SV – 73

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The servants of Count Von Klose’s family, who came out to greet their master in anticipation, were now flustered as they faced an unexpected and uncomfortable situation.

It was because, right behind Count Howell getting off the carriage, the mighty Archduke of Leicester appeared. Then, from the wagon bearing the seal of Bluebell House, the Ducal Prince, Jurgen, got off and faced them.

After exchanging simple greetings, the three men entered the mansion. The Countess, wandering around the drawing room worriedly, spotted Howell and ran into his arms.

“Honey— our Dahlia… !”

As soon as she saw her husband, the Countess began to sob as if she had been holding in her sorrow until the dam broke down before her husband. Instead, he kissed his wife’s wet cheek and poured out sweet words like an adult gently comforting a beloved child, telling her not to worry.

Jurgen and the Archduke of Leicester were speechless upon taking in the unimaginable scene.

“My parents are always like that. Please understand.”

The two of them sat down on the sofa in the drawing room, guided by Gerald. The hastily set tea table was filled with desserts made with ingredients brought from Tezeba.

These desserts were clearly all for Dahlia. However, the person who liked sweet and beautiful desserts was absent.

Jurgen felt he might turn into sugar just by looking at the excess assortment but beckoned Freesia and ordered her to wrap up the desserts.

Only after Freesia, who understood his intentions with her eyes twinkling and disappearing with the dessert tray, did the Count and the Countess approach the seating area.

“My apologies, I was so worried about Dahlia that I showed  undignified behavior.”

Yvon wiped away her tears with a handkerchief and sat down while holding Howell’s hand tightly. Such a loving and an affable looking couple. Their obvious affection struck Jurgen as very alien.

“There was nothing undignified, Countess. Had my wife been well, she would have offered the Countess some comfort.”

“Thank you for your kind sentiments, Archduke. However… . Didn’t Dahlia come with you?”

After receiving her question, Jurgen lightly wrapped his hand around the back of the Countess’s hand with a very apologetic expression and answered:

“The temple is keeping an eye on Dahlia. Before we receive the imperial family’s consent to the marriage, it’s best if she does not come out.”

“Ah, our poor Dahlia… . This is all because of Sir Jamie of the Marquis of Grihartman. If only Sir Jamie hadn’t run amok!”

“Yvon, it is not. Our Dahlia was out of luck and time.”

Howell’s gaze soothing his agitated wife then moved to Jurgen’s face. Even in the act of putting a teacup to his mouth and putting it down, he was a man of elegant dignity.

He was very shocked when he received a report of the events occurring in the capital. Immediately, Howell regretted sending his daughter to the capital.

In a way, Jurgen Axel Edelred was the best groom one could hope for. He is the next head of the Edelred family with comparable power that could stand up to the imperial family, and his proficiency as a Sentinel surpassed that of his father, the Archduke of Leicester.

Still, Howell wasn’t ready to let Dahlia go. His precious daughter… it was too early to send her off.

He vividly recalled the moment she took her first steps, to the day she first called him daddy— his lovely Dahlia guiding while caressing his wounds with her small, fern-like hands!

To face the reality that he had to send her as the wife of a man that was no different from a beast….. Howell let out a deep sigh and cupped his face with his hands.

“I have a question for you, Lord Edelred.”

It was Gerald who broke the awkward and embarrassing silence. Jurgen made eye contact with him as he glared at him with bloodthirsty eyes.


“What happened to my sister? I saw it clearly with my own eyes. The fact that my sister passed out as soon as she used her powers.”

Gerald’s hand holding the teacup shook, and Jurgen’s skin prickled with small goosebumps.

“Is that true? What do you mean— Dahlia used her powers!”

Howell’s eyes widened, clenching his fists. He glared at Jurgen as if he were going to grab him by the collar. Jurgen lightly brushed off the two men’s persistent anger and put down the teacup he was holding.

“Last night a gate appeared in the main square of Everdio. The owners of the gate were the ‘Prisoners of Ishiraya.’ You know who they are.”

“Ishiraya… . Did a gate to hell open in the capital city?”

“Yes, it was the first time I’ve actually seen it, but it was Ishiraya. And Ishiraya… . If one doesn’t have the power of command, we wouldn’t be able to send it back. So we needed Dahlia. Because Dahlia has the power of suggestion and compliance, Count.”

This explanation was enough. He didn’t want to share further about the experience. Besides, it seemed better not to discuss embracing Dahlia in front of the Count.

Looking at Howell, who was at a loss for how to respond with bewilderment, Jurgen decided to put aside the topic of her capabilities of ‘dreaming.’

“Then, what happened to my sister? Of course, if you put in that much effort… !”

“She doesn’t need guiding. She can guide herself. That’s why she survived with two powers.”


“So I removed the seal Rodrigo Brandel planted. That seal…. almost killed her.”

In the heavy silence that fell in an instant, Jurgen was the only one who remained aloof and calm. He seemed so pathetic and insignificant that Jurgen deemed that he wasn’t even worthy of his anger.

No matter how much he loved his daughter, he should have given her a chance to recognize herself and use her powers. He should not have suppressed and hidden her powers unconditionally.

The reason why he brought Dahlia into the family in the first place could not be said to be innocent either. Count Howell must have recognized her abilities from the beginning. He must have been greedy for a child with phenomenal powers.

“Look, Howell. I guess my prediction was correct. Listening to Jurgen’s words, Miss Dahlia’s strength is not in conflict, but in balance and harmony.”

Then Archduke of Leicester, deep in thought, grabbed the bewildered Howell’s shoulders. To that, Howell, who looked confused, replied,

“A piece of God… . It’s such an unbelievable story. If Dahlia has a piece like that in her body, wouldn’t it be dangerous? Anyway, why would that piece go to Dahlia… .”

A frown quickly flashed across Jurgen’s face and disappeared.

“A piece of God?”

Just as Dahlia appeared in his world for the first time, it was the first time the sculpture piece of God existed.

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