SV – 61

A barrier with a radius of 300 herham rose around the plaza, bright as midday.

Inside the shield created by 20 defense-type Sentinels, the monsters without heads fell and were cut down by their attacks.

However, no matter how much they burned or cut them down, the monsters rose up like zombies and regenerated repeatedly. Eventually, the Central Control Officer ordered the gathered Sentinels to stop fighting.

It was the first time in 60 years that a gate had appeared in the imperial capital city. If that was not enough, it was the first time that a gate appeared so close to private residences, causing unrestrained damage.

Nevertheless, the upper ranks deemed it reckless to continue fighting when they didn’t know what kind of monsters they were up against or even the class of gate they were facing. So it was best to wait until the commander-level Sentinel arrived.

“The Crown Prince was right. The Central Control Officer is a stupid, incompetent bunch. The Sentinel Knights should have been created long ago,”

Arin asserted as she glared at the monsters contained by the barrier. Arin was a professor at the Sentinel Academy and one of the few female Royal Sentinels in the Empire.

Arin was rapidly filling her quiver with arrows of light every time she moved her hand.

“Because the Crown Prince has foresight. Who would have guessed gates would evolve?”

Professor Lux’s wrinkled eyes shined sharply as he stared straight ahead, holding a massive two-handed X like a cane.

“So, I think I’ll join the Sentinel Knights too and quit my teaching position.”

Professor Lux’s nose twitched at Arin’s playful remark, clicking his tongue.

“It’s already full. Our disciples have already filled all the positions.”

“But wouldn’t there be a seat? No matter how much I think about it, academy life doesn’t suit me. It’s so boring.”

“You have it too easy. How many Sentinels on the field go crazy because they can’t receive guiding in time? Money and titles can’t buy life in the face of death.”

“There’s a shortage of guides, huh?”

“I think so. I heard that His Highness turned his nose up at the high priest?”


“He’s been burning all the official letters he receives from the Great Shrine. At this rate, there will not only be at war with Plum, but the temple too. At times like this, it’s best to stay neutral.”

Lux drilled into his students that safety was the top priority. But Arin had different ideals.

She was still in her early twenties and was too young to be a professor, but her skills were so outstanding.

Being the youngest woman Royal Sentinel in the Empire also played a role. Arin stepped to the side and watched the Sentinels in a meeting.

Some were her students, a part of the S-class group within the academy made up of nobles.

Among them, Arin was most concerned about Gerald Von Klose. He was the President of the academy and had the potential to be a high-level Sentinel.

Since both her and him trained hard to become a Luster Sentinel someday, the strong sentiment she had for Gerald Von Klose was as a rival rather than a disciple.

Despite donning the academy’s school uniform, bright golden eyes, and delicate copper-colored skin that gave off a healthy beauty, his muscular build could not be hidden and overwhelmed his peers.

If there were a picture-perfect example of a warrior, it would indeed resemble Gerald Von Klose. Arin listened closely to her student’s discussion, keeping her eyes fixed on Gerald.

“They don’t have heads, so mind attacks don’t work. So I can’t paralyze them, and I can’t send them back into the gate!”

Jamie agreed with the anxious observation of mental Sentinel Landol.

“Maybe… . it is Plum’s Gate? It seems similar doesn’t it?”

“No, there was always an offering at Plum’s Gate. I went to the entrance of the gate earlier, but there was no sacrifice.”

“Then how long do we have to stay like this? I want to get these ugly bastards out of my sight. Maintaining the barrier is not that easy!”

Willie Molton, who created the barrier, fell to the floor in a cold sweat. If he continued to use his powers like this, he would soon run out of mana, and there was no guide in sight.

Whenever the temple needed to negotiate with the Sentinels, it often took a brutal approach. Exploiting Sentinel’s life as a chest piece, the temple extended the negotiating table with influential guides.

‘Damn it.’

Gerald grimaced at the Great Shrine’s mighty spire and undid the top button fastened up his neck.


Right then, the monsters roaming inside the shield suddenly went mad and started rampaging. Professor Lux, who swung his two-handed X, hitting the ground and shouted:

“Everyone get ready for battle!”

The Sentinels who maintained the barrier yelled, and the Physical Sentinels each summoned their weapons to prepare for battle.

Headless monsters with exceptionally long limbs scratch at the barricade with sharp claws. At the terrible sound, everyone covered their ears, suffering.

– Kyaaaaaagh! [sfx: screaming]

As did Gerald. After summoning a massive longsword, he covered one ear and watched the monsters run amok.

They were going berserk, seemingly irate. It was bizarre. Without heads or brains, mental attacks didn’t work. So how could they be angry?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire plaza shook as they rushed to break the forcefield. Fear filled the Sentinels’ eyes.

“Sorry for being late.”

Appearing at a leisurely pace as if he had gone to take a walk, Jurgen’s voice pierced everyone’s ears.

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