SV – 39

Colorful pollen scattered over the clear and sunny sky.

Sentinel promotion tests were usually held at the academy’s training grounds or the Everdio jousting arena.

The Sentinel Academy was directly overseen and funded by the Crown Prince. As a result, talents were trained according to strict discipline, and the graduates became a kind of standing army and returned to their respective estates.

But this year was different.

Crown Prince Reynon announced that he would give the Academy attendees a chance to join the Sentinel Knights to those who received a royal rating. At that, the second and third sons, excluding the eldest sons, and the ladies who did not get the chance to become an heir, cheered.

If they joined the Order, obtained a title, and established a career of military service, they would be able to stand on their own two feet without the help of their families. So, for this promotion exam, more than twice as many people applied as in previous years, and Jamie was one of them.

“Gerald, you too? You’re the eldest son, so don’t you have to go back to your estate?”

While tying his shoelaces, Gerald raised his head with a rigid countenance. The test had already begun, and Roxanna and Sparrow from the first group were in the middle of taking the test.

“Well, my father is healthy and able, so there is no need to standby and maintain my status as the heir so early on.”

“Oh… . So, will you join the Sentinel Knights?”

“I’ll talk to Dahlia and then decide.”

“Of course, Lady Dahlia Von Klose. Will your sister be in the VIP section today?”

Gerald’s eyes became fierce as he watched Jamie’s face brimming with curiosity.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I was just curious. Isn’t her nickname ‘The Pearl of Tezeba’? If she’s so beautiful, isn’t it natural that a man would be curious?”

Gerald got up without bothering to reply. Soon, after Group 1’s test was over, it was the second group’s turn. Although Jamie was being ignored, he nonchalantly continued to speak, obviously used to such treatment.

“But does the lady know? That your demeanor can change so drastically? Whenever anyone even mentions your sister it’s like an ice blizzard blew through, so everyone finds you rather difficult to be around.”

There’s no other man that fits the definition of ‘elite’ so well, Jamie thought. His straight brows, dignified eyes, and stubbornly rigid jaw. To a man that never even had a strand of hair out of place, Dahlia Von Klose was the only being that brought out an irrational Gerald.

It was strange but not particularly unfamiliar because no one at Sentinel Academy was ignorant of Gerald Von Klose’s love for his sister.

“If you’re so well aware of that, you shouldn’t be talking about my sister.”

After giving a simple answer, Gerald left him speechless and went out to the balcony overlooking the stadium.

An ancient monster that escaped from a gate and was summoned by the wizards opened its mouth. It was already the fifth one. Roxanne, who wielded her spear, did her best to boost her strength, but her powers did not match the standards of a Royal Sentinel.

When Roxanne’s life was in jeopardy, her test companion, Sparrow, brought out their gigantic longbow and fired an arrow of light. A sharp arrow pierced the jaw of the monster. Upon being hit by the arrow, the monster inflated like a balloon, and the surrounding wizards formed a defensive circle.


Then, with a tremendous explosion, the monster disappeared without a trace. The inside of the transparent dome-shaped shield was filled with white smoke.

At that moment the crystal ball floating above Sparrow’s head turned bright red.



People stood up from their seats and cheered.

It was the first appearance of someone reaching the rank of Royal Sentinel during the Sentinel Promotion Test held on the Imperial palace grounds.


“It was like this. Ha, that’s what your father was fighting with.”

The countess’s face suddenly turned pale. Dahlia grabbed Yvon’s hand tightly and smiled faintly.

“Those monsters are no match for father. Father’s power is truly amazing. Probably the strongest of the Royal Sentinels.”

“I suppose so. Your father… . He’s an amazing person.”

Nodding her head, Yvon looked down at the exam hall again with a calmer expression.

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