SV – 76

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She bit her lips until it was painful. When she remembered the horror of being reverse-guided, her body shuddered. The moment his fingers ran down her back and squeezed through the cracks in her underwear, she exploded.

「 “Now, stop!” 」

The power of the words that exploded out of her bound Reynon’s body. The prince could not move his body, lifted his head, and smiled as if full of energy.

“This is now… . Is it your power?”

Dahlia, trembling, crawled out of his arms and hurriedly ran to the window. However, the tightly closed window did not open, no matter how hard she tried.

“You have the power of command.”

“I can even give you nightmares!”

Dahlia snarled at him, pulling up her disheveled pajamas and moving as far away from him as possible.

Her blue eyes resembling lakes, were full of contempt and fear. Inducing pity.

Reynon stared into her eyes, raising his powers.

He frowned, tilted his head, and stood up. Then he closed his eyes and brushed back his dazzling hair.

“I have nightmares every day anyway. After being kidnapped by Plum as a child and returning, almost every day… . I dream that someone is trying to kill me.”

His hand swept down his face. Then his eyes passed through her and out the window. In the blink of an eye, Dahlia noticed a change in his eyes.


Outside the window, where Reynon’s gaze reached, Lannister had Delmon tied by a leash and was standing on a two-story tree branch. In response, he quickly strode forward and opened the window.

“You’ve been mean to my phantom beast.”

Dahlia sprinted back to the other side of Reynon. The crown prince, who glanced back at her and wrinkled his brow, for the sight he met was ridiculous.

“I greet the Second Sun of the Empire. The Lord did not allow guests. Now, please come out of the hostess’s room.”


“I am Mrs. Dahlia Axel Edelred, Your Highness.”


Reynon turned around and slowly approached her, who was standing by the door. She raised her head with pride as she spotted Delmon captured by Lannister. Then she opened the door.

“Go back with care, Your Highness. I’m seeing you off like this—”

“I’ll do it.”

Dahlia was startled by Jurgen’s voice and raised her head.

Perhaps he had just arrived, for he stepped into the room without removing his gloves and confronted Reynon. At his appearance, the tension in her whole body collapsed. Then, without thinking, Dahlia reached out to him. His eyes drifted down, noticing her outstretched hand, and he naturally grabbed her arm and hid her behind his large frame.

Dahlia clutched and squeezed Jurgen’s jacket with her eyes closed tightly.

It was the scent she smelled all night. Although it was one night at most, Jurgen’s body scent reassured her.

“You came back earlier than expected, Edelred.”

“I heard that my wife has had some trouble. So, of course, I had to come back.”

“Trouble…. I was standing guard. There was no trouble.”

Jurgen’s hand covered the back of Dahlia’s hand as she grew furious at Reynon’s brazen and nonchalant attitude.

Dahlia suppressed her anger with a sigh and put her forehead on his back. It was strange to feel that this man, who usually seemed like a villain, was now the only one on her side.

Then, with a low sigh, he loosened his cravat and said,

“As I said, no guiding.”

“Then, I will not approve your marriage in the name of the imperial family. Jurgen Axel Edelred. Have a wedding with Princess Julia.”

“I am already married.”

“No. All you did was insult Miss Dahlia. Assault.”

“I’m afraid that things will be difficult if you continue to speak rashly.”

“Edelred… . I don’t want much. If you wish, I can be guided right in front of you.”

Reynon’s voice suddenly failed. Also, his Sentinel’s power began to churn around recklessly.

Jurgen’s eyebrows narrowed as he glared at Reynon, feeling his unstable energy. Discontent and anger welled up and filled his eyes, which had been calm just before.

“What does that mean?”

“Literally, just as I said.”

Reynon suddenly grabbed Dahlia’s arm. At the same time, Jurgen embraced her shoulders and grabbed Reynon’s wrist.

“How rude you are.”

“Hands off.”

Ignoring Jurgen’s challenging gaze, Reynon took a step closer to Dahlia.

“I beg you sincerely. I need you right now. Let me kiss your hand Dahlia Von Klose.”

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