SV – 5

The apprentice wizard, who was wearing a thick robe, glanced at Dahlia and blushed.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt tea time?”

“It’s alright. Rather, thank you for interrupting at the right time. I wanted to avoid something.”

The apprentice wizard’s heart sank at Dahlia’s smile like the spring sunshine.

Lady Dahlia Von Klose.

Her von Klose, whom the Count and Countess loved, at first sight caused people to tilt their heads in perplexity.

The symbol of Count Von Klose was their rich dark hair and golden eyes.

But Dahlia had bright honey-coloured hair, blue eyes, and her skin was as white as a pearl.

She certainly looked different from the healthy skin of Southerners blessed by the earth goddess Kayena.

Meaning that Dahlia may not be of the Count’s bloodline.

But Howell was a man famous for being a ferocious lover. When did a man who never wanted to separate from his wife even for a moment commit infidelity?

People didn’t want to believe it, nor did they try to believe it.

Rather, the popular theory was that they adopted a poor orphan. Was that all? The Count’s son, Gerald, and his bizarre obsession ignited people’s suspicions.

The apprentice wizard led her to Rodrigo’s room in the annex.

“Master, I have brought her with me.”

120 years old.

Rodrigo, covering his thick book, greeted her with her bright smile.

“You came on time today, miss.”

“The timing was good. Why does Gerald hate me coming here so much?”

“Because the young master thinks I am bullying the young lady. It seems that you are always exhausted the days you arrive here.”

“That’s maybe so.”

Rodrigo sent his disciple out with a wink, then tapped the chair nearby. She sat in her chair familiarly and held out her hand.

He rubbed her palm and then grabbed her tiny hand. Then, finding calluses that did not match the rest of her soft skin, he narrowed her eyes.


Quick-witted old man.

“Pretend you don’t know.”

“If the master finds out, you will be in big trouble. He must have taught you not to use your power recklessly just yet?”

“I am, after all, an advanced sentinel. At least you have to be able to use that much power. Don’t worry, I’m making sure I control it properly.”

Dahlia responded with an unassuming tone and urged Rodrigo. Then he let out a long sigh and drew a magic circle on Dahlia’s palm, chanting a spell.

It was a procedure to confirm the insignia of the seal engraved on her body. After checking that the spell had not been cracked or broken, he also engraved a new seal.

Dahlia carried her strength along the twenty seals engraved on her body. The letter that appeared to be the letter D was enclosed in two circles, giving off a mysterious glow.

It was not very pleasant to see it. The two dormant forces within her body felt like stagnant water rotting away.

At least she was able to release the Sentinel’s power a little bit, but there was no outlet for her Guide’s power.

The festering forces occasionally caused fevers, dizziness and vomiting, tormenting her.

Each time that happened, Dahlia guided Howell.

From a Sentinel’s point of view, a guide’s power was like a drug. Once tasted, high purity guiding was no different than a narcotic that cannot be stopped if you tried to stop it.

But Howell overcame his addiction with his love for his daughter. He never took on her powers until she had problems with her health.

But soon, Dahlia instinctively knew the time would come for her powers to flow.

“Are you going to the capital soon?”

“Yes. I think Gerald will be a Royal Sentinel.”

“It won’t happen, but… . I think it would be best for you not to go to the promotion test center.”

Rodrigo, who released her hand, opened the book he had been looking at a while ago and drew a formula. With a few gestures of his, a new-shaped seal flashed across Dahlia’s chest.

“The Royal Sentinel’s promotion test center is in the Imperial Household. A place where many high-ranking sentinels get injured. The stronger the sentinel, the more pure guiding is required. If even one of them goes crazy… . Instinctively, they will find the lady. The temple will not let you go.”

With a solemn look Dahlia reached out her hand to the seal Rodrigo had made. Then, as if recognizing her master, the seal floating in the air was absorbed into her hand. Unlike usual, a heavier and tingly sensation spread around the heart.

“It is a seal of condensed power. One has the same strength as five seals. I wanted to reduce the number of seals to engrave and alleviate your pain a little bit.”

“Thank you, Rodrigo.”

“You have to live for a long time. Live like this old man.”

“So sentimental.”


Having absorbed her seal she got up but because she had forcibly suppressed her rampant power, her stomach churned and her eyes clouded and twisted as if she was about to collapse.

But even with this, Dahlia did not want to be a guide. She would rather have been born with only the power of a sentinel… .

Being locked up in a temple and living as someone’s property was nothing less than a terrible curse.rned red.

“Then, I’ll be back before dinner time.”

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