SV – 41

Dahlia jumped up from her seat with an ominous feeling. Then, with a inhale, Jurgen bowed to the Crown Prince and jumped into the examination field.

The audience was bewildered by the sudden situation and murmured in puzzlement all sorts of speculations: ‘…there might be a problem with the gate,’ ‘— the Duke of Edelred might be trying to explain the rules to them.’

Nevertheless, everyone’s eyes grew wide with stupefaction at the wave of sentinel energy.

Including Dahlia.

A power incomparable to when the monsters appeared rose from Jurgen’s feet, forming the shape of a sharp sword.

“Will the Duke face off with them directly?”


“Do you see this power? Ha, isn’t he amazing?”

“But will the test takers be okay? It might be dangerous… .”

“Is it because her Highness the Princess is here? Does he want to go crazy and have her guide him?”

As Jurgen unleashed his powers, Gerald and Jamie, who had been hesitating, also released their Sentinel’s power. Jamie, who summoned a gigantic shield, and Gerald, who summoned a long sword, were the perfect team at the academy.

As the nervous test-takers watched the signal to start the match fall, all three people were engulfed in the light of their eyes.


With a tremendous explosion, sparks erupted, and red rays stretched out from the rounded shield around the exam field. Dahlia bit her lip at the wondrous power that made her skin tingle.

If she hadn’t exhausted her guiding powers yesterday, she wouldn’t have been able to be here. Under normal circumstances, her whole body would burn in response to the high-level Sentinel’s energy.

She clutched Jurgen’s ring and sat down in her seat.

“Dahlia, Da—Dahlia. Is Gerald alright?”

Even Yvon, who was clueless, could see that the current situation was not good. Dahlia took the Countess’s hand and nodded her head with effort.

“Of course, this isn’t a real fight. Because it’s a test… . It’s just Gerald is that strong, the Duke must have come forward.”

“Oh, Kaenasi, please… .”

Yvon closed her eyes and prayed to god.

The shock wave that occurred within the shield was not expected.

Then, the moment the shield cracked, someone screamed.

Sentinels covered in smoke could be seen through the hazy view.


“Hey, Gerald. do it in moderation This is the prince’s trap.”

Jurgen whispered coolly as his and Gerald’s swords clashed against each other. He dealt with them by controlling and holding back his strength as much as possible, but minor injuries could not be prevented.

Additionally, there was a problem with the test sphere, and even though their powers were obviously beyond the royal-level criteria, the globe was still white.

“What trap! Don’t try to fool me—I’ll win fair and square!”

“His Majesty seems to be interested in your sister and wants take advantage of your exam and test her too. He wants one of you to go on a rampage.”

“What do you mean….! Don’t tell me—it’s because of you? That Dahlia’s power… !”

“Let’s talk in detail after the test is over. So… finish it quickly!”

The moment Jurgen took a step back, Gerald’s blue sword grew huge into a two-handed sword. Then, as he swung it around, a gigantic sword slashed the spot where Jurgen was standing. At the same time, the orb floating above Gerald’s head turned bright red.

Having confirmed that Gerald had passed, Jurgen rushed to Jamie without further delay.

Startled, Jamie did his best to boost his energy. Even though he was seriously injured, he didn’t give up.


The colossal shield engraved with the crest of Harion, the god of the sea that protects Reel, roared and created energy waves. It was the power to blow out the ears of the enemy and paralyze the whole body. The only problem was that Jurgen was unaffected.

Fully recovered, Jurgen drew up a shield. Just as the two men’s guards and powers clash, Gerald’s sword rushed in from behind and grazed over Jurgen’s head.

Damn it!

Jurgen told him to do it in moderation. He swallowed curses and pushed his shield forward.

There was a crack in the middle of Harion’s seal. Jamie’s power began to falter when he saw his shield cracked by Jurgen’s attack and began to disintegrate and grow wild.

The orb above his head had already turned red, but the examiner did not call the end to the test

“Earl Von Klose! Damn it, it’s a runaway!”

Gerald retrieved his sword at Jurgen’s cry and rushed to Jamie. But, as Jurgen said, Jamie’s power was running rampant. His scattered energy was exploding in all directions and running wildly.

“I got you!”

Gerald jumped at Jamie and caught him in an embrace. Jurgen broke the shield made by the wizards with a single blow. Shocked by the shattered magic, its mirror-like reflections floated in the air and then fell to the floor.

Only then did the power confined within the shield spread throughout the testing ground, and the three men who fought each other appeared.


Jurgen ran to Jamie, who was running wild and called for a guide. Then, it was time for Princess Julia, watching nervously, to jump into the examination field with the guides.

A gleam of light began to pour out of Jamie’s eyes while Gerald held him. Julia paused and stopped her steps. A number appeared in the crystal ball above Jamie’s head.

Runaway Level 80%. It was at a stage where she could lose her life while guiding if she was swept away by the Sentinel’s explosion.

“Your Highness, Princess.”

Gerald called Julia again, but the princess, terrified, froze.

At that moment, Jamie’s body, which Gerald and Jurgen had held, suddenly disappeared instantly. It was an unconscious warp for survival.

Jurgen’s and Gerald’s eyes went directly to Dahlia while everyone else looked around for the missing Jamie.


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  1. As I understand it, fugitives are attracted to guides, and how much stronger the power of the guide is also the attraction? So if this theory is right, will Jamie be attracted to Dahlia? Most likely he will attack Dahlia.

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