SV – 56

Of the 100 or so Senior Sentinels, only 20 succeeded in being promoted to Royal Sentinel.

99% of them hoped to join the Sentinel Knights, and 30% of the Senior Sentinels who were unfortunately eliminated also wanted to join the Knighthood.

As if Reynon had become a benevolent lord, he accepted them all into the Order.

Colorful fireworks burst out of the translucent dome. Jurgen left the festive atmosphere and palace behind. He was about to climb into his carriage, but Julia sharply called him to stop.

“Could you spare me some time, Lord Edelred?”

She did not use honorifics with others, but strangely, she always used honorifics in front of Jurgen.

He opened the carriage door and looked at Julia who was full of anger.

“Would you like to get in? I’m in a bit of a hurry, so let’s talk while on the move.”

“… Why are you doing this to me?”

“Get in, your Highness, Princess.”

“Soon—we were getting engaged!”

The princess, unable to overcome her emotions, shouted. Jurgen looked at her with a pitiful expression and patiently suggested that she board again.

With tears in her eyes, she walked forward and climbed in. Jurgen looked around him once, then climbed into the carriage and shut the door after her.

“I can’t understand. Both my father and the Archduke approved of our engagement. But! How rude… .”

“I’m sorry, but I never agreed to that engagement.”

“Jurgen! How could you do this to me?”

“I fell in love with her at first sight, and I want her. So now, let’s stop. Julia.”

Her eyes quickly became wet at her name coming out of his mouth for the first time in a very long time.

Her hands, wrapped in fine gloves, trembled. Called the third sun of the Empire, Julia von Leonardo was dubbed a saint.

Despite the endless courtship of foreign princes, she steadfastly endured for Jurgen. Edelred’s authority, beauty, and strength felt sweeter than any other power.

In essence, Julia loved Jurgen. There was no doubt in her mind that her first infatuation would become her husband.


“I am a guide. I can give you many things. If you want, you can imprint on me. Please only let me guide the Lord for the rest of my life.”

She grabbed the hem of her dress, stretched out her hand, and cupped Jurgen’s cheek. To his surprise, their lips met without warning. In that split second, she poured her guiding power into him.

Julia wanted him, even by taking advantage of the pathetic fact that Sentinels had no choice but to feel deep affection for a guide they had a high matching rate with.

But it was strange. None of her powers were absorbed by him, as if he had no room for her.

Feeling her energy bounce off and return, she withdrew with a shocked face.

“Uh, how… .”

The air inside the wagon grew cold. A chill ran across his face as he rubbed the spot where Julia’s lips had touched with his thumb.

She pursed her lips in confusion. Jurgen let out a short sigh and clapped his hands to stop. His carriage slowly circling the imperial garden halted, and Jurgen opened the door himself.

“Let’s end the conversation. I hope this answer is sufficient.”

Julia jumped up, trying to ignore her feelings of humiliation. Then she got out, escorted by the coachman. Her ladies-in-waiting jumped off the princess’ chariot while following her, surrounding her.

Julia, who struggled to regain her composure, put her hands together in front of her chest and smiled.

“I hope that blessings will be with the Lord in the future. The kidnapped young lady— will be….. Located.”

Jurgen laughed briefly and nodded. Then he sympathized with the princess, whose expression hardened. In the past, she was once his fiancee, a woman with whom he sympathized with pity.

But death always followed Julia. Nonetheless it might change this time around. Maybe, she would survive this time.

Just as the Howells survived.

“Go to the annex. As fast as possible.”

At Jurgen’s instruction, the coachman sped up.

With his glove, he rubbed the spot where his lips had touched Julia, removed the glove, and tossed it out the window.

‘Please, stop… Biting.’

It was enough to have Dahlia alone whining beneath him. How could his tongue react to other sweets after tasting the most extraordinary sweetness?

It was the same a little while ago. In the past, there were many times when Julia’s guiding was quite satisfactory. They had a high matching rate, and she received a good education, grew up as a princess, and was a woman well suited to the position of a duchess.

But now, he was utterly insensitive to her sweetness. Rather, it even felt like something unpleasant had crawled through his body.

Although the realization was fleeting, he seemed to know a little why Reynon scorned and avoided guides in contempt.

Ha, Dahlia… . What have you done to me?

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