SV – 46

“Sir Edelred’s proposal, I will accept it.”


“You stay put, Dahlia. Yesterday too, I heard Sir Edelred was with you. Besides, today… . in front of many, the Lord held Dahlia in his arms. So, everyone is gossiping. My daughter is caught up in a scandal. Therefore, the Edelred family has to take responsibility.”

After speaking quickly and firmly, Yvon took a deep breath. Dahlia was stunned, and Jurgen smiled invisibly. Yvon massaged her forehead and turned around. Dahlia approached and supported the staggering Countess.

“Your mother is fine. I just want to be alone. It looks like no one was hurt… I will go in?”

“Yes, Mom… .”

Yvon nodded her head, clenched Dahlia’s hand once, released it, and climbed the stairs.

Dahlia waited for Yvon to disappear, and strode towards her room. Then, the steps of the man following her were heavy and fast approaching.

Dahlia, who was walking faster, ran back and opened the door.


Her fever rose and she tried to close the door to prevent Jurgen from entering, but she could not overcome his strength.

He forced the door wide open. He grabbed her as she staggered back, closed the door and pressed his lips against hers. Dahlia eyes widened with a look of incomprehension.

He also didn’t close his eyes. Grasping her cheeks, he tilted her head and even swallowed her gasp. The blood vessels behind her ears, where his index and middle fingers touched, fluttered and plusated. He coiled around her fleeing tongue that provoked him to bite her mischievously, pushing her to the tabletop, and moving on to her cheeks and jaw. He engrave teeth marks on her lips and the back of her neck.

“Sir Edelred! Ha—why—what’s wrong with you!”

“Where the fuck did Reynon touch? What about your lips? Didn’t he touch your chin?”

“Have you gone insane?”

“Have I?”

His eyes turned red as he smiled bitterly, tilting his head. He grabbed Dahlia’s chin with light touch. Then, on her tipitoes she clung to his arm as if she was out of breath.


“Why did you acknowledge your power?”

Whispering furiously, he gritted his teeth and chewed on Dahlia’s earlobe. After scanning the tip of his tongue along the pinna of her ear, he caressed the nape of her neck with both his hands. She took a deep breath and let out a smirk.

“If I hadn’t, I would have been summoned to the temple on the spot! It’s all because of you. I’m someone who wants to lead a quiet life, you’re the one that ruined that!”

“I was going to take you myself.”

“… I’ll kill you If you treat me like an object one more time.”

“Of course you could. You’re a Luster Sentinel, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”

Dahlia hit Jurgen’s chest with her fist at his scornful sarcasm. But he did not let Dahlia go. He hugged him tighter again and laid her on the bed.

“You’re heavy!”

“A man is naturally heavy.”

Jurgen opened her lips and dug in between them again.

He was so enraged he couldn’t stand it. When he saw the woman below him trembling so helplessly just last night, face to face with Reynon. He was filled with an unexpected rage.

But there was no reason for this anger. He didn’t want Dahlia Von Klose, he wanted the power of Liberty within her. It was the same with Reynon.

But, then—why?! Even he couldn’t understand why he was doing such childish things in a ridiculous rage.

“Let’s talk, stop!”

He pulled down the dress that was barely hanging from her round shoulders and pressed his lips against her soft breast. Then Dahlia, who raised her upper body and pushed his face away, took in a rough breath.

“Conversation*. We have to talk.” 

He bit her finger as it touched her lips. Then he crawled on all fours and lowered her body onto her thighs.

“Yes, of course, we must have a… . Conversation*.” [t1v: conversation can also be a euphemism for an exchange between bodies like ‘fight’ or ‘sex’]

He looked down on her disheveled figure and swept back her messy hair.

Dahlia’s lips were exceptionally red as she started to straighten up her dress that went down one of her shoulders. While rubbing the edge of her lips with his thumb to fix her smudged lipstick, he asked:

“Did you two kiss?”

“You were there the whole time.”

“Reynon is a mental sentinel that can make me hallucinate. Everything I’ve seen may have been a lie.”

Dahlia quickly shook her head.

“His Majesty did not use any power. And… . the Lord, you, helped me in the moment of danger.”

“I see… . he didn’t use his strength with you.”

“Don’t tell me, you thought I’d kiss the Crown Prince?”

Instead of answering, he took a deep breath and then flopped down next to her. The tip of his ears were a bright red with his face buried in his pillow.

Dahlia, who was staring at him with a puzzled expression as if she was watching something absurd, got up and off the bed. Jurgen observed her actions and propped up his head with one arm.

Dahlia opened the desk drawer, took out some papers, ink, and a pen, and called Jurgen.

“Let’s draw up a contract.”


Raising up his upper body, he frowned and looked at the paper in her hand.

“I am not interested in marriage or anything like that. Isn’t it the same with the Lord? A sentinel can never love a guide. It’s just that they mistakenly think that it’s love because the heart pounds when under the influence of power. I know it very well. So… . If you want me to guide you, you have to sign a contract.”

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