SV – 66

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Jurgen kissed her on the cheek and then on her ear lobe, running his tongue along her soft little ears. Her soft cheeks, which twitched every time he bit and licked her little ears, slowly blushed.

He tore off her underwear, which was as transparent as an insect’s wings, and gently grasped her swollen breasts. Then came moans as if she was drunk in her sleep.

“Uhh… .”

He kneaded her breasts, soft like dough from the heat, and rubbed her apexes with his fingertips in a circle. All while his lips ran over the nape of her neck and chin, and the bridge of his nose brushed and nuzzled her.

The more he touched her, the more his lower body swelled to the point where he couldn’t stand it either. Jurgen slowly rubbed his erect penis between her legs, which had been clinging to her. Then, he put her small nipples, like unripe cherries, in his mouth and sucked them.


An exhilarating sensation of pleasure sent chills down his spine to his toes. Remembering her sweet taste made saliva gather in his mouth. The urge to shove his genitals into her center, which had been as sweet as hot cream, surged and raged like mad. He undid his belt, pushing her against the wall of the pool.

Dahlia’s slender legs wrapped around his waist, with her light-colored pubic hair swaying gently against the current.

Every time her pubic hair swayed and floated, her round, heated clitoris could be seen between her thick labia spread on both sides. Jurgen unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with one hand and pulled out his tightly erect penis.

Then he propped her ass up and rubbed his massive pole against her slippery cunt.

“Ha, it might hurt terribly.”

Jurgen looked down at the seal, which brightened every time he rubbed his pillar and lifted his back a little. His gluteus medius muscle contracted, his muscular ass deeply dented as he repeatedly moved the tip of his head that got caught in the tiny hole.

“Jurgen… .”

“Are you a little more conscious now?”

“I feel strange. Haa, what are you doing now… .”

“We have to break the seal, Dahlia. I will put my power directly into the seal.”

“Uh, how?”

“Like this.”

Leaning back on the edge of her pool, he slipped two fingers into her mouth, wet them, and thrusted a finger into her vaginal orifice while staring straight into her blue eyes.


He only inserted one finger, but her inner wall was damp as she trembled as if she had reached a climax. He moved his fingers slowly, rubbing her narrow inner walls. Her soft, wet depths warmly wrapped around his finger. How ecstatic it would be for his erection to dig into this. Just imagining it made him feel like he was going to cum.

But now her entrance was so narrow that he couldn’t insert it properly or put his energy into it. He swallowed her slightly parted lips while rubbing her clitoris. As he bit the tender flesh on the inside of her lips, she shook her head at the stimulus.

“Haa, Dahlia… . I want to suck it.”

“Hu… . It’s dirty.”

“Not dirty.”

“This is what married couples do… .”

“We’re already married. Now, I want to suck and bite your hole. Ha, Dahlia. Dahlia… .”

He kept calling her name in excitement. Every time he called her name, her insides would loosen and tighten in contractions.

As the fever subsided, Dahlia started to regain her senses, feeling the naked pleasure she felt for the first time. Even the slightest stimulus caused an uncanny sensation to spread throughout her body.

Dahlia wrapped herself around Jurgen’s neck and hugged him. Then he pressed her against the wall, bowed his head, and showered her with kisses. Saliva flowed and dripped down her chin when her lips parted at his tongue movements.

“Can you feel it? You’re— now… . You are guiding yourself.”

Her long eyelashes lifted at his thick whisper, heavy with desire.

“I beg your pardon? Ha–“

“I think I understand why two powers exist in your body.”

She was guiding herself since her Sentinel powers were on the brink of a runaway.

From the kiss they shared he noticed Liberty’s powers only moving within her, unable to transfer its guiding to him.

That meant it was highly unlikely that Dahlia would go berserk even without the Insigna’s Seal. Of course, her guiding powers could not be hidden, but the two forces wouldn’t collide within her.

Dahlia, was she chosen by God?

Or, abandoned?

He stuck out his tongue and licked Dahlia’s lower lip as if it were an appetizing meal. Then he pressed the tip of his penis into the swollen vaginal opening fluttering in desire. Perhaps because of the thinning seal, Liberty’s sweet scent vibrated throughout the pool.

Jurgen looked up at the sky covered with barriers and smiled viciously. Now, no one could smell her sweet scent. When he thought that no one but himself knew this lovely aroma, a thrill of pleasure ran down his neck…

The possessive desire coiled deep in his stomach boiled up and bloomed in his gaze. But if he put it in now like this, it would hurt. She would say she was in pain, scratching and biting him.

When let out a self-loathing laugh, thinking that that wouldn’t be too bad, she twisted her body and whispered anxiously in his ear:

“Hurry… . Do something. It hurts… .”

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