SV – 49

“Inauguration ceremony?”

Upon receiving the letter, Reynon’s eyes lit up with interest. The Sentinel Knights were founded under the pretext of war against Plum, but in reality, it was to solidify and establish the military might of the Marcanian Empire and the Leonardo imperial family.

If the Sentinels, who had been acting like a militia already, were gathered together and made loyal to the imperial family, one day, they would become no different from the imperial guard. It was also highly likely to become an absolute military power equipped with ability.

If the Sentinel Knights were to move and act according to the wishes of the imperial family, no country on the continent would dare to cross Marcania. Reynon could not be relieved by just having supremacy and becoming emperor.

Moreover, the Sentinel Continental Act had not yet been enacted. Laws for guides existed everywhere, but there was no law against training Sentinels for defense purposes.

With an aristocratic mindset, the Sentinels only used their strength when necessary to deal with monsters at gates and did not use their power against humans.

Reynon tapped the envelope with the seal of the northern empire, Balcantera.

“Looks like you want to check. Are you so curious about my intentions?”

“They must have thought it was dangerous. Even when your Majesty established the Sentinel Academy, there was a backlash. They also said that Sentinels are the powers loaned from God and that they should not be controlled.”

“There were some guys who acted as if the unification of the empire would happen right away once the academy was established.”

“There will be noise this time, but there is no reason to hesitate. It is easily solved by weaving the justification with the exceptional notoriety and opposition to Plum. The fact that they are associated with the absolute evil of the continent would be a big blow.”

Balcantera in the north was called the Empire of Desert, Sun, and Gold and had a military power comparable to that of the Great Central Empire.

Although it is a country that had accumulated colossal capital based on gold, Balcantera was an impenetrable place with guarded tendencies. They maintain a good relationship, but Reynon suspected they hosted Plum’s stronghold.

If there wasn’t a home base, it was financial support. So what were they trying to achieve by combining the strength of the Sentinel and the Guide?

As Jurgen said, there were often cases of babies being born with dual powers.

It just went unnoticed because they didn’t survive. For that reason, Dahlia Von Klose could be said to be exceptionally lucky.

Reynon licked his lips, remembering the primordial, raw sweetness that had flowed in.

“Your Majesty, it’s late. Let’s turn in for today.”

“Where is Delmon?”

Reynon was pressing his eyes and forehead, leaned back in his chair, and stretched. After checking the giant cage and motionless perch, Winster opened a nearby window.

“I’m sure he’s wandering around as he pleases. The water bottle is still there, as if he didn’t return today.”

“Make sure he gets some raw meat when he comes back.”

“Yes sire.”

Reynon rose to his feet. In response, Winster pulled the nearby paging line. Then the waiting chamberlain, Baron Jeremy, entered the bedroom with a pot of tea.

“It was mentioned that you’ve been having a particularly hard time sleeping, so we made it a little stronger.”

“You mean you hope there are no dreams.”

“You need guiding, your Majesty. You can’t just rely on manastones and the light of Icaruso.”

“You say it’s because of the lack of guiding. But … . I don’t think so.”

Reynon took a sip of the strongly brewed tea and reclined on the bed.

Five years ago, he started having strange dreams. He was always dreadfully powerless in his nightmares and murdered by someone.

Recalling his vague, hazy memories, the person who stabbed him with a knife was called the Empress. Perhaps because of the function of a dream, the pain of being betrayed by someone whom he cherished drove him into an unspeakable sadness and despair.

There was an impression of him clinging to her, asking why she betrayed me.

However, when he opened his eyes, only faint unpleasant traces remained. All the details were erased, so the heartsickness did not linger.

Putting down the silver-bottomed teacup, Reynon dismissed everyone. With a gesture from Winster, all the crystal balls in the bedroom that extended down to the floor gradually dimmed. They shone faintly like starlight, pushing out perfect darkness.

Reynon blinked his heavy eyes as he stretched his drooping body. How long had it been?

With a short flutter of wings, a golden-eyed black hawk flew in, sat on the cage’s perch, and tidied up its feathers.

Reynon, who had been looking at the figure indifferently, slowly closed his eyes.


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