SV – 64

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Dahlia stared straight into the eyes of Ishiraya, who was breathing heavily, holding back the urge to vomit.

Jurgen, who put her down, fixed his sword and aimed at Ishiraya. Then, Gerald and Arin, who ran out of nowhere, covered Dahlia with heavy breathing.

“I won’t let you go, Sir Edelred.”

As Gerald, who had cut the body of the attacking monster into three parts, gnashed his teeth, a devilish smile spread across Jurgen’s lips.

“If you survive, I’ll give you a chance.”

Right then— Dahlia’s robe flapped and came off halfway. The intangible power that started from under her feet climbed up and enveloped her entire body. Dazzlingly bright, rose-tinted lemon-yellow hair rose and swayed gently.

Jurgen was so excited that a smile overtook his face.

When Dahlia’s eyes began to glow purple, Ishiraya’s wildly shaking eyes turned white. Then, her colossal body began to stagger and shake.

At the same time, the resurrection of the monsters that were constantly regenerating and rushing at them stopped.

Like a marionette with strings cut off, the demons swaying all at the same time collapsed onto the floor.


And a low and alluring voice that could not be called a voice spread through the waves.

“Eat it away, Ishiraya.”

– Aaaah!


What happened after that was so gruesome many closed their eyes. Ishiraya’s upturned eyes began to glow purple, and then she chewed on the heads hanging from her body. She stuffed two or three into her mouth and then rushed to eat the tiny little prisoners like a beast crazy with hunger.

Jurgen was trembling as he faced Ishiraya’s demise, the jailer of hell who brought him to his death. It was more like a terrifying pleasure mixed with incredible confusion.

Ishiraya ate the heads of the prisoners, unaware that the darkness was swallowing up her body.

That was it.

“The gate is closing!”

At someone’s cry, red blood flows from Dahlia’s tight lips. Her eyes, which had turned purple, found their color again.

As if they all had suddenly fallen into a sharp reality, noise started pouring into the gate.

Dahlia’s body slowly leaned back. Simultaneously, Jurgen and Gerald supported her. Then, the moment the men met face to face, Jurgen shouted:


With a shrill bird call, a huge magic circle appeared over Dahlia’s body. Then, before Gerald had time to use his hand, her body was sucked into the magic circle instantly.


“We have to get out right now!”

Jurgen ran for the exit, clutching Gerald by the collar. The Sentinels who came out of the gate at great speed were pushed to the floor of the plaza by a force of inertia. And as soon as Jurgen, who was the last to escape from the gate, threw Gerald, a fearsome force struck the gate.


Scattered clouds around the pillars of light shot down from the sky like fog.

Jurgen let out a dark laugh as he slashed the floor with his sword and slowly raised his head towards the opponent who had just used his mana.

“You took your time, Edelred.”

Reynon, wearing a red cloak, looked down at Jurgen and smiled.

“You are late, Your Highness.”

Rising, Jurgen brushed through his wet hair and looked around, suddenly very busy.

“Start guiding now! Hurry!”

“Sentinels, come here!”

Guides in bluish robes ran towards the wounded Sentinels. They were imperceptible until a moment ago.

“I was late because I had an in-depth conversation with the high priest.”

“Looks like the deal went well.”


Reynon, who responded calmly, started to walk. He headed to the place where the gate had been a while ago. Scanning the area where demonic energy lingered, he scanned the area where there were dried-up trees and burnt earth and said to Jurgen,

“I never imagined that they would penetrate Everdio…..”

“It is the same.”

“We have to move up the inauguration ceremony. Today is a day of defeat that exposed the capital’s loopholes.”

“This will never happen again.”

“Yes, I heard you have a companion. Where are they?”

Jurgen glared at the officer, who must have revealed Dahlia’s existence to Reynon. The officer trembled as if he felt a chill while trying to find the injured Sentinels.



“Yes, he lost his life at the gate. And just a moment ago, Your Highness destroyed the gate along with the body.”

Turning to Jurgen, Reynon rubbed the corners of his mouth with a choked chuckle. Then he walked over to Jurgen, burying his nose in his shoulder and neck, and took a deep breath.

“It’s strange, your scent can’t be this sweet. We don’t have much time. Send her… to me.”

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