SV – 37

Dahlia didn’t scream or moan but made a sound close to an exclamation. Each time his tongue crushed against her, her seal pulsated and flinched. Dahlia couldn’t keep a thought in her head.

Her thoughts evaporated in a white haze, and she couldn’t feel the burning pain anymore.

The strange sensation of a squashy tingling made her body shake. Dahlia instinctively rubbed her pussy against his lips and raised her pelvis on her toes.


He grabbed her thighs a little tighter and folded them up against her bosom, and between her legs, his tongue touched a hole the size of his fingernail.

Then, little by little, he pushed the tip of his tongue in and gulped down her dripping liquid. A thrill of raw pleasure pierced and ran through her.

It was a very urgent and terrifying pleasure for her. Nevertheless, she did not want to let him go. The more she rubbed her flesh against Jurgen, the more she felt like the stagnant power in her body unraveling like a tangled thread.

As he sucked her underneath as if he were pouring kisses the kiss, he unfastened his belt and pulled out his stiff, raging erection.

Dahlia stared blankly at his penis standing upright near his moving abdominal muscles, then shook her head frantically.

“We’re not even married yet, sir!”

“Did I say anything? Ha, only a madman would not get excited in this situation.”


“I guess life is worth living now.”

He slowly masturbated and pulled her hand. Then, Dahlia realized that all the seals on her body had been broken.

Startled, she looked up; he looked down at her with hazy eyes and spoke in a thick, sultry voice:

“Touch it.”


“You have to get used to it, Dahlia.”

Her supple palm touched his veiny cock. Jurgen gently wrapped her hands around it.

“Oh, damn… .”

He sighed with satisfaction, and then his expression became dreamy and sensual. Then, at the tip of his penis, thicker than her wrist, a liquid began to form.

He moved on his own, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him, unable to shake off this strange feeling.

His increasingly harsh and heated breaths fell on the top of her crown. He bent down and whispered with a thick, murky allure:

“Look up.”

When she didn’t listen, he gently grabbed her chin, and their eyes met.

Her eyes and cheeks were flushed red. Jurgen looked down at her reddened lips and licked his lips.

“Can you feel the power?”

“What power… .”

“Even if you touch me just a little bit, your power flows into me. Even if you don’t want to, your energy seems to like my body.”

Dahlia felt precisely the force that escaped from her body. She didn’t know until he broke the seal, no… . In a sense, that was inaccurate.

At her bewitched stare, Jurgen smirked as he looked down at her, when he then suddenly frowned. Repressing himself, he only allowed himself a lukewarm climax to approach. Truthfully, he wanted to lay her down, thrust into her with abandon, and hammer her until she cried. Just imagining how hot and ecstatic it would be, made his blood boil.

However, if he was driven by the impulse to do something wrong, Dahlia would hide and engrave seals on herself again. In the county of Von Klose, not even the Emperor would be able to find her.

So in order to gain her abilities, he had to do his best to make her trust him.


Dahlia Von Klose, she had the power of Liberty.

“Close your eyes.”

Perhaps noticing that his condition was strange, Dahlia tightly closed her eyes without protest.

Jurgen thrusted faster and faster, burying himself in her grip. Finally, the tepid pleasure slowly heated up, reached its culmination, and gushed out.

Unresolved pleasure flowed down her breastbone in a white, thick, raw form.


“I will send a formal marriage proposal to Tezeba, so please approve it.”

The hand tightening her corset was affectionate, so Dahlia was more uneasy. Her gaze rested on the handkerchief that had wiped her body just before. Laying it down on her table, she raised a question as Jurgen pulled the laces of her corset.

“Do you want to receive my guiding that far?”


“If we get married… . Does it mean I can only guide Sir Edelred?”

“No, but I won’t allow it. The thought of you doing what we did a while ago with another guy… I’m not that easygoing.”

Dahlia shook her head, looking bewildered.

“I’ve guided my father and Gerald many times before. Just holding hands was enough.”

“Because the match rate is low. No matter how much strength you pour in it won’t be any different from pouring water into a bottomless pit. So that must have been enough.”

“… and you?”

He asked, ‘Me?’ and pulled her string. Jurgen’s lips touched her shoulder, and she held her breath lightly.

“Dahlia… .”

He lightly bit her shoulder, and she instinctually tilted her head as he whispered hotly into her ear.

“I will devour and make you mine.”

Where his breath touched, her body hair stood up. She wanted to ask him why he was saying that, but she couldn’t part her lips.

As the last string was pulled, her back stood upright. He wasn’t as proficient as Freesia, but it seemed Jurgen knew corsets very well. Didn’t that mean he took off several women’s corsets?

“Flirt. Did you lie that it was your first kiss?”

“Where did that rubbish come from?”

“Anyway, concerning marriage… . I’ll think about it.”

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