SV – 75

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As Lannister gathered his strength, his longsword infused with his aura glowed with coolness. The sweating knight aimed his blade at Delmon.

But Delmon was no ordinary bird. The feathers were as hard as mithril, and his speed and skills of evasion were unusual. Moreover, Lannister’s attack didn’t hit his mark because Phone was still held hostage in his claws.

If he were to hurt Dahlia’s beloved bird, whom she treasured as much as her life, he’d face an even heavier punishment than for failing to takedown Delmon.

“Now, put down Phone! This birdbrain!”

Lannister kicked off the floor and threw himself. As the blue sword flew through the air, Delmon flew up and dived toward the man and began attacking.

Even the slightest graze of those sharp wings would cause the skin to burst and blood to ooze out. Lannister calmly blocked Delmon’s attack, shouting at Phone.

“Phone! Run away quickly! I can’t attack because of you!”

Still in Delmon’s clutches, Phone pecked at Delmon’s legs with his small beak.

But Delmon flew high into the sky as if laughing at their attempts. Raising his head to the sky, Lannister frowned at the blinding sunlight.


Damn it.

Lannister jumped up the tree at once and drew out his dagger. It was clear that leaving Delmon as it was would endanger Dahlia as well as Phone.

He guessed the identity of the dangerous energy emanating from the second floor a little while ago and hoped that Jurgen would return soon.

Right when he blew sword energy into his dagger and was about to throw it in Delmon’s direction, the blue sky flashed white, and a falcon’s hair-raising cry echoed through the sky.

At the soul-piercing cry, Lannister was thrown off balance and nearly fell. He raised his head, clutching a thick branch.


Lannister doubted his eyes.

With a cry that sent chills down the spine, two hawks flew towards each other.

In contrast to the black hawk, a pure white hawk with flashing red eyes stretched out its sharp claws. Like swords colliding with each other, whenever the wings of a bird brushed against each other, blue sparks flew out.

It was a scene of incredible power and speed that could not be measured with the eyes of an ordinary human being.

The snow-white hawk spread its vast wings, spun with a gust of wind, and cut Delmon’s body with a sharp blue energy.

Lannister let out an exclamation unconsciously. The attacked Delmon lost his fighting spirit and began to be pursued one-sidedly by the white hawk.

Lannister seized up this opportunity and clasped his dagger again to rescue Phone. His blue sword spirit that swayed in the blade gradually grew stronger. A power that was incomparably stronger than before reverbated.

“… What?”

However, he couldn’t spot Phone that was supposed to be in Delmon’s claws, fleeing away quickly.

Then, flapping its snow-white wings, the crouching hawk raised its talons and slammed Delmon down by the scruff of his neck.

As soon as its claws dug through the black feathers, the white hawk’s red eyes flashed and looked straight at Lannister.

The hawk laughed.

It also stuck its claws into Delmon’s neck, stretched out his chest, and flew up with a majestic and confident smile.

Where have I seen that bird smile?

The dazed Lannister grinned and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Nice job, Phone!”

As if he understood what they were saying, the flying Phone dropped by Delmon was drooping in front of Lannister, now flying up again.

Lannister carefully checked Delmon’s breath. Alive.

He slumped to the floor, tying up Delmon’s wings with leather straps, and looked around for the white hawk.

Then the hawk, assumed to be Phone, circled over the Bluebell House and flew off somewhere. The direction he went was northeast. It was in the direction of Count Von Klose’s family.


“Why do we need permission from the imperial family? Anyone can get married in Tezeba.”

Even though she knew well that high-ranking nobles’ marriages were different, Dahlia deliberately pretended not to know. Then Reynon’s lips on her ear burst into uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity.

“Just because you’re beautiful, doesn’t mean I should let this pass. Answer me, did you mix your body with Edelred?”

She took off Reynon’s hand, which was blocking her vision, and lowered his hand. Anxious about Phone, her body trembled. How did Reynon get in here? Perhaps, like Jurgen, did this man have the ability to teleport?

But this is Edelred’s domain. No one can enter without permission, she thought.

“Yes, we had our first night. Because we’re a married couple.”

“Ha, married couple, eh? You two did something very amusing.”

“To me… . Why are you doing this?”

“Because you are Liberty.”

“Is this about guiding? If I guide you, will you release Phone?”

Reynon burst out into laughter. Was she naive or stupid? He wondered if she knew the true meaning of a proper guiding. He ran a hand through her long hair to see the marks Jurgen left on the nape of her neck and shoulders.

It was evidence of Jurgen’s possessiveness. Reynon kissed the petal-red marks and slowly untied the laces of her nightgown.

“He didn’t imprint you. I never thought Edelred would lie to me.”

“I-I can do guiding without doing this.”

“The guiding I want is a bit different.”

“Didn’t you just say that you just need to check Liberty’s capacities!”

“I’ve changed my mind. I’m curious why the cold, immovable Edelred is now desirous.”

He kissed her between the nape of her neck and shoulder blades; he wrapped both his hands around her waist and embraced her. Dahlia lay face down on the bed. She tried to get up but couldn’t budge from the strong force pressing between her shoulder blades.

Pulling down her nightgown, he looked down at the marks on her white skin and his face growing cooler. His fingers were hot as he ran them down her spine and hollow back.

“You, by any chance… . Do you know what reverse guiding is?”

“I know.”

“If you keep refusing like this, I have no choice but to reverse guide you.”

“It is a crime.”

“And I am the one who makes the laws.”

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