SV – 57

Amelie blushed as she watched Dahlia lightly rubbing Phone’s beak. From the first time she laid eyes on her, she thought, frankly, she was a very pretty girl. But, of course, there were many beautiful ladies among the aristocracy.

The daughter of Viscount La Seine was rumored to have a goddess-like appearance, and even though the youngest daughter of Lord Saturn was only five years old, suitors had already lined up for her.

Still, Amelie firmly believed that no one could measure up to the beauty of Duke Edelred. Regardless of gender or sex. She did not doubt that the young master of the Edelred family was a true beauty.

But as she continued to watch Dahlia confusion began to arise in her standards.

Perhaps, her young master might not be ‘the most beautiful woman’ in the empire. She followed Dahlia through the corridor that led to Jurgen’s study. But this time as well, in contrast to Dahlia’s angelic face, she began to pick out books with ghastly titles:

Gate’s Demons Volume 3

Guiding: A Mystery

Conquering the Gates 2

The Cry of the Dead Awakened Luster

The 100 Mystery Gates

Dahlia piled five books on top of each other as she climbed up the bookshelf and pushed in a book revealing a hidden compartment. Her eyes changed as she discovered scrolls piled up on the hidden higher shelves.

She looked back at Amelie, who had diligently and quietly followed her, and remarked with an apologetic expression,

“Isn’t that heavy? I still have a lot of books to take, so I think you should take those first.”

“To your bedroom?”

Amelie readily held up her five books and politely bent her knees slightly with the look that this was nothing.

“I’ll be right back. Should I bring back the books you read last night?”

“I’d appreciate it if you did. Take only half. It’s heavy, so we can share the load.”

“No, I’ll be right back, miss.”

Dahlia nodded, her eyebrows drooping. She didn’t forget to say thank you.

After Amelie closed the door to the study, she called Phone.

He fluttered and landed gently on top of Dahlia’s head. Then, carefully wrapping Phone in both hands and she lowered him from her head. He tilted his tiny head, and his red eyes were twinkling.

“Phone, whatever you see. You can’t tell the master.”

The voice that flowed from Dahlia’s mouth resonated like a harp’s melody. Phone, which had been staring at Dahlia’s eyes, began to glow faintly and trembled.

Then, he chirped and cried tenderly.

“You didn’t see anything.”


Dahlia smiled and retrieved Sentinel’s power. During the seven days she stayed here, she learned quite a lot.

Sentinel’s powers could be divided into hundreds of types, but they broadly fell into two categories: mental and physical. She learned that those also had their different varieties of healing classes.

And while her own power was the mental type, it was also closer to the healing sort. She also noticed that, at first glance, it had a similar texture to a guide’s power.

Now her power, which she used on Phone, was of the ‘subordinate’ type. She had never used it on people, but during this time, she learned that this sort of power was often used on animals and was the capability of a mental Sentinel.

Dahlia removed the scrolls from the bookshelf only after Phone started to doze off. The golden string that tied up the papers symbolized an official letter from the imperial family, and the red twines indicated it was a military document. The green lines denoted the temple, and the blue symbolized a family document from Altera.

Among them, what Dahlia was most interested in were the papers tied with a black string.

Dahlia climbed up the ladder and opened them one by one, starting with the topmost one.

All the papers here were important, but Jurgen didn’t bother to hide them.

The reason he allowed her to look around a place full of important documents freely… .

Maybe it’s because he thought she didn’t know the Ibelinian language used in this.

-Imperial year 762. The first discovery of Plum’s Gate. Discoverer Duke OOOO. Advanced Mana Stone 5.

-Imperial year 765. The ‘Black Rooster Village’ west of the Oden Mountains is in ruins. It is assumed that this is due to the wavelength outside the gate. Advanced Mana Stone 2.

It was strange. In the year 762 of the imperial calendar, it was more than 20 years ago. However, judging from the condition of the ink and paper, it seemed that it was written less than five years ago.

Of course, it was inaccurate, but Dahlia guessed that the Duke of Edelred was using some strength to carry out various intelligence activities.

‘The fact that he used Ibelin so that no one would recognize it means it is an important confidential document… .’

-Imperial year 782. Confirmation of the survival of Count Howell Von Klose. The gears have changed.

Dahlia, who opened the papers in his hand, frowned as she peered at the particularly ink-stained paper.

“Confirming that my father is alive… .?”


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