SV – 36

After biting her round and supple ass, he climbed up onto the sofa and pressed his uncomfortable erect lower half between her legs.

His outward expression was still calm and even cold at first glance, but he actually was lusting for her. To the extent that it could not be tolerated– a ferocious and vicious desire was boiling over.

Jurgen rolled her honey-colored hair to one side and set his teeth on a fairly large seal on her back.


As he increased his power with as much patience as he could muster, Dahlia’s gasping grew sharper and heavier, and her grip on the cushion made her knuckles turn white.

A different level of pain pierced her whole body and made her shudder than when he broke small seals. Then, putting his hand in front of her heaving bosom as she sobbed and squirmed, Jurgen hugged her tightly and put his finger on her lips.

A finger poked between her gaping lips, rumbling through her wet tongue and open mouth. For a moment, Dahlia was able to forget her pain.

But this was so bizarre. Something other than her pain was bothering her.

“I-I don’t want it,”

Dahlia mumbled even though she bit his finger. Every time his tongue grazed her skin, traces of sticky pleasure pooled between her legs. Dahlia shook her head from the unfamiliar and even shameful sensation.


At that moment, she heard the sound of something breaking in her head. Then, a sound that had never been heard before came pouring in like an explosion.

The cacophony of birds chirping hidden in the treetops, the din of running water through a narrow creek, and the clangor of branches swaying in the wind— all at once.

With his lips half-opened, he pressed his lips against her shoulder in a delirium, letting out a shaky breath.

“One—there’s one left,”

he stated, and turned her around.

Her view of the ceiling was instead full of the sight of the man’s upper body. He unbuttoned his shirt and wiped off her sweat, holding her between his knees. Then he took off his thin shirt, dropping it to the floor, caressed and held her cheeks, and licked her lips.

“Guide me. My energy is exhausted because of you, you have to replenish it until the very end.”

Jurgen bit her swollen, sticky lower lip and his tongue penetrated deeply into her mouth. He rubbed the top of her mouth and licked near her throat. Every time that happened, a convulsive power was transmitted to him.

An energy so sweet and thrilling that made his hair stand upright. It was an energy incomparable to the guiding he had received from her before.

It was as if new, fresh blood had replenished all his veins, and his eyes brightened. Jurgen grabbed her chin, turning her head to dig in deeper and more profanely. His genitals were swollen to the limit, pressing against his zipper to the point of pain.

Just touching her like this is enough to make my mind go numb; how would it feel if I had my body entrenched in her? 

The hairs all over his body stood up.

“Sir Edelred!”

Because he did not let go of her lips, Dahlia’s words were slurred. He tickled her body, caressing the apex of her small breasts. He fondled her erect nipples like small fruits and then lightly pinched them, causing her waist to bend with an inexperienced moan.

She was surprised by herself.

Jurgen swept her body and traveled down, hanging a leg on one of his arms. Releasing her lips, he kissed her slowly as he descended her body. Instead of activated seals, his kiss marks were now clearly visible on her skin.

It caught her attention like red camellia* petals that fell on the snow. 

After grazing her collarbones, he kissed the hollow between her breasts, and went down more and more. She tried to close her legs, but he wouldn’t allow it.

Between her legs was a straight line beyond her light-colored body hair; her pubic area glistened with love juice. He licked his dry lips, kissed below her belly button, and sucked.

Tender flesh was sucked into his mouth. Then, the last seal left on her body began to glow.

“Oh, it hurts!”

Dahlia struggled. She was so hot, itchy, and agonized that she couldn’t be still.

Hot arousal ran through her trembling body and pooled to the bottom of her belly.

He licked the bottom of her abdomen where he had left a tooth mark and raised his gaze to her from below. A flash of ferocious desire caught her eye.


“Here, I’ll lick you.”

Dahlia shook her head frantically.

“No… .”

“I didn’t ask for permission, Dahlia.”

The man’s fingertips gently traced her damp crevice. When the tip of his fingernail brushed against her thick flesh, her whole body spasmed as if she had been electrocuted.

With a mischievous nibble, he unfurled her lower slit covering her entrance and pressed his lips against her red, soft inner flesh.

At that moment, she sat up and grabbed his hair. The body odor piercing his nose was terribly sweet. But, no, he wondered if the expression “sweet” was enough.

He stuck out his tongue and started sucking on her dripping pussy, burying his face in her vagina.

[*t1v: Red camellias symbolize love, passion, and deep desire. In South Korea they also symbolize eternal devoted love and loyalty]

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