SV – 43

“Sir Gerald, you need to be guided.”

Just a moment ago, Dahlia, Duke of Edelred, and the Crown Prince were in front of his eyes and then suddenly disappeared. Damn it, Lusters. They could warp at will. Of course, each sentinel had distinct abilities, but Lusters had the ability to move short distances without difficulty.

Gerald wiped the blood from his forehead and held Princess Julia’s hand.

A clean and clear power flowed in. The strength that had run out when dealing with Jurgen was slowly being replenished. As Gerald sat next to the princess and reclined on the cushioned sofa, he studied her as they held hands.

Was it because their powers’ matching rate was high? Gerald looked down at her long eyelashes and lowered his head to the delicate scent on the nape of her neck. A sweet ripe aroma wafted through her golden wavy hair.

Feeling drowsy as if he had immersed himself in a warm bath, Gerald closed his eyes and placed his forehead on Julia’s shoulder.


“Pardon my rudeness.”

“… Isn’t this the third time? We seem to have a high matching rate, right?”

Instead of answering, Gerald wrapped his arms around the princess’s waist and bit her neck lightly. Then, slightly nervous, she wrapped her arms around his back.

“Haa… .”

He released a shaky exhale, kissing her earlobe and leaning against her body with heavy breaths. His brown hair and drops of blood splattered on the collar of his uniform created a strangely sensualist aura.

Julia smiled softly, caressing his cheeks and becoming more and more heated and clingy.

“Lord, you are rather impulsive.”

“When I receive guiding, I feel reckless.”

“But there are too many eyes here. Quickly… . let’s get it over with.”

Julia caressed Gerald’s lips, then gently slid her fingers, touching his gums. Then, as if waiting for her, he closed his eyes and bit her.

When sentinel and guide had a high matching rate, naturally, both mutually desired and craved each other. Julia suddenly became curious about her matching rate with the young and handsome Gerald.

“I think you are all right now, my lord.”

Suddenly lucid focus returned, and her golden eyes turned to him. The princess smiled and stood up, and extended her hand to Gerald. Now it was time to go heal his wounds. Guiding and healing were completely different areas, so Julia was concerned about the scar on his forehead.

“Go to the doctor.”

But Gerald did not take the princess’ hand. Instead, after wiping his slightly red ear with the inside of his wrist, he looked back in the direction of the Crown Prince’s palace.

“Perhaps… . Do does the lord want to see his sister?”


“Do you know where she went?”

“Well… . But I can find her quickly.”

In fact, Julia was also curious about the woman who calmed the commotion a while ago. She was definitely a woman with the power of a guide—a guide with great power that could calm a runaway sentinel.

And the liberty guide that her brother had been looking for so much…. might be that woman.

Gerald took off his jacket, and she looked up at him as she hung onto his arm and bit her lip.

“I understand. I don’t know if he’ll let me in but… . Come with me, Sir Gerald.”


Space mobility was a frankly odious ability. She had been forced to move twice, and Dahlia had to endure her overwhelming nausea each time.

Dahlia looked around the unfamiliar surroundings with anxiety.

As if they were in a triangular pyramid, the structure narrowed toward the ceilings, and a giant sphere spun and rotated in a fixed orbit. At the center of the pouring light was a stone statue of an eagle, a symbol of Icaruso, and a moving magic circle was on the floor.

Dahlia realized that this was the heart of Icaruso, the first portal of the Empire.

“Have you ever been here? I’m not surprised.”

Dahlia, staring blankly at the light shining on the magic circle, woke up from her stupor.

“It’s my first time, sire.”

“We’ve met before.”

“… Yes. I was rude back then.”

“I was no less.”

Reynon approached, passing by Dahlia, and stepped into the magic circle. She had a strange feeling, like déjà vu, as she saw Raynon absorbing the light.

“Icaruso’s blessing is light. Do you know what people call this light? It’s called the light of Liberty.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Liberty… .”

Unlike the laid-back Reynon, Dahlia’s mind was as dizzy and muddled as a storm. Then Jurgen strode out of the shadows and supported her. Then, just as she was about to say thank you, a dazzling blonde appeared in front of her.

“You should only be looking at me.”

Reynon’s arms wrapped around her waist as she stepped backward in surprise. Dahlia leaned her upper body back as far as she could, but he was already close enough to inhale her exhale.

“Y-your Majesty the Crown Prince–“

“Try it.”


“Guide me.”

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