SV – 69

Only his lips brushed against the back of Dahlia’s neck, but still, her toes curled up. Then, trying to wake up from her seduced stupor, she shook her head and pushed against Jurgen’s chest.

“D-don’t say anything weird and come out. I don’t know what’s going on or what you are planning, but as long as I’m sane, I won’t be manipulated.”

“It’s a joke. Have you forgotten what I did to save you yesterday? What I did yesterday, I swear, was to save your life.”

A question appeared on Dahlia’s face at his playful and light-hearted tone. To speak of his oath and saving her life so easily. She asked pointedly, remembering the Altera oath he had made last night.

“Why me? Did I almost die?”

“Don’t you remember?”

“To be clear, my memory is a little hazy right now. So not everything is clear. So explain.”

Her lips, swollen from last night’s biting and sucking, kept piercing Jurgen’s vision. He wanted to bite those lips right now.

He reprimanded himself. No matter how sweet Liberty’s power was, how could it make the Sentinel stupid and helpless like this?

He felt it, an understanding of those he used to scorn, the feelings of those who risked their lives to imprint with a guide—how could he?

“Lord Edelred. Sir? Jurgen!”

Jurgen, who had been absent-mindedly staring at Dahlia’s lips, realized how pathetic he had acted only after his name was called.

“Then what do you remember?”

“Random things. You and I in the water… . The kiss.”


“I heard the oath of Altera, and I felt the seal breaking.”

“What about our bodies mixing?”

“… a little.”

Dahlia’s cheeks and ears burned red like ripe apples. The sight was so lovely that Jurgen burst into laughter.

Then, all of a sudden, he mused over an unfamiliar word.


No, that wasn’t right.

This feeling right now was more like ‘delighted’ than ‘lovely.’

Because Dahlia Von Klose was a novel being who will change his future.

Things would get easier if she were fond of him.

With his charming set of eyes smiling, he answered while touching Dahlia’s lips,

“Yesterday, don’t you remember guiding yourself?”

“Guiding? Myself?”

“Yes. If I hadn’t broken the seal remaining on your body, you would have gone berserk. By now, you probably would have gone completely mad and locked up in the basement of the temple.”

Jurgen formulated a hypothesis. She had great powers, but she had never used them before. She never learned to command. She was just trying to hide, and her family had tried hard not to create a situation where she had to use her powers.

So, how much of her own strength was contained in a bowl, where the level of danger was, or what were the precursor signs of a runaway? Dahlia would have no idea.

But she may not have had the slightest need to know what the other Sentinels ought to know.

Because she was a self-guiding Sentinel.

However, the problem was the moment the Insignia of the Seal had been engraved on her body, it had suppressed her guiding mana, so she could not guide herself.

Just like yesterday.

“You should have been suspicious when your body reacted against the seal. The fact that the magic repulsion is considerable is because the body instinctively rejected it.”

“Then, the reason why it was so painful every time the seal was engraved… .”

Dahlia couldn’t finish her sentence easily like someone who had a complicated formula before her. It was true that the sigil kept her from the temple’s prying eyes. Thanks to that, she has been able to live by her parents’ side like an immature daughter. But the entire direction was the wrong path.

“There is still a lot I need to learn… .”

“I’ll tell you.”

Jurgen rubbed his lips against her cheek and hugged her tightly in his arms. Was she quite shocked, or was she pondering over a lot? Without rejecting his embrace, she leaned her forehead on his chest.

His body’s heat began to concentrate in one place at her soft touch. As if responding to the scent of Dahlia, his alter ego, which had barely managed to calm down since yesterday, swelled and burrowed between her legs.

“You, now—”

Sensing a foreign object, she looked up at Jurgen in astonishment. He wrapped himself around the back of Dahlia’s head, gently pressed her head back down against his chest, and said calmly:

“I need some guiding, Dahlia. Yesterday I saved you, so today… . Shouldn’t you be saving me?”


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