SV – 6

“I-I should get going.”

“You must rest today. Now that the new seal has been engraved, it will take some time for your body to accept it.”

“I will.”

“It must be difficult for you to move, so let me call an assistant. He can carry the lady to her room… .”


Dahlia wrinkled her nose slightly and shook her head.

She knew who owned the aura that leaked from outside the door. He had been standing in front of the door for five minutes and staring at the wall with straight eyes.

“It’s alright. Gerald is here.”

After Dahlia bid farewell to a dumbfounded Rodrigo, she opened the heavy door.

Beyond the gap in the slowly opened door, Gerald, who still had on the same shirt stood there. Whether or not he had even been immersed in the lake with how wet his hair was, he made an impression as he looked down at the exhausted Dahlia.

She closed the door before he began nagging Rodrigo. Then she stretched out her arms feeling crazy, and he lowered his body and hugged her as she ruffled his wet hair.

“I knew it, sister.”

“I am a little tired today. Will you take me to the bedroom?”

As expected, he had jumped in and left the lake.

Dahlia relaxed her face by rubbing her face against Gerald’s cool nape and cheek.

“But what about training?”

“I won.”

“Lie. It must have been father let you win.”

“Regardless, winning is winning. By the way… . Sister, you’re a little heavy?”

Dahlia in his arms, burst into laughter and pulled Gerald’s ear. Then, raising his cheek and tilting her head, he hugged her tighter and stepped forward with an unstoppable gait.

“If I succeed in awakening as a Royal Sentinel, father will give me a new sword. Mother said she’ll give me her northern annex. What about you? You… What gift will you give me?”

“Um, well, I don’t know. What would you like me to give you?”

“Anything my sister gives me will feel good.”

“Would you like me to grant you one wish?”

At that, Gerald’s steps stopped for a moment. However, he moved again without hesitation and spoke after a while.

“Let’s do that. A wish… . A wish, you must grant? Righ?.”

“Yes. But there’s not much I can do for you.”

“No, there is.”

She relaxed her tension and hugged his neck tightly. Her sleepiness poured in— In fact, it was close to fainting, but she was not anxious.

“You-young master. What happened… !”

At the appearance of him holding his passed out sister, the faces of the servants turned blue. They looked worried thinking there had been an accident.

“My sister seems a little tired today, so everyone, please evacuate the second floor.”

“What? Is she unwell? Shall I call the doctor?”

“No. You’re just sleeping, so don’t make a fuss.”

Chad, the chief servant, who entered the main house belatedly, approached and dismissed the servants. Then he quietly went up to the second floor ahead of Gerald and opened Dahlia’s door.

Gerald went inside and carefully laid her on the bed.

Chief Chad waited silently for him.

With a handsome appearance, possessing unparalleled dignity and detached personality that resembles Count Howell’s youth, his son was the Count’s pride and Chad’s delight.

So he was even more worried.

‘Do you like her so much?’

Soon, after the coming-of-age ceremony, the two of them should distance themselves from each other. That was the normal procedure for ordinary people.

But, would it be possible?

Chad concluded that he did not know. Then he urged Gerald, who was still standing in front of Dahlia.

“You must attend the meeting with the Count, young master. It is said that a gate was found northwest of the Mint.”

Just then, Gerald looked away from Dahlia and frowned.

“If it’s northwest of the Mint… . the place that borders on the Archduchy of Edelred.”

“Yes. So the Count hastily called a meeting.”

“All right, let’s go.”

Gerald meticulously covered her body with a thin blanket and left the room. And he did not forget to look back on the door once more.

“Don’t let anyone enter my sister’s bedroom, Chad.”

“Yes, Master.”

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