmed that his wounds had healed without a trace and slowly shook her head.

“Okay, I’ll forget about injuring Delmon.”

After stroking Delmon’s head, who regained his energy, he glared at Jurgen, who was standing far away, and asked,

“Now then, shall we make a decision?”

At that, Jurgen’s face was filled with a calm silence. Like a lake on a windless night, his eyes of unknown depth pierced Reynon.

“The decision has already been made. Your Highness, look for a new guide with a good matching rate.”

“The matching rate… . What if we it test and Dahlia and I get a higher matching rate than yours?”

“That won’t happen.”

“That’s… . Pride.”

Another fight was about to begin. So Dahlia broke and stood up from her seat.

“I am the guide. But you don’t ask for my opinion. Both of you.”


“Jurgen, you have nothing to say either. You’re marrying me because you need my guiding too. Just like His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Jurgen, dazed as if he had just been whacked on the back of his head, touched his forehead with a troubled expression.

“So. Are you saying you want to renounce your marriage with me and become his Highness’s guide?”

Dahlia’s eyes sharpened at his caustic words. Why is this ludicrous query coming up here again?

Dahlia didn’t answer Jurgen’s question but told Reynon, who placed Delmon on his shoulder.

“If I were to guide his Highness, what would you do for me?”

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