SV – 63

‘Jurgen Axel Edelred is strong.’

It was a fact known to all Sentinels who could gauge mana, unlike the monsters that could not. Demons without ego surged at him in a frenzy, unable to distinguish between strong and weak. Without a head, all they had was reckless aggression.

Jurgen wrapped one arm around Dahlia’s waist and swung his sword.

Isn’t it difficult?

Almost clinging to the back of his neck, Dahlia realized that she had to develop her stamina to become a Sentinel.

She could see that Jurgen wasn’t using his typical capacities.

The hot seal was eating away at her insides, making her suffer. The seal instinctively sensed the strong Sentinel and forcibly blocked the guide’s ability from spreading.

She had to swallow down the blood choking her esophagus several times with agony. She felt like she couldn’t breathe like her intestines were being twisted.

“Go all out now! It’s a battle of speed!”

Power surged from all directions at Jurgen’s iron shout.

Arrows of light flew nonstop and pierced the devils’ hearts, and an earthquake occurred as the giant two-handed X struck the floor. The flames caused by the natural Sentinels burn the monsters through the cracks in the earth. Horrifying screams of the monsters devoured by the fire echoed from the gate.

‘This is a Sentinel’s battle.’

Tightly wrapped up in her robe, Dahlia kept her eyes on every single Sentinel in combat.

The Sentinels’ display of powers was truly phenomenal.

Gerald’s two-handed sword, coated in blue light, slashed the monsters that began to wriggle and regenerate. Sentinels with wings snatched demons at lightning speed and tore them apart in the air.

A cold sweat ran down her spine.

Horrified, Dahlia wrapped her arms around Jurgen as he swung his sword into the deep darkness of the gate. The hot and brilliant light made a path again, but just as many grotesques emerged to replace the ones they had slain.

“Dahlia, call Ishiraya now!”

“What do you mean by call?”

“You have to command the hidden Ishiraya with your words of power! You can summon her!”

Jurgen jumps off the floor, swinging his sword at the increasing number of demons.

“Ishiraya will never come out. That wicked devil knows very well what death is. So you have to summon it out, with the words of power stronger than it.”

Dahlia looked at Jurgen’s exceptionally pale, ashen face and clenched her fists. It couldn’t be, but Jurgen seemed afraid of them now.

But no matter who or what, the apex predator of this gate was Jurgen. She knew instinctively.

Why would such a man be trembling like this?


“I will try.”

She prayed.

Father, help me.

Dahlia began to speak in the fragments created by the collision of her strength and power. Beyond the darkness where Jurgen slashed, her words spread like an echo.

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

When her speech began, it felt like time and space had stopped. All Sentinels within the gate sensed it. There were no sounds as if submerged in the deep sea, and all the scenes flowed gradually as if the flow of time had slowed down.

The light, the darkness, the people’s gaze, and even the heartbeat were sluggish. Everyone looked around in wonder and slowly turned to Dahlia. Even their pupils moved so slowly that she could see their goosebumps rising.

Suddenly, a spectrum of light rose beneath Dahlia’s feet, and a magic circle of the same light swayed like a wave.

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

“Answer me, Ishiraya, the jailer of hell.”

Again an irresistible and overbearing woman’s voice spread into the darkness. Then, from the depths of the shadows, Ishiraya, with blood-red eyes, emerged with thud, thud, thud, thud.

It was as if a huge mountain was moving. Bestrew black hair covered the whole body, with four arms bent in strange directions and moving against their will.

The red-eyed Ishiraya, who could only be seen by tilting their heads all the way up, let out a strange sound and breathed hard.

Every time it exhaled, the stench of rotting corpses vibrated. Dahlia looked at Jurgen, holding back the urge to vomit.

“Jurgen, now what… .”

As she turned to him, she saw Jurgen’s eyes as he looked up with a bitterly bleak fury. His jaw muscles clearly bulged out as he stared at the monster.

“The prisoners’ heads… . Put them to sleep, Dahlia.”

Dahlia, who unexpectedly met Jurgen’s eyes, averted her gaze without realizing it. Then, looking at the heads of the corpses clinging to Ishiraya’s body, she swallowed swear words on the tip of her tongue.

Their dismembered heads screamed every time their body was torn apart by the Sentinels’ power. The heads of monsters with white eyes shook. Brains and blood spurted out, and their tongues was pulled out repeatedly.


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