SV – 67

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At that moment, the circuit responsible for reason and patience abruptly snapped in his head.

Jurgen fervently kissed Dahlia’s dazed face and slowly pushed the tip of his glans in. Was her entrance at most as wide as his thumbnail? He only exerted a little force to stick it in, but her pale face twisted. Jurgen carefully rubbed her clitoris and again tried to insert it slowly, starting with the head of his erection.

“It will be painful.”

But she couldn’t hear his voice, too busy twisting her back. So instead, Jurgen bit her flushed neck and pushed a faction of himself in with force.

“Ah… !”

A fresh hot moan leaked from Dahlia’s lips. Little by little, her boiling inner walls contracting around his genitals made him feel like he would first go crazy.

Then, her hole stretched and completely devoured the head of his cock.


Dahlia’s eyes widened in shock, her hands wrapping around the back of his neck tightened.

He grabbed her pelvis and pressed her down slowly. Because her tight inner wall was packed around his penis without a gap, hot sweat dripped from Jurgen’s forehead. He moved his hips unhurriedly with only half of his swollen pillar put in. Then, little by little, her flesh began to get wet and loosen like thick cream. He, too, felt his lower body tingling with a pleasure he had forgotten.

At some point, he had lived like a person who had lost all desires.

To him, life was more of a futility. So the more he repeated his life, the more he reduced his relationship ties and chose to be lonely.

Naturally, Jurgen concentrated only on gaining strength and training to overcome the Luster Sentinel. A time even came when he did not need much guiding.

It was too painful to die and open his eyes again to the absence of his most precious person. He couldn’t even imagine how horrible and painful that would be.

Maybe that’s why, for him, sexual desire was cumbersome and could be dealt with as an afterthought in a lukewarm manner. It was only one of those unnecessary human appetites.

But why—

Why, do I now want to devour this woman completely?


“Ha, Jurgen!”

When Dahlia called his name, he pushed his half-inserted cock all the way in, to the root, and bit her earlobe. The sensation was so full and hot that he couldn’t breathe, and a hot craze spread throughout his body.

“Dahlia, oh… . Dahlia, oh damn.”

The muscles of his entire body swelled taunt and wriggled as if they were about to explode. Under the soft light of crystal balls floating all over the pool, Jurgen’s bright red eyes pierced her, radiating with desire.

As he lifted her waist up, the pool’s clear water sloshed and splashed. His perfectly inverted triangle’s back muscles twitched ferociously and ensnared her.

His thick penis broke through her tight interior wall, mixing with her bodily fluids. Whenever that happened, the seal engraved on her belly glowed white. Soon, the seal looked like it was about to break. He stared at her, clenching his jaw and grinding his sharpened molars.

Her peach-colored cheeks, transparent eyes full of tears, and the sweat and water droplets that formed on the clear skin glowed like pearls in the glimmering light of the crystal balls.

As his uncontrollable emotions led him, Jurgen caressed her cheek and whispered:

“I’m going crazy. I think something happened to my mind—ha… .”

He laid Dahlia slanted against the edge of the wall, gripping her pelvis, and dug in deeper and deeper. The sloshing water slapped and mixed with the obscene sound made by the friction of the plummeting of their lewd flesh.

Unable to control his pleasure any longer, he frantically bit and sucked Dahlia’s body and rushed towards a climax. Clack-clung, a rupture formed on the seal every time he thrusted into her, like cracking glass.

Every time that happened, Dahlia moaned in pain, and Jurgen dug in and pierced her even more persistently.

“Ah-ah! Jurgen, ah! I… !”

The formal woman who usually called him Sir Edelred was now calling him intimately by his first name with such a cute voice that excited him.



Was this name which rolled from the tip of her tongue, so sweet?

“Just a little bit… Hang in there.”

Sweat trickled down his cheeks and dripped from the tip of his jawline.

He soon reached his zenith. Then, at Dahlia’s crying pleas, he tasted an explosive climax that made his blood boil and run out of breath.

He thrusted into her several times, pressing her down onto him by holding her waist while ejaculating and bent over to kiss the center of her chest.

Jurgen tasted her salty, soft flesh as her hands dug into his hair and then fell off limply.


Jurgen carefully held her in his arms. Her lemon-colored hair waved in the water. Jurgen pumped mana into her body, checking every one of her flowing veins.

“Ha… .”

Finally, the last seal disappeared without a trace. And her Liberty’s core, released on the spot, rapidly sucked in power.

His eyes opened in astonishment and disbelief. He pressed his lips to Dahlia’s forehead.

Then he felt a warm, soft, friendly heartbeat.

She didn’t run amok and implode. 

Dahlia was alive.


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