SV – 45

No matter how well-maintained the roads in the capital were, Dahlia had a headache every time the wagon rattled.

The first thing she saw when she opened the door connected to the portal was the vast Imperial Palace Library. Dahlia was surprised by the size of the library on a different level from the estate’s library but calmly left.

Jurgen looked like he was angry.

As if she had done something wrong, his brow wrinkled or clenched his fists, messing up and brushing back his hair from time to time.

She wanted to ask who should be offended but was speechless when she saw Gerald appear in front of the Crown Prince’s palace.

“Gerald, if you go home like this, mother will be worried.”

Dahlia’s soft voice cuts through the stillness inside the carriage. It was Gerald, not Jurgen, who was across from her.

Gerald brushed his blood-stained forehead with the back of his hand, glanced at Jurgen, and took Dahlia’s hand.

“Come on.”

“Yes, sister.”

Gerald clung to her side like an obedient puppy. A light green light flashed from her fingertips as she gently stroked his cheek and forehead.

With Jurgen’s elbow on the window and he watched them silently. Everywhere she touched, his wounds healed, and new skin grew.

It was also the first time he actually saw the power of Liberty, so it was quite surprising. The skin was regenerated in a much more sophisticated and delicate way than being treated by any therapist.

After finishing his treatment, Dahlia held his hand and felt the energy flowing through his body. Even though he had been severely wounded, his sentinel’s powers flowed very stably.

“You have been guided.”

“The Princess.”

“Oh… . thank god.”

“I wanted to get guided by my sister.”

Gerald leaned on her shoulder and peeked from the side of his eyes. Then he stared tenaciously at Jurgen, who was examining Dahlia.

Their division was caused not only because of the Crown Prince’s whim, but also because of the Duke of Edelred.

Gerald still hated the intruder who popped up in Tezeba. Besides, a marriage proposal… .

As he hugged Dahlia tightly, his attitude brought a wrinkle to Jurgen’s forehead. However, she did not push Gerald away as if she was familiar with it, and Jurgen sighed and wiped his dry face.

“We have arrived.”

The carriage slowly stopped and arrived at the Count’s townhouse. Dahlia was the first to get out of the carriage. Hansen and Freesia, with worried looks, greeted her.

“There is a guest.”


“Yes. Sir Jamie Grihartman.”

The name didn’t bring a face to mind. Jamie? Jamie… .

Dahlia entered the house, contemplating the name, and found a man with a massive bouquet. She froze in midstep.

“Lady Dahlia!”

“Who are you?”

“Ah, the introduction is late. Jamie Grihartman. I am the second son of Marquis Grihartmann of Lille.”

The man approached, got down on one knee as if he was about to propose, and tried to kiss the back of Dahlia’s hand.

Startled, she unwittingly pulled her hand away. Embarrassed by that, Jamie smiled awkwardly, scratched his head, and held out  the flowers.

“The lady is my lifesaver. You saved me.”

Then she remembered.

The sentinel who ran rampant at the testing site. Dahlia took Jamie’s bouquet and hesitantly tried to be polite.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. It wasn’t me who saved the Lord.”

“No, I definitely felt it. I saw it clearly. The lady who brought my shattered soul together and embraced it!”


Dahlia’s voice cracked in embarrassed dismay. Then out came the sharp, irritated words of a vexed man.

“Jamie Grihartman.”

Jamie’s eyes trembled, distracted by Dahlia; he had not spotted the two men behind her.

“Eh, Sir Edelred. Gerald.”

Jamie, who had been drenched in sweet dreams, turned blue and stood up.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

Gerald strode up and grabbed Jamie by the collar, unable to hold back his anger. While he pushed Jamie asking if he was really crazy, Jurgen took the flowers from her hand and gave them to Hansen.

Hansen took the bouquet the duke gave him without a word, trying to understand the situation.


“You—come with me now!”

Still holding Jamie by the collar, he dragged him outside. Dahlia did not dissuade him. After all, she became the prey and fell into the Crown Prince’s trap because of that man named Jamie.

“Where is the Countness?”

To Jurgen’s question, Hansen answered with a bewildered expression.

“The madam has a headache, and is recuperating in her bedroom.”

“No, I am here, Duke Edelred.”

At Yvon’s voice, Dahlia and Jurgen looked up to the stairs. Still in the same outfit she had on before, Yvon went down the stairs and stood in front of the polite nobleman.

Looking at Dahlia and Jurgen, who were standing next to each other in turn, she exhaled calmly.

“Thank you for escorting our Dahlia.”

“It’s the right thing to do.”

“But since the Count is not here now, would you like to reschedule a time and date to visit again?”

“I will.”


Perhaps she had suffered a lot, the Countess spoke with an exhausted-looking face.

“Sir Edelred’s proposal, I will accept it.”

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