SV – 40

Last night, Yvon and Gerald visited Dahlia, who had been pretending to be asleep, and told her about an accident at the Crown Prince’s palace. She pretended to be half asleep while struggling to listen to them as anxiety ran through her veins.

When asked why she came back first, she mumbled that she did feel well and could no longer listen to the malicious gossip about her. ‘So please forgive me for coming home first.’

It wasn’t difficult to deceive the countess, but it was Gerald who she found difficult to fool. He remained in the bedroom for a long time after Yvon had returned, sitting silently.

He seemed to have noticed that there were changes in her body. Normally he would have dug in and asked her to guide him, but instead, Gerald just stood still and watched her for a very long time.

‘Oh, please! Say something.’

Then she fell asleep, and when she woke up, Freesia was standing in front looking at a display full of colorful, attention-grabbing dresses—vastly different from yesterday’s attire.

Perhaps the mention of gossip bothered her, so Yvon chose very glamorous and conspicuous dresses, unlike at the banquet.

And Dahlia’s opinion didn’t matter in choosing the dress. Yvon dressed her with a mission and determined jaw.

Dahlia was dazzlingly beautiful in a lemon-colored dress, a sapphire necklace, and a butterfly diamond hairpin.

Her already gorgeous appearance shone even more brightly in a beautiful dress.

Although she was uneasy with the gazes that poured on her, she hid her discomfort and displayed an elegant and stable demeanor.

“Oh, there they are. Isn’t that Sir Edelred and the Crown Prince?”

“Oh it’s the princess. Oh my, you are beautiful. As expected, her royal highness is remarkably beautiful even in a plain robe.”

“Of course, she is someone who doesn’t need to work hard to dress prettily like us.”

Their gazes, very briefly, passed through Dahlia. In reply, Dahlia gave a brief, polite smile to their conversation, then shifted her gaze.

The Crown Prince and Jurgen in pure white sentinel uniforms were seated in n area called the Seat of Glory. Unlike usual, the two men had their hair slicked back with their foreheads and eyebrows exposed, exuding a strikingly contrasting atmosphere like black and white.

Dahlia did not take her eyes off Jurgen as she fiddled with the ring on her index finger. Donning a black cloak on a white uniform embroidered with gold thread and a broadsword with a gorgeous handle, he exuded a more intimidating atmosphere than last night.

‘Join the Sentinel Knights. As my adviser.’

He seemed to have attended today as the division leader of the Sentinel Knighthood. How could a man with such a flawless and ascetic face become like last night… .

Just thinking about it made her face burn and her mouth dry.

Dahlia pulled her gaze away to watch the match.

“Miss Roxanne Stringer … is she having a runaway?”

At a woman’s frightened remark, everyone’s eyes turned to the examination field. The red-haired Roxanne, who didn’t do well on her exams, had her spear to the ground and was panting heavily. A pillar of invisible energy was built around her.

Eyes out of focus, harsh breathing. Dahlia saw her condition clearly from afar. Then the guides sitting with the princess got up all at once.

They wore blue uniforms with gray robes over them. Among them, the princess was remarkably beautiful.

The princess ran directly into the examination field and grabbed Roxanne’s wrist fearlessly. In an instant, a refreshing energy seemed to have ventilated the entire examination hall. It was a pleasant scent, like entering a fir tree forest.

Roxanne, who had been gasping until just a moment ago, stared at the princess and collapsed into her arms. The princess rubbed her back and pressed her lips to her cheeks and temples.

Everyone watched the scene.

Some of them blushed at the sight that felt sacred and somehow secret, while others who felt the power were enchanted and put their hands together.

“Don’t bite your lips, Dahlia.”

Startled by Yvon’s words, she struggled to smile and looked away from them. However, another gaze was grating against her sensitive nerves.


Crown Prince Reynon von Leonardo.

Realizing that his golden eyes were focused on her, Dahlia looked straight back into those eyes with an unmoved expression.

The regard of the prince, who leaned obliquely on his armrest with his legs crossed, was full of innate arrogance and authority. But that was it. It wasn’t as painful as last night, nor was there a sentinel’s power directed at her.

It was just regular eye contact.

Dahlia naturally turned away from the prince’s eyes. However, when she looked down at the exam field again, the whole stadium was engulfed in excitement because of the appearance of two men.

Sentinel Academy President Gerald Von Klose and Vice President Jamie Grihartman stood proudly in front of the judges.


Yvon squeezed Dahlia’s hand. Sweat was coming out of her gloves. Perhaps because it was the first time she had seen an actual monster just moments ago, the countess was noticeably nervous.

Cold sweat flowed, and her red lips were trembling. Very carefully, Dahlia tried to guide her mother. Although she was a normal person, the effect of guiding her wasn’t extraordinary, but it was often beneficial.

Yvon gradually regained her steady breath and then looked at Dahlia and frowned.

“What if you get caught? Thank you, Dahlia.”

“Don’t be nervous. Gerald… . He is the strongest one in the Sentinel Academy. Nothing will happen.”

“Of course, he is his father’s son.”

She smiled and turned her head away. The examiner explained something to Gerald, standing in the center of the examination hall, and pointed to the seat where the Crown Prince sat.

Gerald frowned and turned his body to look up at the Seat of Glory.

Everyone’s eyes naturally turned to the Crown Prince, including Jurgen. Dahlia met Jurgen’s stare for a split second.

He was unable to conceal his warped face. He looked terribly furious.

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