SV – 71

With a thin strap hanging around her chest, this nightgown was very similar to the ones she had worn in Tezeba. From the fabric, to the ruffles on the shoulders and sleeves. Even the daisy pattern engraved on the button was almost identical.

She had wondered if it was a trend in the capital, but it wasn’t.

‘The lady’s dresses and pajamas were all prepared by the young master. They came directly from Countess Isolen, who was in charge of the lady’s dresses.’

How should she take this?

Amelie, with a face similar to that of a girl in love, praised Jurgen’s tenderness. But Dahlia thought differently.

All this kindness and consideration he gave was just a means to receive her guiding. She wanted to convey it was a trick, but she refrained from doing so because there was nothing among the things he prepared that displeased her.


At Dahlia’s words, Jurgen’s gaze went to her slender ankle. He relaxed his arms and began to massage her legs.

“This much?”

“Uh, that’s just right.”

“Isn’t this what servants do?”

“Will you allow the servants to touch my body at will?”

At Dahlia’s brazen question, new curses leaked under Jurgen’s breath. Then, skillfully hiding his displeasure, he squeezed her cramped leg.

Sitting on the sofa, she studied the man massaging her leg.

She got a cramp on her leg while pushing against the man who had dug in, asking her to guide him in bed.

He naughty teased her, saying that her Liberty’s powers were no big deal. However, when tears welled up from the pain, he carefully brought her to the sofa and started massaging her legs.

She asked, staring at the man fiddling with her little round toe,

“By the way, does Liberty also have the power of healing?”

“You didn’t even know you were a Liberty, did you?”

“I know more about Sentinels than Guides. There are limits to learning from books.”

Grasping her ankle, he gently massaged up towards her knee, past her calf. Unlike himself, he didn’t feel a single muscle in her body. Her whole body seemed soft all over, and when he touched her, she tingled and turned red. Dahlia Von Klose had fragile skin and weak stamina.

That the power of Liberty and the strength of Luster coexisted in such a vulnerable woman’s body. Even though he experienced and felt it himself, he could not fully believe it.

“You can’t attain the level of Liberty through training. That’s why the temple keeps an eye on newborns. Liberty’s strength is innate. Liberty is a guide, but its powers can wield similar healer-like energies. For example, like treating internal injuries or restoring wounds.”

As if she remembered something, her eyes widened.

“Have you experienced it?”

“… Yes. Gerald was seriously injured once. To such an extent that he had to stitch up his wounds. It was so heartbreaking to see him in so much pain and groaning and having to suffer through the night… .”

“He was hurt?”

The tip of his voice rose slightly as he asked. Dahlia quietly averted her gaze and replied in a hoarse voice:

“I kissed him.”


“I was 10… ? Anyway, he looked like he was in so much pain so I kissed his wound, and the unsightly injury and skin slowly healed. I was curious, so I kept kissing him. There were marks, but I still remember how surprised his parents were to see him recover.”

Jurgen got up and onto the sofa she was on. Then, Dahlia’s eyes, which had been avoiding his gaze, were filled with bewilderment. It was because he pulled her chin and licked her lips.

Sweeping her stiff shoulders and soothing them, he opened her lips and dug in. Dahlia felt strange. She was flustered when he was kissing her so tenderly.

He carefully licked her teeth one by one, and once his tongue penetrated, it rubbed the roof of her mouth. Then it wrapped around her tongue. As if her tongue was candy, he gently rolled it, then sucked it hard, mixing more and more saliva.

She couldn’t find the time to breathe, so he put his hands behind her waist as she closed her eyes tightly, putting his weight on her and leaning over.

First, her waist touched the soft cushions, followed by her spine and the back of her neck.

The moment a large hand dug into her naturally curled-up thigh, somewhere in her body narrowed. Her body started to get hot and strangely tickled.

She closed her eyes tightly and started guiding with a reluctant expression. Now she knew what the end would be like if she started to guide with this kind of close contact.

She learned it from this man.

He must have felt an overpowering feeling as his lips curled up softly against her. Jurgen held her buttocks and gently rubbed his lower body against her. Her rigid body naturally loosened.

“Now, you won’t kiss anyone carelessly.”

“Gerald is not anyone.”

“Now, your husband is me. Besides, if you want to have a concubine, you’ll have to bring in someone better than me.”

“Concubine? Are you thinking of concubines?”

“It will depend on your needs.”

Dahlia relaxed at the humorless joke and laughed out loud.

“Well, I remember hearing that everyone has a concubine after the first child is born. All right. I will definitely make sure to look for one too.”

She whispered with her lips pressed against his earlobe, and the force of his strong push grew stronger.

“Really— you… .”

Her body heated up, and a faint moan escaped her involuntarily. Even if it was just a kiss.

Now, without hesitation, he reached into her nightgown and grabbed her breasts.

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