SV – 65

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Amelie, who had been dozing off upon hearing Phone’s call, jolted up and ran towards its cry.

A few hours ago, Jurgen asked Amelie a small favor. If Phone cries before he returns with Dahlia, she must go there and take care of her on his behalf.

Then, before Jurgen arrived, the bird chirped loudly.

Following the call, she ended up near the pool connected to the study. On the sofa in the cabana, she spotted Phone flapping its wings. And beneath him was an unconscious and limp Dahlia. She was lying on the floor as if she had fallen off the couch.

Beep beep! Cheep- Cheep!

Phone fluttered frantically around her in a frenzy. Amelie shouted at the bird and tried to pick up Dahlia.

“Phone! Calm down and stay still! I have to look after the lady, so stop distracting me!”


Then the little one twitched its small beak and trembled. Then, as if he really understood what she was saying, landed on the mantle above the fireplace.

“Miss— lady?”

Amelie shook her body slightly. Dahlia started to vomit blood in tears and afterward resumed her slack form.

Amelie was so startled that she removed her robe and mask.

Her face was deathly pale. And she was burning hot.

Since it didn’t seem like a common fever or cold, Amelie decided to examine her body. Stripping off her nightgown-like dress, she scanned from shoulder to toe for any marks of wounds or poisoning.

Then she found a glowing sigil on her skin inside her drawers. The seal repeatedly faded and darkened like a dying star in the night sky. When Dahlia was in pain, it was when the color of the seal became dark, and she vomited blood every time.

“G- g- guide!”

It must have been the runaway of the Sentinels that Amelie had only heard about. From her point of view, Dahlia seemed to be on the verge of going berserk and needed guiding. Amelie covered her with a cloak and was about to run to get the resident guide at Bluebell mansion.

Suddenly, a heavy whiff of blood overwhelmed her nose, and a large shadow fell over her head.

“Young Master!”

Jurgen instinctively pushed Amelie aside and approached Dahlia looking pale. He brought his ear close to her heart and took hold of her beating wrist to read her pulse.

Amelie, her heart racing, spoke rapidly, clutching her trembling hands.

“Master, I’ll call a guide. Now, the lady is running out of control… !”


Brushing back his disheveled hair, he turned to Amelie and ordered with her stern expression.

“From now on, block all passages leading to the annex. Don’t let anyone’s eyes or ears reach. Phone will block it, so you take care of him.”

Without waiting for her answer, Jurgen unbuttoned all the buttons on his shirt. The open shirt revealed his muscular body; Amelie’s turned red, clutching Phone from the mantle, and hurriedly exited.

“Damn it… .”

It was an oversight.

Jurgen rebuked himself for forgetting the last seal on her body, even for a moment. Everything had been going so smoothly, Dahlia adjusted so perfectly to Bluebell House, and her powers had never clashed.

So he had been complacent. He had been too preoccupied and fascinated that this woman’s ability that was dreaming and commanding. That mistake had led to this situation and to her terrible condition.


Jurgen called her name affectionately and hugged her. Her temperature was too high. What kind of horrible seal uses its human as a host and uses up their energy?

Again, Jurgen cursed the sorcerer Rodrigo who carved the seals on Dahlia’s body. Moreover, the insignia left on this woman’s body was not ordinary.

It tenaciously took root in her body, gnawing away at her life. He felt the force was close to malicious sorcery.

As he slowly walked into the pool while holding the drooping Dahlia, the heavy proclamations of oath solemnly leaked from his lips.

He was more serious than ever.

“I, Jürgen Axel Edelred, take Dahlia Von Klose as his wife, and I swear to continue the holy covenant even if the day comes when blessings run out and Delis’ skies fall.”

He drew a line from his forehead along the bridge of his nose, then placed his index finger and thumb on both cheeks. Then, pressing his thumb to his lips, he made the same sign on Dahlia’s face.

It was Altera’s holy name for Delis, the god of the sky.

“… When you wake up, I promise we’ll do it again properly,”

he whispered earnestly. They went into the pool until she was completely submerged. When the cold water touched her, her corpse-like body twitched slightly. Jurgen stood in the middle of her rippling water and kissed her. The tip of his tongue ran over her teeth and opened her mouth full of the taste of blood. He moved her hardened tongue a little.

It took a lot of mana to release the seal branded on her womb, a symbol of life and marvel. So Jurgen recited the marriage vow.

The witnesses would be the entire Bluebell House. All the life surrounding Bluebell would be proof of marriage.

Jurgen carved the oath into the blowing wind and wrapped it around her neck and waist. When he released her lips, she seemed to have come to her senses, her heavy eyelids lifted, and she gasped in pain.


“Ah, it hurts… .”

“It’s going to be okay now.”

“No… uh. Let go… .”

No, you have to live.

The prisoners of Ishiraiya had killed him in his first life. The horror of facing Ishiraya in his second life was beyond imagination, causing a runaway. At that time, the person who helped him was Julia.

But she didn’t survive. Although Jurgen had managed to slay Ishiraya, he made numerous victims and was swept up in the gate’s explosion and perished in its collapse.

In his third life, Reynon von Leonardo eliminated Ishiraya. It was the moment when the future began to change little by little. It wasn’t a significant change, but Reynon, a royal, became a Luster, and gates that only appeared on the outskirts began to invade the capital.

But they were all minor changes. He changed it, so there were also the changes he intended.

However, this was the first time he had been able to prevent the enormous sacrifice and loss of life. If it had not been for Dahlia, most of those present would have lost their lives.

He firmly believed that Dahlia Von Klose was changing the future.

So, I can’t let you die.

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