SV – 62

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“Sir Edelred!”

As if their savior had appeared, the Sentinels’ faces brightened.

Jurgen was not alone. Beside him was someone wearing a robe and covering their face with a mask. Other than their short stature, their physique was hidden by the robe. The only thing they could discern was the color of their eyes and slow pace.

Everyone thought it was an apprentice wizard.

“Sir, these monsters never die. The only way is to burn them to death, but that’s too difficult, we’re out of natural sentinels mana!”

After the officer from the Central Control Center finished the report, he glanced at the person next to Jurgen and asked,

“By the way, is this Sentinel too?”


“Sorry. I thought it was a wizard.”

“Please gather the Sentinels.”

It was a cold order as if to stop paying attention. The officer took notice and stepped down tactfully, gesturing to the others waiting for him.

Then, the Sentinels fighting the monsters gathered around Jurgen before the barrier. Among them were Gerald, Jamie, and several professors from Sentinel Academy whom Jurgen knew well.

All of them were Sentinels of senior rank or higher or Royal Sentinels recognized for their skills.

However, no matter how strong a Sentinels’ team was, army-level Sentinels were needed to clear a medium or larger gate.

“Sir Edelred… ? Why did you bring me here?”

Forcefully whispering, Dahlia suppressed her outrage since Jurgen dragged her here. Then, with a brazen and captivating smile he leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“This is your chance to try out your strength. Not against obedient birds, but against disobedient ones.”

“No way, you want me to deal with those monsters?”

“I need your help.”

Unnerved, she withdrew into her robes even deeper. Dahlia was still angry with him. Even though they were about to be married, she couldn’t stand being reckless.

“I haven’t even heard a proper apology yet,”

Dahlia sighed and touched her forehead out of habit. Gerald’s eyes, which had been observing her that moment, changed.


“Don’t do anything strange to me without my permission again.”

“I’ll be careful,”

he whispered, hugging her. He then gave quick instructions to Sentinels. The tone was 180 degrees different from when he whispered to her.

“The monsters you are seeing now are the ‘Prisoners of Ishiraya.’ Ishiraya, the prison guard of hell, stole their souls. Their heads belong to her. I don’t know if they are hanging in clusters or decorated like trophies. However, I know you need their heads to clear this gate.”

Everywhere outcries erupted at Jurgen’s explanation. It meant that to defeat them, they would have to enter the gate and deal with the demons. A few vomited, turned pale, and declared their surrender.

Jurgen smiled coldly at that, slowly turned around, and raised his hand to the barrier that imprisoned the monsters.

“From now on, I will walk through this barricade and enter the gate. Only those with strong stomachs with ranks Royal or higher, please follow me.”

Glacier-icy red eyes flashed through black hair, disheveled by the wind.

He reached out his hand and summoned his weapon, a long slender sword with a small magic circle materialized. It was the Edelred family’s treasured sword with a red jewel embedded in the handle. As he imbued mana into it, the Edelred family crest engraved throughout the blade began to glow.

Dahlia felt Jurgen’s power and wrapped her arms around her stomach, which heated up. A seal was still left on her body that hadn’t been lifted.

“I’ll have to break the seal.”

With a hard face, while she was distracted by her pain, he whispered,

“You need to awaken, Dahlia.”

“I know. More than that, what should I do… . tell me. By the way, my stomach isn’t well.”

Dahlia endured the tremors and glared at the monsters beyond the barrier. Then, finally, she calmed down, reminding herself they were not people but monsters.

“Ishiraya, all of her prisoners… . we should put them to sleep. Prove that your strength is command and dreaming. That way, our contract will be much more enjoyable, Dahlia,”

he proposed with a creepily sweet whisper. He raised his sword and drew a line on the shield. The surface of the transparent sphere suddenly cracked, and a fierce wave erupted. The terrors’ bodies near the border shattered and scattered into the air. Quickly, Jurgen rushed at the passage that formed in a straight line to the gate.

“Let’s go.”

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